Monday, October 31, 2011

"Everyday I learn..."

Oh it sounds like Sacrament Meeting was excellent!!! Haha I was actually thinking about what Tanya said about the person you want to marry.

The first youth speaker was Tanya Baird, I don’t know her very well, she is really quiet. She gave a great talk on choosing a guy to marry is like buying a pair of shoes. It is fun to try out different ones but the one you want and will love is one you want for a long time and you don’t want to wear it out. Like a guy you want to marry you want one that will love you and you will love him and you want to treat him special like you would your favorite pair of shoes. She talked about how she wants to get married in the temple and marry someone with the priesthood who will honor it. She emotionally explained how she hasn’t had father’s blessings before school starts or that when she feels over whelmed to ask for a blessing. She talked to the fathers and pleaded with them to honor their priesthood and give their daughters blessings. And how every daughter should have a father they can count on for a fathers blessing. I didn’t see a dry eye…I felt her pain and her desire to marry a worthy priesthood holder that could take her to the temple!

With Elder Schmutz and I have been talking about marriage and seeing all these couples and stuff. It has been an eye opening experience. haha you kind of see what you want and what you don't want. It's been interesting. Lets just say that. But that is crazy with brother Mayolo´s talk. I have to say being a year out and not knowing the language would be tough. just these 2 months have been so tough with the language. I feel bad for that guy. But Brother Mayolo is right, there will be SO many hard times on the mission. Let me tell ya, this is the hardest thing ever with the language and well just the stress is immense. haha trying to remember where lunch is, which bus to take, clothes to wear and just trying to be as obedient as you can. And then when you feel you as obedient as you can be, the work is slowing down.

This week has been very tough. Literally, everyone of our baptisms have fallen though this week. Between this week and last week. We have figured if we call and try to check in with our investigators this would help. Literally, we have felt like we have done all we can do. Our investigators promise they will do these things and they don't. Especially not coming to church. Ugh, it's hard to describe whats going on here with everyone. But, Elder Schmutz and I are doing everything. haha we have worked as hard as we can. We love the people we are teaching and it's so hard when they don't fulfill the promises we give them. Its so tough, and we explain the importance and what not and then promise to do it again, and they don't. It's literally almost a circle. And we have tried so many ways to help our investigators. Its been tough. But, we know for a fact that they have felt the spirit and they know this will help them. It's just an excuse every time. But I know we are making a difference and we will find a way to help them. We will be guided by the spirit on what to do. I know that without doubt. And with these hard times, I can honestly say, that this is the best time of my life. The hardest, but the best. Everyday I learn, and everyday my testimony grows stronger and stronger. Our numbers are horrible, and it's not always about the numbers, but let me tell ya, this week and last week have been the most testimony building experiences. Even though everything has fallen through.

So after that, its now time to fill you in on what happen this week I guess. haha your questions pretty much nail it, so I'll just fill them in. haha that's easier.

1. Any new people you got to teach this week?
Well we have Audrei and Luciana. They are super smart, they are attending the hardest college here. But I think I've already told you about them. They are progressing and are having SO many questions and want to learn more. Every though question they have we answer. Pretty cool, since we are 19 and 21 with little schooling and we are teaching them. And Luciana is studying Neuroscience. haha kinda funny, but we answer everything and they understand.

2. Do you have a branch or a ward?
We have a ward.

3. How is the American and her son?
haha not sure, we literally just got a call five minutes ago to visit them tonight at 9. It was an emergency. haha so that's a great question.

4. How are things with Valeria and Victoria?

Things are excellent! They fell through with the baptism, because they didn't go to church. She had an exam and is trying to find a house to move into. She found a house, and I think this was a testimony building experience for her, because she had 2 weeks to find one and money is tight. She has been praying and reading and the Lord has blessed her with her exam and the house. We are going to help her move and try to get the ward involved, so she can establish a relationship with them. But recently, it's been hard to teach her, she hasn't had time, BUT, she has been calling and reading, and praying. She is still interested for sure :)

5. Rosangela and her family…how is that coming?
Haha well, she is kind of moley. Meaning she just makes excuses and doesn't read and what not. Kinda hard to explain. She seems interested, but is not progressing. So we decided to drop her. We tried everyday to visit and she had a different excuse every time. This was sad, we will trying to visit her every once in awhile, but she isn't ready right now.

