Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bathroom Mess..."Just like in Daddy Daycare"

Oh excellent!!! Sounds like you guys are having a blast :)

Congrats Eric!!! I love Ms. Alanko! She is such an awesome teacher! Just make sure you do your homework in that class. Yeah the same thing happened with me. The guys in our ward just don't have style ;) Yeah I hope Alex will get a good trek family. I know he will have a blast no matter what. but, no family will be as good as the Wood family :) haha

So idk (I don't know) if these emails are sending. Did you forward my email to Kayla? I didn't get a response if you did or not. so I was wondering if you did. ha ha Its been almost two weeks... so I was just wondering.

Well anyways, here is my week. So this week was interesting. hahaha lets just say the bathroom was a mess in our hall. haha its a disgusting image, but its so funny. So, one morning I woke up to use the bathroom and in one of the stalls I saw the most disgusting thing ever. haha I saw brown stuff all over the stall. Yes, on the walls and all over the toilet. At first I thought it was a joke. But as a got closer it smelt horrible. Haha I thought it was puke, but nope, it was not puke. haha it was crap. hahah it was all over the walls. I think the guy tried to run for the toilet with his pants down and just unloaded before he sat down. And well it was Hersey squirts. haha I seriously couldn't believe it. It was just like the scene off Daddy Daycare. With the Psycho music going in the background. Crazy.

So I found out that the Sao Paulo Sul mission is being split. So this might affect the Interlagos boundary. haha so I might get moved around from what I heard. But nothing is set in stone yet.

But I love the life here at the MTC. I learn so much everyday. In fact, this week, we have to place 4 book of Mormons this Friday. haha lets hope they understand my Portuguese. I'm really excited to get out and go place some BOMs, but I'm also really nervous. I will have you let you guys know how it goes :) But yes, things are well here, the guys from across the hall moved out :( But we got new Roommates Elder Romero and Elder... I don't remember is name and cant pronounce it either. haha But thank you so much for the support and cannot wait to get in the field. I know its going to be tough, but it will be so awesome. I just love being here feeling the spirit and learning how to teach.

My companion and I have been getting along really well when teaching... and when we aren't teaching too. haha but oh my goodness, I know without doubt I need to be here and that these will be the best two years. I have learned so much over the past month and I cant wait to learn more.

OH! I got Ma´s letter! Let her know that I got it. haha and that I sent her a letter today and I sent one to Kayla too.. :) Oh and tell Kayla if she gets anything from mission ties, that i just wanted the free cookies, so i used her email.

Love, Elder Firl

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A little confused at the postoffice ...

Oh it does sound like a long week!

That was really nice of Kayla to help ya out. I heard that the new harry potter was excellent!!! So yes I will have to see that when I get back. haha

YES!!! Good to hear that will finally have Breakfast at Tiffany's for myself now.

Alex is going to love the trek. I had a blast! Haha

Well the written letters to Kayla I have more time to tell her stories. haha, I only have a half hour to read and type emails. So its not very much time. Speaking of Kayla, did you forward my email to her from last week. haha, I didn't get anything from her this week. So I was just wondering why. But yeah Kayla has most of the funny stories in her letters. Just ask her about them. I'm sure she would love you tell you :)

I did hear about Japan. That was a bummer. But yes I hear about soccer here all the time. Mostly just the Brazilian leagues, but that's ok.

So this week wasn't very adventurous. But today I went up to go to the post office to send a letter and there were a ton of people sitting on the benches. normally there is a pretty long line. So I was kinda confused. One check stand was open so I walked straight up there to send my letters. haha within a few seconds the lady kinda freaked out on me telling to do something. I couldn't understand her and I was a little confused. haha, The twelve year old girl next to me was busting up because I didn't understand. haha, Turns out they changed the system. I guess we had to get a number from one of those stupid machines. haha, I felt really dumb after that. But I thought it was a pretty funny story :)

Last P-day we went out to get a├žai, which is like a smoothie, and let me tell you, they are excellent :) everything is fresh and pretty cheap for the most part. But in the CTM the food is starting to get kinda old. Haha, we have meat everyday for every meal. Haha, its kinda gross and I'm sure its not healthy. However, during breakfast they have this delicious soup stuff. We call in Unicorn juice, because its really addicting. Haha and this week we learned how to make it during class. haha but other than that we have been studying the language and teaching lessons.

haha Its really hard to teach when you don't know very many words in Portuguese. its really hard to want to say something, but you cant say it because you don't know how haha.

But I got Ma´s letter and I sent her another letter today. Also I sent one to Kayla with a little surprise :) she will have to show the family and Ma when she gets it, but I think you all will enjoy them :) So we have a little competition with the mail. We are trying to see who will get the most amount of mail. haha so far I'm second to last. But that's ok, because every time I get mail its like finding gold! haha I would have to say with Ma and Kayla´s letters I for sure get the best quality with letters :) haha no doubt about that. I would love to hear from you all! Love you all! Tudo bem!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Feels "naked" without his phone!

