Monday, August 6, 2012

update on jaw...

I feel so blessed to have contact with someone from the church, that can explain things. As the communication from Elder Firl is only partial of what is happening.

Sent from Elder Jones on 8/2/2012 @12:01PM

Hello Again from Brazil,

I have spoken with your son, Elder Firl, today and discussed the results of his recent visit to the doctor, a specialist in TMJ. This last doctor agreed with the first doctor's opinion that the condition is indeed TMJ syndrome. He would be happy to treat the condition over the next several months with a custom made mouth piece (bite plate) and frequent visits back to be checked. However, the problem is the cost of $2000.00 and the frequent visits. Elder Firl is currently getting some relief from a medication call Tandrilax, which has a muscle relaxer, an anti-inflammatory, Tylenol and Caffeine. The Tandrilax does make him sleepy so I am not sure how long he can stay on that particular med.

I am in discussions with the mission president and thinking about various options. Elder Firl is out of pain and having no headaches at the present time and we will see if the medication will have a lasting effect or temporary. I think that you will be hearing from your son on Monday, P day. Otherwise I will keep you posted on his progress.

Thanks, Elder Jones.

I emailed Elder Jones back to let him know I got Elder Firl a mouth guard made & that it was in the package I sent him a month ago. I needed to know if he had received his package. He replied back 8/2/2012 @ 5:00PM

Hello Sister Firl,

Good news, the mouth guard has arrived and Elder Firl will start using it tonight.

I don't know the specifics of the Brazilian doctor's treatment plan other that the mouth guard or bite plate. This doctor is over an hour and a half travel time from Elder Firl's apartment and the doctor wants him to come back twice a week, so the problem is more than just the cost of the treatment. If is very difficult to complete this type of treatment here in the mission field.

So the current idea is to try to find something that will be more convenient. For now we will go with the dental tray that you sent, the current medication (Tandrilax), and find a local dentist that can adjust the tray and follow his progress.

Elder Jones

Baptism next week!

1. So does the mouth piece fit?

So the mouth guard does fit. I have been using it every night. But it doesnt seem to be doing anything. Which is kinda a bummer.

2. How is your jaw feeling this week? Do you think the mouth guard is helping?
Haha the mouth guard doesn't seem to be working. Which kinda sucks because I was hoping it would.

3. Are you going to start treatments? Or are they going to see if this mouth guard works with a local dentist?
Well were just gonna try this mouth guard to see if it does something. If not we will see other options. But it's looking like the options are getting pretty thin. But whatever happens, I know that everything will work out. I had a pretty interesting experience this week while I was reading my patriarchial blessing. There is a part that talks about the mission and that I would be prepared. But the thing is, is that I never noticed a small detail. It seemed to be an answer to my prayers. But the thing is it doesn't say mission. But rather missions. Not saying I'm coming home. Not at all. But the fact that Heavenly Father has a plan for me and it's in his hands and whatever happens... happens. I have done all that I can do and Heavenly father is doing his part.

4. How is Joice & her family doing? I know you said their baptism date is Aug. 12 how cool! How many are in her family?
Well they didn't go to church yesterday because her baby was sick. So her kids didn't go. But Santiago and Milena are ready to be baptized. I told them that the dad wasn't ready yet and that more time would be needed. And I thought it would be cool to baptize the whole family. So, make the suggestion to Joice and she was like WHAT!!!! Let's do the baptism this week. Next sunday! Let's baptize Santiago and Milena and then we can baptize Jose, her husband and Rafaela, her daughter, together on the 26th. Haha I was like... alright. So I'm pretty sure we will have a baptism this Sunday! Heck yeah!

5. When you saw the doctor again, did he have more questions about the Book Of Mormon? You are so great to make that into a missionary opportunity! Just love you!
No he didn't have any questions because he didn't read. But after he gave me the damage with how much the treatment and what not, I just about died. And then I died when he said the health plan will not cover it. Which means I would have to pay for everything out of my own pocket if I would do the treatment. But I did tell him to read the Book Of Mormon because it's price is well more than Romeo and Juliet, since that was his excuse for not reading. And than this book means everything to me. And we just left.

6. So what was the name of the person that you found by knocking on doors? I think you were setting up another appointment with her…did things work out? Are you teaching her?
Her name was Iracema, but we stopped by again and she lost interest. sad...

7. Hope you found everything in the package you needed! Hope the sweat pants fit!
I did :) Everything worked out just fine! thanks for everything! :) I loved it, and the ball has been an awesome toy in the house. haha

8. Where is Elder Amorim from in Brazil? Is he the first to go out in his family? How many are in his family? I am so glad he is so understanding with your condition!
Well he is from Brasília. He is not the first to go out from his family. He is actually the 3rd one to go out. He is pretty understanding. The working agenda is pretty light. Because at times, the meds just wipe me out and I seem to get pretty out of it after the second dose it get pretty out of it. But other days it seems to work just fine and we go and work out butts off.

9. Do you need anything else? I will try to get another package together.
Well let's just hold off on the package for now. I wanna get a report on what's gonna happen.

10. Are you teaching anyone new?
No. It's been really hard to find people with little energy I have. But we have been maintaining the people we do have. So that is good!

Anyways, I hope everything is well! Keep up the good work! I love you all!

Com amor,

Elder Firl