6. How are things with Sandra? Renato
Sandra, well.... she has been drinking so we are helping her with that. She also is having issues with smoking again. So we made a plan for her, taught the WofW (Word of Wisdom) to her. She understands the importance of it now. Renato is good! Its hard to contact him too. He is reading and praying as much as he can. He has the desire to learn. Its hard to get a hold of him.

7. How are we going to work the phone call at Christmas time? Do I need to buy an international calling card? What did Elder Schmutz say?
I'll call when its close and I think we are going to skype. It just depends. What sucks is I will probably get transferred 5 days before Christmas. So we can't really plan anything at a members house.

8. Did you get my package yet? I sent a snail mail letter out this week.
Got the package! Love you mom :)

9. Does the ward feed you for lunch? What kinds of things do you eat for lunch??
Haha yes the ward feeds us lunch. Lunch is like dinner in the states. And dinner is like lunch. Dinner is small and light here.

10. Have you played soccer for zone conference yet??
haha nope. The prophet said soccer is banned in all Brazilian Missions. haha safety reason. hahaha so no soccer.

I've been horrible at responding to emails from other people, with the lack of time. haha

I love dad and his example he has set for me. He is the hardest working person and hope to be half of what he is. He literally does everything. He can fix anything! its incredible! idk how he does it. I know as he depends on the Lord more and more he will get over feeling down. I promise this. I know times on the mission here have been SO tough. Because I want to be really good with the language and teach better, right now. And I get super stress, but I've kinda learned to just relax. It's okay if things aren't perfect as long as you tried your best. Just relax and get away sometimes. I'm not saying to slack off, but just let it go. haha its a thing I'm still learning.

Anyways, I love you all and all the support you give me. I'm going to try and send some pics.

Love always, Elder Firl

Monday, October 24, 2011

A busy but a disappointing week...

Oh it sounds like it has been a great week!!! Sounds like the ward has been thinking about me :) I have been super busy out here. Let me tell ya! I can't believe were half way done with this transfer! It has passed by so fast. It has been crazy busy!

Well as for this week. Holy cow it was tough and really disappointing. With over 10 people set for baptism we have been busy. Trying to teach them and get a hold of them. Ugh and well lets just say that they are impossible to get a hold of!!! And well, its really frustrating getting lied to. haha We talked with Rosangela and her family, they promised to go to church. And well... they didn't. We told them we would stop by, we called them to remind them, and what not. haha ugh I feel like we have done everything to try and help them. Ugh. And well Renato is the same story. He showed up for 5 min of church and left. UGH! And well many others didn't come either. So we have been having some issues with getting investigators at church!

And as for Sandra and Mayara. They keep pushing back their baptism date. We keep mentioning it, and asking why that date. And give some good scriptures about how when they FELT these things were true they were baptized right then. UGH! We have for sure learned the lesson that people have their free agency. haha And we are learning to be more direct and disappointed when our investigators do not fulfill our... idk the word in English, but its compromissos in Portuguese. Maybe (assignments idk). Anyways, its been a super tough week.

Likewise, this week we had a lot of meetings. haha Oh and I hate meetings. I just want to get out and work, but we have a meeting for the newbies. Of course I'm still new, but this is the last one I had to go to, but anyways, I got to see my buddies from the CTM (Center for Training of Missionaries) there. haha I got to see how their Portuguese is and what not. And well, I have for sure been SO blessed. We had interviews with the president and what not. And he said, I will probably be training next transfer. I was like... uh.... I'm still having issues understanding the people here and idk everything yet. President Pinho said that I can speak and I can explain. He hasn't seen anyone progress this fast. So I felt pretty cool. haha It's a lot easier to talk and explain my thoughts, than listen. hehe I guess I've always had issues with listening :P haha but anyways I thought that was interesting. I hope I don't have to train yet because I still don't know how to be effective. haha oh well, I guess I'll find out here in 3 weeks if I will train.

Tell Ma Wood that I'm going to send a letter today! We have zone activity today, so idk how long it will be. haha I'm terrible at this writing thing. haha but I promise one is on the way :)

Anyways, it was a tough week this week, with all of our investigators and our numbers being really low. The week went by so fast and it felt like we had no time. But this week will be better. I love the work out here and what I'm doing here. Nothing can replace the joys of people making changes in their live. But it hurts when the people do not progress and what not. It hurts a lot. Sad week this week, but still super awesome.