These are stories wrote in a letter to Kayla, that she thought were great and thought it would be fun to share them! They are just random, but I think you might appreciate some of them!

“Overall, my first day as a missionary has been great! I was a little nervous at first. But after a while I knew that this is the place I’m supposed to be. I can already tell that time is going to fly by. Of course, I still need to get used to not having a phone in my pocket. Lol I feel naked without it. The Elder next to me on my flight to Dallas was making fun of me because I reached into my pocket and pulled out my wallet when I said I was going to check the time. Haha it gave us a good laugh.”

“Haha funny story, so today I unpacked everything not realizing how much crap I really have. Anyways, after a few hours of hanging up everything I had to set the combo of my safe. Long story short, I put my camera and Ipod in the safe. And the electronic keypad does not work now. Haha so now my stuff is locked in. No worries, they have a master key here to open it, I just have to talk to them.”

“Haha so I have another good story. When I was going up the stairs to work out with my district, my companion totally tripped and almost fell. So we were all kinda laughing and I kinda made fun of him, like a funny comment. Right when I was saying my comment, I totally biffed it. Haha it was embarrassing. I thought you would enjoy that story =]”

He also said that the Portuguese is coming along really well. That he is one of the best in his class and his teacher was quite impressed with how quickly he has been catching on.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Eats Chicken Heart...and Loves it!

Excellent!!! Sounds like a really busy slash soccer week for you guys! So I only have 15 more minutes. Love the stories and wish I could reply to the whole thing. So yes I have been taking pictures of the buildings. We are not allowed to send pics from the MTC comps. But we can get them copied and send them that way. But I'm just going to wait till I get into the field. I have to mail my letters from the post office and they do all that stuff. But I'm pretty sure they are international stamps.

Right now I think I'm good on food and am not ready for a package. Oh please stick my money from my bank account into a CD. Talk to Pa about different interest rates. Thanks.

So my week was pretty busy. You might kill me mom, but we went to this all you can eat buffet. But this was no ordinary buffet, it was a meat buffet. They come out with these huge things of meat and cut it right onto your plate. They have all kinds of meat. I had some chicken heart, and let me tell you, that stuff was delicious :)

And well my Brazilian roommates left this week. They are so awesome. their names were Elder Viera and Elder Lima. Next, I played some soccer with some Brazilians. they are wicked good with the footwork, but terrible with passing and shooting. haha. And they can't play basketball very well. haha. We teach them to play every other day.

Oh I leave the MTC, Aug. 23. It takes about a week and a half to get letters here. Just to let you all know, I am not gaining weight so hurray!!! Loving the beans and rice here. But just to give you an idea on how big this city is, you can only see buildings for as far as you can see. Its nuts! I thought Seattle and Portland were big. But this isn't even close.

Anyways, I love getting your letters and support! Time is flying by! I cant believe its been 3 weeks. I love it here! Language is coming pretty quick!
Tudo Bem! Elder Firl

Friday, July 8, 2011

Setting Apart Pictures

Sorry, these pictures are backwards in order...

Picture of Mom, Dad, and the boys with Jake after he was set apart as a Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Picture of Dad and President Erickson with Jake

Dad and Jake

Alex, Eric, and Jake waiting


Thursday, July 7, 2011

First Written Letter!

Things are going great in the MTC! Food is amazing! All of it is fresh. Thank goodness you made me eat those black beans and rice! Its so good! The flight took a long time, I only got about 2 hours of sleep.

The country is truly amazing! And kinda dirty, haha. Its really dingy here. Kinda hard to describe. I can already tell it's going to be a fast 2 years. The spirit is so strong and I absolutely love it! And be sure to use this address while I am in the MTC.

Tell Kayla I said Hi! And be sure to tell Kayla to look at the blog weekly, since I will be emailing you on Wednesdays!

Miss you all a bunch! Tell Ma & Kayla to write me ASAP! I can't get stamps in Brazil till next week.
Love you all lots!
Elder Jake Firl

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Time flies!

I cant believe you guys are back already! Time just flies let me tell you! I can't believe that it's our 3rd week this week. haha Let them all know I'm doing well and tell them to keep praying for me to receive the gift of tongues. I pray everyday for it. And well I can pray, bear my testimony and answer a few questions and what not. I'm just having a really hard time understand what the Brazilians are saying. haha they speak way too fast.
No I haven't spent all the money yet. I have a lot left actually. But today we are going to an all you can eat BBQ place with our professor. He said it's the coolest thing ever. Yes they have all of our passport stuff.

Talk to Kayla about Andy Fulton coming to Brazil. Send him with a bleach stick or a tide to go thing. hahah I really need one of those and they are way too expensive here. Just send it with him or whatever else. It's easy to find people here.

btw (by the way) the chocolate milk and milk is the greatest thing ever. We call it the unicorn juice. Best milk I have ever tasted; they haven't given me a date yet, but we are here nine weeks and the mail that gets sent to the mission home will be there till I get there, so the last week have people sent stuff there (at the mission home).
Love you lots mom! tuda bem!!
Elder Firl