Monday, June 25, 2012

Got a phone!!! Persistance pays off!

1. Did you get the package from Ma Woods?

No yet. I went to the office this week but there were only a few letters for me and not a package.

2. How is your jaw feeling this week?
Haha it's the same. I'm going to call the specialist this week to get another appointment for my jaw. She is doing a lazer treatment, just to help the pain and when I go to the specialist she will do more. It's really hard to organize everything. I'm learning about planning. I haven't been making a lot of visits because of the lack of time. I don't want to lose the people we have in our teaching group.

3. What kind of medication are you taking for it?
I'm taking the meds from the wisdom teeth surgery. The 800mg Ibuprophen. Haha I thought it would of it been a good idea to bring those from home.

4. Did you and Elder Rasmussen move out and get your own place?

Not yet. We have to call today to see if we got the house we wanted. But I'm pretty sure we will get it! We should be moving out pretty soon.

5. Tell me about the other two missionaries you are rooming with!
Elder Smith and Elder Silva. They are boss. We always talk and have a good time. Haha we sing and do things like that. Elder Silva is from my group, I arrived with him in the field. So we have a good time talking about the CTM and things like that. I give a hard time with Elder Smith with his GF (girl friend). I tell him what happened to me and what not. We always tell stories and what not, it's pretty great!

6. So did any of the 10 people you have set for baptism come to church?
No.... only Alan went to church. He is 12 years old. But he is awesome! He is reading and doing his part, he is crazy to be baptized.

7. Tell me about your “HUMP” Day!
And well... hump day. Haha I burnt a shirt and well we bought pizza. Sara gave me a cake, which was most excellent! It was pretty nice. It's crazy to think that in less than a year I'll be home, the beginning of June because of the visas. It's kinda sad that it's passing by so fast, but it's only the half way mark! So I have time to work still...lots of time :)

8. So does the food vary from area to area or is it sort of the same?

It's the same thing...rice and beans everyday. Haha its pretty nice!

9. How much walking do you do in this area? How many miles?
Not sure. Probably 7 miles everyday. But I'm not sure. But we do a lot of walking because we have to walk into our area and then to our lunch and what not. And then at times, run back home in the middle of the ghetto. Haha its pretty tense.

10. Do you have a cell phone yet?
Yes! We got it on Friday. I think I pestered the office and then gave me one just to get me off of their backs...but hey we got one :) its been helping so much!

11. Does the area have a lot of hills?
Nah, its pretty chill. Embu das Artes has more! Here there are hills but not a ton and ginormous.

12. Do you know if Elder Beron got the package from Ma & I?

I have no clue. I think he will send me something when he gets it.

13. Are there things you need me to send you?

I think I'm good for now.

14. How many people did you teach this week?

A ton. But there aren't very many people progressing. We have to find the people that are ready. It's been kinda tough to find people who want to make the change in their lives.

15. What kind of service did you do this week?

Well we went to a ton of meetings to get the ward organized. So that was good. This week was pretty crazy with meetings. For example. Friday we had interviews with the Mission President; so that pretty much ate up our whole day. And then we went to Interlagos to go to the dentist. And then we went to the office to get the cell phone. We only did one visit and then Sunday we have meetings with the Bishop and with the President of the Elders Quorum.

16. Did you want me to send you out UNO cards?
No I have some. Just a soccer ball would be nice. And some soccer sweats :) It's starting to get pretty cold. Oh and some gel pad things to put into my shoes.

Anyways, from Sara's house I'm thinking it's about 2 hours. Its not really a short drive to get here. So when I saw her I thought I was going crazy. IDK (I don't know) how she found out I was here. But anyways, the cake was most excellent! I heard Danilo was baptized, and Edinaldo. People I started to teach. So that was pretty sweet. I was so happy to hear that they got baptized. The fruits of the work. Haha I feel like I am the one that leave seeds for others to get. But it's all good, we are the same team! :)

This week I was studying about the parables of Jesus Christ. Holy cow they are amazing! The history and everything. The first parable of Jesus Christ is awesome. About the 4 soils. It's in Matthew. IDK(I don't know) what chapter but I loved it. How the soils can be related to members and their testimonies, or people in general, about receiving the gospel. I am loving the parables and learning so much!

Anyways, I love you guys!

Com amor,

Elder Firl

Monday, June 18, 2012

Still no phone...Happy Father's day DAD!!