So here are my answers to your questions. haha

1. Why couldn’t you wash your clothes when it rained? Do you hang your clothes to dry and is it just too humid that they wouldn’t dry?

Well about the clothes. I can't do laundry when it rains because I have to hang dry everything out. And well because of the pollution it will make my clothes dirty. So I have to choose which clothes I want dry for the next day. So its always garmets. I put them out and use 2 fans to dry them. And well then I wear a dirty shirt and pants. haha let me tell ya, they started to smell pretty bad. haha I didn't get the chance to rotate clothes this week. haha

2. Anything more on the Wellington’s getting married?
Well wellington is planning on getting married in Feb. So that's a ways away. haha yeah we taught the kids everything.

3. Are you and Elder Schmutz helping the American with her son this week? What is her name? Holy cow that was an interesting story with the American. Yes, we went over and had dinner at his place. We talked English with him and his family. That was kinda weird sharing a message in English. But yeah, the goal was to make him homesick and so him and his family would go to the states visit and have a better influence there. Because the school where he is teaching hasn't been a good environment for him. So anyways, we talked about home. And well I was blessed having a really good connection with him. Talking about Washington and the Seattle area, and all the good times he had there and the times he would have if he goes with his family to the states. It was cool! The best part was that I didn't even get trunky, (aka home sick), so that was awesome!!! And well I was blessed even more with Ma Wood´s package. I got it that day and well I had to carry the package with me since we were running late. I got the feeling to open the package there. Sure enough, candy and all these American things! He was like holy crap! Play dough and all these other things he loved. Such a blessing to get the package THAT day and that we were running late, so I had to bring the package and opened in there. haha Our Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways I've found. Thank you so much Ma! Such a blessing to get that package right then. You have no idea. I couldn't believe it!

4. When does Elder Schmutz leave for home? Before or after Christmas?Well Elder Schmutz leaves in 3 weeks. haha So he is gonna go to the Philippines for 6 weeks with his parents and then return back to Utah for school. haha So he is gonna get home after Christmas, but technically his mission ends in 3 weeks, so before. If that makes sense.

5. We need to start thinking about Christmas and the phone call…ask Elder Schmutz what is the best to do. Do we need to find you an international calling card or can you Skype that day at a members home?
I'll talk to Elder Schmutz about what I need to do. But I'm pretty sure it's just a phone. haha ok? I'll let you guys know.

6. Still planning on Victoria and Valeria for baptism in Nov.?
Valeria and Victoria are still planning for a baptism but things are getting way hectic with her schedule, so its been hard to get lessons in and talk to her. But they are progressing and are searching for an answer. We have found they feel good which reading. So they have received and answer. Now time for the hard part, to help them recognize they have received an answer.

7. Do Brazilians celebrate Halloween?
I think they celebrate Halloween, but idk. I haven't asked. haha I'm not too worried about that.

8. Is the weather getting warmer?
Yes the weather is getting warmer. But I have found the weather is the same here as it is in Washington. less cloudiness, but its really the same. Its pretty warm, and some days its too hot.

9. Did you get my package yet??
Package, no. I got Ma´s package! :) I'll check next week if I got yours, but as of last week, no.

10. Did Elder Schmutz get some Italian suits?
And yes, Elder Schmutz got a pretty sweet suit there! It was about 200 reais, but if you calculate it, it was about $120 dollars for an Italian suit with a tie. So it's a pretty good deal. haha I'll probably get some clothes there. haha its pretty sick there.

Anyways, I gotta head out!

Com amor,

Elder Firl

Monday, October 17, 2011

A hard but amazing week...

Oh man it sounds like it has been a crazy week! Tell Alex congrats for me! That's awesome that he got his Eagle! As for the other pictures to send, there really isn't much I can do, sorry. Until I get transferred to another area I'm pretty much stuck with the snail mail and printing off pictures, but that gets pretty expensive.

Wait Josh Evans got married? And to Melissa who? haha details! Yes tell Syd to write me! I would love to hear from her :) As for Mr. Lapps class, there really isn't anything you can do. Maybe talk to him or something. haha I have no clue. He is old and doesn't ever mark things right. That's why a lot of people took weights with Mr. Cooke.

