Friday, November 2, 2012

Not doing any better...coming home

Aug. 16, 2012...I wanted to compete the blog.
1. So did you have the baptism of Santiago & Milena?
Well they were not baptized... we decided to mark the whole family together. We're having a hard time getting the new bishops trust. He doesn't want our investigators to to go less active when I leave. So he is really resistant for us to baptize. But we are doing our best!

2. How is the doctor coming along with reading the Book Of Mormon?
He isn't reading. He decided to read Romeo and Juliet. But I bore my testimony of that book, that he needs to read it.

3. So do you spend a lot of time sleeping during the day?
Yeah I usually have to take a break from working because the meds make me so tired. And it's not safe to be in the street with I'm tired and dizzy. Haha I almost fall asleep in all the lessons. The only thing I've been able to do is keep our teaching group. To find people makes me so tired and I can't really think straight at times. So usually we have to go back to home to sleep. And I get headaches. But usually when I'm tried I still work. But if the headache comes on, I go back because it's a pain to walk back.

4. I am assuming there isn’t much change in your jaw. Have they tried to pop it back into place?
Well... there hasn't been any change in the jaw really. Today I'm going to call and we are going to talk about it. I will have an interview with President Pinho today. He sent me an email and said he has received a letter from the First Presidency, giving me the news. I was very sad... but at the end President stuck a little note at the end. But we will talk. I already told him my opinion and that I want to stay. He told me to pray about it. I said I wanted to stay and do treatment down here, I told him I would use my college fund to pay for it. But he told me to pray. So I prayed and studied about it, before I received the email from him about the results.

But before, I want to bare my testimony that my mission means everything to me. And the the Prophet and First Presidency are men called by God. And President Pinho has been called by God. Their decision is truely inspired by the Lord. I gave everything on the mission. Everything. My mission has been the best thing in my life and thats why I told President my opinion. I love the work and this country. The people of the country and also the language, even though its super hard. I found my answer when I was studying the scriptures. For the past four days I have been praying to receive a solid answer. I was readying my blessing and felt something, but I wanted more than just a feeling. I did find my answer, in 2 Timothy chapter 4:6-8. I knew in that moment what my Heavenly Father thought of me. And what I have done has been accepted in the eyes of the Lord. And will be blessed. I do my best everyday I talk and feel the Lord comforting me. It has been a miracle.

5. Do you get up and try and do your missionary routine and go out and then come home and sleep after lunch?
Look I do everything. I study I do my exercises go to lunch and go to all the appointments that we have challenged the people. Usually I just feel a little sleepy, and some days I get a strong headache that lasts for an hour or two. If its super bad I go home to rest for the rest of the night. But usually I'll sit in the chapel to wait for the headache to pass. But like I told President Pinho, I can do almost everything. It's just really hard with the meds. Thats why I didn't like the answer. Because I can still do a lot most of the time. Like I said, I have given it my all and I know that God is real, and that he helps those he serves. I know that I am a representative of the Lord Jesus Christ.

6. Have you lost more weight? Are your clothes falling off of you?
Not sure, I think I have gained a little. I've been eating really well lately.

7. Is your new apartment pretty good? Its closer to the church right?
We haven't gotten the apartment yet... something didn't work out right. Urgh, darn those secretaries. haha

8. Is your ward mission leader helping you find people to teach?
He is awesome. He has been helping us so much!

9. Is the ward feeding you guys?
Oh yeah! They are so good. They have stopped giving us really thick meat and what not because of my jaw. The ward is SO good!

10.Have you had to use your coat? Has it gotten cold?
No its actually super hot!

Mom I will call at 2. I don't know how the interview will be. But I have my answer and it seems the FirstPresidency has their answer as well.

I had a neat experience when I asked in prayer. If this is the answer, will a look back with regret, the answer was the first thing. My mission means everything and has moved my life.

I'll call to give more details and we will see what happens. But I love you guys and I love the Lord with all my heart. I love this mission and everything it has done for me. We will talk later. Love you all!

beijinho pra todo mundo!

até daqui apouco

com amor,

Elder Firl

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