1. Tell us about Elder Rasmussen from Idaho Falls. Did he go to BYU-I?
Well Elder Rasmussen is pretty sweet! He didn't go to BYU-I but he is planning on going to Utah State University, he wants to play soccer there.
Does he speak Portuguese well? How long has he been out?
He speaks pretty well. Not sure well but really well for the time he has. He has 5 months on the mission. It's a little bit of time, but he speaks well. I'm helping him a lot with Portuguese and learning with him as well. To teach, you have be a professional so I have to study to explain at times. It's pretty great!

2. How are you able to survive if you don't have any money? Did the
Mission President give you any? Is the ward taking care of you?

The ward is excellent. The Mission President gave us more money since we use a lot to call everyone. We are still without a house and cellphone. But he said we should be getting one soon. Haha we all know what that means...another week or two.

3. Does the Mission President know about your jaw and how much it hurts?
I've told him, but I don't think it quite clicks. He just says, go to the dentist that you know. But it's kinda hard when we are getting nailed on numbers and don't have the time to go to the other area to get it taken care of. Haha you know. I've mentioned a few times, but I don't think it quite clicks.

4.Have you had a Priesthood blessing for your jaw?

5. How is your jaw feeling?
The pain seems to be the same but it's enough to eat and what not. It's not horrible, it's just super annoying and at times it just hurts for no reason.

6. So how much do you walk in Guarapiranga?
Holy cow we walk a lot but not enough. I think I'm gaining weight here. haha

7. So is the area jungle like?
Haha nah, it's just a city in the middle of nowhere. It's like Vancouver being in the area of La Center.

8. Do you have a ward or a branch? What is the name of it?

It's a ward. It's called, Chácara santana.

9. Do you have a ward mission leader?
We do, he is most excellent! And we are rocking this joint with him. He helps us and what not. The ward is SO supportive. It's pretty sweet. We did a division with the President of the Elder Quorum, and 1st counselor. It was pretty nice to get to know the area a little better.

10. So how far away time wise is Guarapiranga to your mission home in Sao

Well its about 1 and 30 min. But with traffic its about 4 or 3. It sucks!

11. So did any of those 5 people come to church on Sunday? When are their
baptism dates?

Well now we have 10 people set for baptism. But nobody came to church. We stopped by Saturday to see if they would go and they said yes. Well half of them. But nobody. But they are all still set for baptism for 7th of July.

12. Is the ward good about feeding you? they are way good!
It's pretty sweet!

13. What are you going to do for your big HUMP day? Can't believe you have
been out for a year!!

Well I'm going to burn a shirt with all the areas on the back! It's gonna be wicked!

But anyways, things are going really well in the area. I'm loving what I'm doing! The work is tough but we are being blessed. The ward is really good! Anyways, I just want to give a shout out for Fathers Day! Happy Fathers day Dad :)

So I have a little bit more time. Just a random though, I was thinking about doing something different for a job. Not a profession because I still want to do dentistry. But I was thinking about doing something with Portuguese in Florida to earn some extra money. Haha imagine, Florida with the Brazilian people and Portuguese :) legit!

Anyways, just a random thought. Anyways, so this week I decided to study about the parables of Jesus Christ. Holy cow, I am learning so much! I'm putting sticky notes in my scriptures to remember everything.

Love ya,

Elder Firl

Monday, June 11, 2012

Transferred Guarapiranga...opening a new area again!


1. Where did you get transferred?

I am in Guarapiranga, Chacara Santana. And I am opening an area. We don't have a house or cell phone. We are living with other Elders in their area. So we have to walk to our area everyday to teach. It's quite the walk. We are broke. Holy cow, we had to take 2 buses and a train to get to the mission office, because our ride fell. We got lost so we had to take another bus. We have my 3 suitcases covered to not get wet. Then to get to the new area we took 2 buses and a train as well but with 6 suitcases since we are opening area. Quite an adventure. But I am so happy and miracles are happening in our area. We were left with nothing. and the area is growing. we have 5 people marked for baptism. Heck yeah!

2. So what is your new area like?

Out in the middle of nowhere with ghettos. Haha how great!

3. Why did they transfer you? Do they tell you?

Because of the gossip of the ward. There were a few recent converts that didn't like us. An American and Argentinian, and we told her we would stop everyday at here house just to visit. She got mad and made up lies. So President took us out.

4. Who is your new companion and where is he from?

Elder Rasmussen from Idaho Falls. He is new doesn't speak anything. But we had the same trainer. I'm his second comp and I'm still breaking him in. But holy smokes, he is awesome! He is way organized and has a huge desire to work! We are going to rock this place! With my social skills and his organization we are going to rock this joint!