As for the higenico (hygiene) stuff, I'm pretty good on everything actually. I'm good on razor blades! The hair cuts we have to find someone to cut our hair. haha I actually need to get one next week, same with my companion. And yes, you can get jerseys cheaper here. But they are still pretty spendy for a missionary. haha I plan on getting a couple more jersey before I leave and some other stuff. But that's a ways to go. I'll see if I can get a jersey for Alex or something. But no, I'm not getting anything Argentina here. haha I would prefer to live.

As for this week though. This week has been SO hard. All of our appointments fell through, which totally sucked! We made A B C and D for everything and they all fell. Which was really weird because it rained all week. So when it rains, pretty much everyone stays inside. So it was really weird. Haha and because of the rain, I couldn't wash my laundry, which totally sucks. haha so I got to wear dirty clothes all week! haha hurray. We walked a lot in the rain, like our clothes were soaked! haha but this is not all. This week was crazy! It's a week I will never forget. We have worked our butts off.

So this week, we were knocking doors. And we came across this older couple. They let us in. It was Pedro and his wife. They are probably in their 80´s. So she answered the door, Pedro was inside with a blanket wrapped around him in his chair. He has a lot of health problems. So anyways, after sharing a message Pedro wanted to get up. His loving wife helped him up. And well the funniest yet grossest thing happened. haha so anyways, the blanket came off of Pedro, he was wearing a shirt, but he had no pants. I mean... he was butt naked. He was right in front of us, like maybe 3 feet. haha so my companion and I saw this 80 year old with barebum. haha and the wife just laughed and said, basically, oh shoot, I forgot he didn't have pants. Sorry guys! haha They went to the other room. And holy crap my comp and I were busting up. Like... did that really just happen? We just saw a 80 year old naked, and saw everything. I was trying so hard to not burst out laughing. She didn't hear a thing. My face was so red! And when she came back we got our cool back. haha Like I said, the funniest thing ever. One, it was a really hard day and pouring rain and two, we were not expecting that. because we thought he had clothes, because he was wearing a shirt. oh so funny.

As with Tenato and Sandra, things are good. They are really hard to get a hold of right now. Renato didn't come to church, but it's all good. He has the biggest desire to learn and find if the church is true. Luciano is good too! he canceled yesterday, which sucked. But we rescheduled him this week. We also invited 2 others for baptism in November, Victoria and Valeria. A mom and her daughter, they will be in November. And then we have Rosangela and her family. We have 10 people scheduled for baptism. What a miracle!!! Because that was our goal. I couldn't believe it. We have been SO blessed! We're doing all we can do and the Lord is doing the rest. Its been so hard to find people here.

So many more miracle happened this week too. In our ward we had an American visit. She is having issues with family down here, with her son. Anyways, long story short, she flew all the way out here. Not knowing the language, trying to help her son and his wife. Her son won't help with the language. And well she knew she needed to come down and figure things out. And she knew everything would work out somehow with the language. So she comes to the ward. And sure enough, two American Missionaries, me and my companion. And two Americans being together never happens. So anyways, she talked to us and told her the story. Elder Schmutz and I translated the whole interview with the Bishop because of the language barrier she has. Elder Schmutz translated since he knows the language better and I'm still learning haha. But, what a miracle. That we were there, to help her with the language and translate. Her story is sad. Very sad! Anyways, we are going to try visiting her son and get him reactivated, yes, speaking English. Anyways, it's a really long story and hard to explain, but it was amazing. It's amazing to see the Lords hand. That we are prepared to be in this area at this time, and her faith is amazing, to come all the way down without knowing anything. Truly amazing!

This week I just reflected about family. Between the love that Pedro´s wife has for Pedro and helping this mom helping her son. So glad I'm born into an awesome family. And I just reflected what I want my family to be like in the future. It's amazing to have the opportunity to see so many families and people and well, it kinda rubs off of ya. It's hard to explain. I'm sure dad knows what I'm talking about.

But holy cow, its truly been an amazing week! Hard, but it went by so fast. I can't believe I've been out here for 4 months almost. The time is going by so fast. I still feel SO new. crazy!!! It's been so busy! Oh tell Ma that I got her letter! I absolutely loved it :)

Well, my time is running out! we are going to go downtown, since Elder Schmutz is leaving soon, he wants to get some Italian suits for cheap out here and get some stuff before he leaves. haha plus we have to do laundry. By the way is the z coming along?

With much love

Elder Firl!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Some Pictures!

This was Jake's companion Elder Lembranzi with Gustavo and his dad. His dad baptized him.

This picture is the Wellington Family.

The Wellington Family again. Jake baptized the littlest one...the one behind Jake.

Monday, October 10, 2011

"Worked our butts off like no other..."

Holy smokes Alex must of been really sick! Hopefully he gets better soon. No worries, I had several bad races. Tell Alex not to sweat it. haha

I CANT BELIEVE THAT YOU GOT AN I PHONE!!!!!! Ugh, I'm so jealous. haha not really. It's all good. I absolutely love it here :) The food is like heaven, let me tell ya. The people are friendly and I just love the culture. It totally beats the phone withdrawals. haha I call dibs on the iphone when I get home :)

Yes, the computer I use at times has a usb port. The only problem it that it's broken. You have to hold it just in the right place and I tried that last time, and well that just messed up my email. Were not allowed to use those websites and programs, only myldsmail and those websites. haha entendeu?

Well I don't really see any animals walking in the street. It's kind of a city. And when we walk into the jungle we don't see any animals, just fireflies. haha sorry to disappoint.

Well I'm sure you are just dying to know who my companion is. Well his name is Elder Schmutz. haha and yes he is American. But let me tell ya, he is the man! I have been blessed with good companions. Elder Schmutz and I have been working so hard. He is from Orem, Utah, and his parents are serving as Mission Presidents in the Philippines. Cool right? lets see... Well he only has 5 weeks left now until he goes home. Crazy! haha and the best part is that he is not trunky, meaning, he doesn't think about going home. He is a really hard worker and obeys with exactness.

And well because of our exactness, we have been blessed like no other. I was really scared because I didn't know the area and well we didn't have a ton of people to teach. Ah but let me tell ya. We have worked our butts off like no other. We have found new people to teach. We found a familia do Luciano, we found Renato, and well we found the familia da rosangela. And well, that one was a miracle. Let me tell why.

While we were planning, Elder Schmutz goes, so my goal is to get 10 people invited for baptism. I was like... are you freakin crazy. We only have 1 right now. So I kinda doubted that we would be able to reach our goal. We have prayed like crazy to find elects (people who are prepared to make a change and want to be baptized). We found Renato and the familia do Luciano (him, his wife, and is baby). But we knew on Saturday, when we started our fast, that we need to find a family and it's gonna take a miracle. We have never had 10 people invited for baptism at one time. It's so hard to get people, it's not a huge baptizing mission. Anyways, we fasted. And well, we were guided to this area that I have never seen. At the top of this giant set of stairs. It's way hidden. anyways, knocked doors there and what not. Anyways, at one door all these kids came to the door, we said we would stop by later when their parents were around. Stopped by later that day, we were joking around that we would invite that whole family before with all those kids. Anyways, came back and taught the first lesson. Holy cow, she was crying as I was bearing testimony. And after we paused. Elder Schmutz asked, how do you feel right now? She said it was an incredible feeling. Nothing like she has felt at any other church or place. We explained that was the spirit and she could always have this feeling or have it more often. We invited her, and her 4 children for baptism, November 5. Holy cow, we walked out and were amazed. Like... did that just really happen. Clearly, a miracle. I can't describe the happiness I felt after that lesson.

With struggles with the language, this is what makes the mission so amazing. When you know you are being watched over and are making a difference. No other thing can replace it... for now. so amazing! So far this is the highlight of the mission. Braden Blackford, get ready for the best mission out there and for the best 2 years, or anyone that's preparing to leave or thinking about going. It's the hardest thing ever, but the best. It's hard to explain.

Anyways, the Wellington family is good. We're going to try and get them to talk about marriage this week and try and also invite them. Because they are ready, haha they are just stalling on the marriage. She wants to get married right now, Mr. Wellington... not so much. haha

As for Sandra, well... she drank this week. that was a heart breaker. But! We got her daughter invited and ready for baptism! Also in November, the week after Rosangela and her family. We have been teaching Mayara for awhile. So that was awesome! She is still a little shaky, but we will help her along the way :) She is ready, she just needs to take that leap of faith.

As you can tell, its been a crazy week! I think my Portuguese is not increasing as fast. hahaa Elder Schmutz and I speak a little English in the casa(apartment or home). It's all good though, I'm learning to be patient with this language thing. I'm learning slowly, but I'm learning, its a lot harder than I thought, but what keeps me going is that, what I do know is making a difference. The spirit converts, not what you say. for sure!