5. So did you see the specialist for your jaw? Or did you cancel the appointment?

No... because I'm opening an area. I'll take care of it when I get home. And if it gets to the point where it gets worse I'll get it resolved. I want to handle this. The lord will bless me in my service. I'm taking meds and what not. No worries.

6. Did you get my letter that had the $2 bills in it?

I did :) Thanks mom :)

7. Would you like to have a family fast for your jaw? Say next fast Sunday?

pode ser. vou jejuar com vocês este domingo. (May be. I will fast with you this Sunday.)

8. How is the language coming? Have you been able to pick up on the really fast speaking?

Haha of you have no idea. The Lord has blessed me. Incredible. Hahah gift of tongues. Some people ask if I'm from the South of Brazil. haha

9.Did you get my package? The one with the Electric tooth brush?
I did get it. I'm loving the tooth brush. With a nicer and clean smile :) Love you mom!

10. Is there anything else you would like in a package? Ma sent the q-tips in her package.
Perfect! Let me think. I think that's it really.

11. Do you write in a journal every day or every week?

No. It's been awhile since I've written in my journal. But I will write today. Haha lots of things happening! Some pretty great stories as well :)

Anyways, sounds like lots of things are happening! Tell Brody to serve a mission! He won't regret it! Just forget everything and go. He will be blessed!
Anyways, I'm excited to be here! I'm loving this life. Even though we have nothing, I am so happy! The Lord is blessing us so much. I love you all and am giving everything I got here.

love ya!
Elder Firl

Monday, June 4, 2012

Jaw still hurting! And being transferred again!

1. I will be sending out another box to you soon, is there anything else you want me to send other than the jersey?

Haha I think a jersey is sufficient. Wait....I don't know what they are called anymore, but the ear cleaner things. Haha with cotton on the end of them. Those would be nice, but I think that's it.

2. So when you went to the dentist, did they clean your teeth?
No, they just took an x-ray and that's it. It would have been nice if they cleaned my teeth. haha

3. Worried about your jaw, how is it doing and when is your appointment at the jaw specialist in the Southern Part of Sao Paulo?
Well we already went to the specialist and he is really well known in Sao Paulo. And so, I went there to get everything checked out but the news wasn't too good. He said, he isn't sure what it is, and with the x-ray its hard to tell. So I have to get a tomografia (CT scan), I don't know what it's called in English, to identify the problem more clearly. But he said, that I will either have to do some therapy or possibly surgery. I have been taking meds, but it hasn't been doing anything. The pain isn't INTENSE. But I have a really hard time singing and eating breads and meats. I can open my mouth, but its limited. We scheduled another appointment, but I have been transferred so I don't know if that appointment will work. It sucks that I got transferred because I can't do anything to get things worked out with my jaw. I'm not sure what I can do. I'm taking meds but it's not enough. I don't know what I can do. I have to talk with my mouth more shut, and it sucks and hurts. Sorry for the complaining, but its just getting worse. There is no improvement.

4. So did Michelle get baptized this week?
No... she had to work, that was a bummer.

5. Are you teaching anyone else?

Haha well... Jailton and his family but for now I guess we will see what it's like in my other area.

6. What kind of service have you done in that area?
Usually we help with construction or clean up or give blessings. This has been working really well in the area.

7. What kind of work do the people do in that area to be so well off?

Well it's hard to pin point what they do. Because its the big city. It's basically the same thing here as it is there. It's like a Southview Heights for the most part everyone went to school and is well off.

8. How is Danile coming along in the gospel?
She went to church!!! Heck yeah! It was Stake Conference and the prophet spoke. Yes, it was a broadcast. So that was most excellent! She still doesn't like the law of chastity but that will change.

9. Have you activated the ward mission leader?

Yes, but he haven't had a meeting with him yet. We will receive another ward mission leader. But both Elder Beron and I are being transferred tomorrow, we don't know where we are going but we are not together.

10. So is Elder Beron getting you out and about on P-Day instead of sleeping?
Yes and no. We normally go to a members house to play around for a little and then just come back and sleep. So were kinda getting out and about during p-day.

11. What do they do for HUMP day-the one year mark of being out there?
Well, we burn a shirt. Yes a white shirt. No worries. I've been saving a shirt that has a lot of pen stains. So its' all good :) It will be pizza and a white shirt that will be burned to the ground :)

Anyways, things are going excellent. except for my jaw. Haha lunches are getting miserable because it hurts to eat. And well I just try to avoid talking and what not. Haha talking really loud, like acting things out and what not. Haha my personality.

But anyways things are great! Just the jaw sucks :/

I love you all and hope you guys have a great week :) I'll let you know next week where I will be.

Com Amor,

Elder Firl