Well, this week we are going to the temple. So today we are only allowed to email and then it's a normal day. I'm so excited to go. The whole session with be in Portuguese. haha that's gonna be tough. I'll probably understand a third of it, but its all good! I'm still excited :)

Anyways, I hope all is well!!! Tell Ma Wood I'll try to send her a letter this week. These past couple weeks have been NUTS!!! With transfers and well, this week working our butts off, its been nuts. I love you all and hope things are going well in the states! Things are well here :)

Oh, thanks for the updates with Elder Vaughan. I love them! haha crazy to think he has been out for 10 months and that I'm coming on 4. haha I still feel freaking new! That's probably because of the language and not being able to understand. haha its all good though. The time passes so quick the harder you work. Anyways, love you guys and I cant wait to hear from you next week!

Com amor, de todo de meu coração

Elder Firl

Monday, October 3, 2011

Last week with Elder Lembrazi...

Sorry about the email last week. It messed up. haha looks like I won't be attaching pictures again. freak! But it sounds like this week was a good one! Alex is rocking it in XC (Cross Country)!! Crazy stuff. haha sounds like he is just beating me at everything I do. haha sounds like you already sent a package. Dang it! haha sucks that my email didn't send like week. haha oh well.

Well about this week! This week was nuts. So let me start with exchanges. haha I had my first exchange in my area with the LZ (Zone Leader). haha that was pretty great. We kinda got lost. One of the appointments was hilarious. We had an appointment with a singer. So we shared a little message with her and what not, we checked in with her to see how she was doing and after, she was like. I'm going to sing to you guys. The other Elder was also American. So anyways, she changed and sang Shannia Twain. hahaha oh I tried so hard not to laugh. idk which song it was, but it was a romantic song. And she was looking at me the entire time. Pretty much singing it to me. haha so funny because her accent was hilarious. She can sing really good, well the notes anyways. After we shook and and what not. She shook my hand with... emotion? haha someone asked if there are any animals here. haha yes. Snakes. This is what we could call a snake. hahaha so funny and creepy!!! I though you guys would like that story.

And well General Conference. haha yes it was in Portuguese. I could understand the main points, but its just not the same in Portuguese. haha and well. We watched all the secessions for the most part. In the last session, it was pouring down rain. and well... the power went out in the last session, right when President Monson. So then we went outside, and well went to a members house for FHE(Family Home Evening) in another area with the district. The walk was LONG! And it was pouring rain. haha one of the Americans was like, man its raining so hard, I missed President Monson speak, and I'm soaking wet. haha I told him. You are getting extra bonus points. Your wife is going to be SO hot since were missing conference and are walking in the rain. haha it was pretty funny, we were all busting up.

Now for the drama in Itapecerica. Well...last night, my companion got a call for transfers. Looks like I will have a new companion tomorrow. Elder Lembrazi was supposed to stay for another 6 weeks. But looks like the Mission President wanted to change things. haha idk who the new companion is. But I've heard he is awesome and was the LZ(Zone Leader) for almost a year. He is American, kinda a bummer, because I've been picking up on the Portuguese better with a Brazilian. But that's ok :) Ill let you guys know next week what goes down. haha I'm kinda sad Elder Lembrazi, meu pai is leaving. Freak, and I still don't know the area. haha so it shall be interesting. haha

Oh I forgot. Another funny story, we were eating at a members house and she was like...look out the window in the jungle. I looked. And there was this guy running wicked fast. haha I was like. "whats going on?" She goes, a drug deal. They walk into the jungle and always run out. hahah I watched even longer. haha so many people were walking in and running out. haha it was pretty funny, because I guess there are a lot of helicopters in the area that watch it. Pretty crazy out here. I thought I would put some good stories. I did a pretty spiritual letter last week. and well that's sent this week. haha I thought I would give it some balance.
To answer some questions from some letters I've gotten. Yes I hear American music all the time! It's nuts. haha a lot of people love to talk about music and what not with me. haha its funny because they pronounce them way different. And about the money. haha my companion isn't very good with money. I manage my money well. I make sure we have money to get around on the onibus. haha that's what we spend most of our money on if that's what you guys were wondering. No worries. I'm being well fed! I'm not hungry. I eat a lot of bread, beans and rice, and well desserts. haha we are well fed here. so no worries. My place is tiny! its right by the chapel. Ill try to print off some pictures. We walk a fair bit in our area. We have a ton of hills. It's nuts! They are so steep! Its kinda dangerous here if your not careful. haha no worries, I am careful. Last week the sisters got robbed. crazy! they are okay. no worries. haha I'm sure you just wanted to hear that mom. Well... I'm trying to think of questions I've gotten. That' all what I can think of for now.

But, I love the work here. I can believe the time is just flying. haha its October!! I thought it was still September. freak! Seriously, I am learning so much from the mission. Its the hardest thing I have ever done. But oh its the most rewarding! There is a lot of work, but there is a lot of fun too! The way it works is you work hard and you play hard. Because if you don't work hard, you just think... freak what can i do better. Holy cow. You truly see miracles happen everyday! I love it, and I love seeing the difference people make in their lives. There is a lot of disappointment here. But the moments when someone accepts counters those disappointing moments with the language and investigators. The mission is a test of faith I feel. I grow and others grow too, based on my faith. its amazing! Anyways, I love you all and I love getting your letters. Tomorrow is gonna be crazy with the transfer. Love ya all!!! The work is progressing here in Brazil!

Com amor,

Elder Firl

Best choice I ever made!

My letter didn't send. I'll resend it. I tried attaching pics and it messed it up. sorry. haha

Oh it sounds like it was a great week!!! Oh man I loved Seaside!!! It's always a blast going there. It's a good thing they didn't have a dance. Those dances were always super dirty, like all the school dances for the most part.

To answer your questions. Yes we have a microwave. I don't really use it. Normally I just get some bread with some butter since its cheap. No worries about the money. I am actually doing really well.haha and food wise I'm doing great! haha idk if its from the food or stress, but I'm gaining weight slowly.haha and no. We don't really cook, only on p-day. haha

I actually send all my emails at the lan house. I have to pay to use it. It's a few blocks away from us. The computers are really good here, like the space bar sucks on this one. haha An English BOM would be great!!!

None of the letters are opened up when I get them. No I'm still taking pics with my first card.haha idk if I will send it when its full. It's a little sketchy.

haha rapaz sorry.its a kid.about Alex's age or younger. haha

I don't know if I can remember all the names in the Wellington family. Victor, Wendle, Venicious, e.... I cant remember the last one, but it starts with a w.

Sandra is great! We still don't have a date. Sometime in November though.

Oh Jose. so this week we were supposed to have his baptism. We had a lot of issues with him. About BOM(book of Mormon) and JS(Joseph Smith). But those are cleared up. He passed the baptism interview. But he wants to wait. haha ugh, heart breaker. He said he needs a few more answers. We have answered a lot of his doubts. We will keep working with him. He is progressing which is excellent!

So as for this week. We visited Jose everyday. haha had the drama with him and what not all week. haha crazy! So that took up a lot of time. We found a lot of new people to teach. Nothing too serious yet. But I'll keep you posted when things do. haha crazy how quick the week went. We really got a lot done with Jose. We followed up with the Wellingtons and they were confirmed yesterday. That was sweet. We will work on the parents.

As for my Christmas list. In order of importance.haha 1. Individual cases for my BOM and bible. same size. They are little zip up cases. they are easier to use. 2.Ties. Bright colors,light blue etc. or paisley. haha 3. page markers, the stickers with different colors, the tap looking things. 4. AAA batteries,they are expensive here. 5. brownie mix, candy snacks etc. haha I know its quite the list.

I love hearing from you guys. I posted pics of my companion and the Wellington family. Hopefully they attached :) I love this family to death. I baptized the littlest one, who is behind me. haha well, as for this week I have ran out of things to say. But I love this country and people. I'm so happy I get to be here and teach. I have learned so much. Humility. haha the language is tough. Everyone says I'm good for having a month here. But I want to learn more. I want to teach these people. The spirit has helped so much. It's amazing. You don't have to know the language perfect to change hearts. But its nice to know what people are saying to help them according to their needs. I know this church is true. I can see the changes it is making. I have been so blessed to be out here. Being on the mission has been one of the best choices I have made. Besides coming to earth.haha

Anyways, my time is up. I love you all!

com amor,

Elder Firl

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