Monday, December 19, 2011

Transfer this week!!

I haven't had a chance to go to the mission office yet. But i will tomorrow. I will be transferred tomorrow morning. So... this kinda complicates things. I couldn't believe I got transferred. They decided to do transfers this week at the last minute. But I did get a letter from the Evan's and I sent them one back, no worries.

So this week was excellent! With yesterday receiving the phone call that I will be transferred was tough, really tough. But I know the Lord prepares his people. I love this area so much and it will be so hard to leave. Tonight we will have a giant family home evening! I'm excited for that. Also, with Christmas coming up, I want to inform Alex, that I got him a little Christmas present. :) I love the rest of the family, but Alex will love his gift, I got it way cheap and what not. But you will have to wait when I get back. Haha and as for the rest of the family. I will get you guys things too. But Alex, I got you a Barcelona Jersey! And it has Messi´s name on the back of it! Hahaha oh yeah! I thought you would like that. Don't poop your pants just yet. It has his number and everything :) And it will fit you when I get back. It's a large. So no worries. SO don't get a jersey like it.

But this week for church, pretty much nobody showed up because of the final, between Santos and Barcelona. Santos is my team. It's a Sao Paulo team. And well. The game was the same time as church. So nobody came till the last hour. Haha but anyways, Neymar and Messi are way good soccer players and everybody was excited. Turns out Santos lost 4 to 0. Haha yeah I got a lot of crap from the members that my team lost. But it's all good. But this is about it this week!

1. Why didn’t you have clothes to change into after the baptism of Nair & Sidney? Was it because you hadn’t done your laundry? Or did you forget them?
Well, we planned on baptizing Sidney, so I just brought pants for him to wear. I wasn't planning on baptizing. And well at the last second, I was asked to baptize. So I had only the clothes I was wearing, white pants and a white tie. But everything turned out well :) Being wet is so worth a baptism :) so I didn't forget or didn't do my laundry. Just wasn't expecting to baptize.

2. So why can’t you do your laundry if it is raining too much??
Because I dry my clothes outside on the line. So when it rains, it's hard to dry my clothes. Haha we don't have dryers here.

3. So all your ASL (American Sign Language) can’t help you over there I take it to communicate with Nair & Sidney
… haha well it's helped. I am able to communicate my ideas to them and finger spell everything if i don't know the word. So it's helped a little bit :) It's been a blessing, because I was for sure prepared to meet Nair, and talk with her. I mean what are the chances that I took ASL.

4. So have you taught anyone else??
Many people! We actually found a family this week! They are elects (ready to hear the gospel)! Antonio and Adriana. We have taught them the first and 3rd lesson. Have a baptism set for 14 of January. They are so excited and know the church is true. They have a little girl that's 9 and 3 sons. Not, old enough for baptism yet. But such a blessing it was to find this family. It's going to be hard to leave. With an area that was difficult, we are now having success. And I will be leaving it. Talk about a heart breaker. I guess my mission is accomplished here. Leaving the area a lot better than what I found it. Itapecerica da Serra, this is it! Tomorrow I leave for a new area!

5. How is Cleane? Is there a baptism date? Can’t wait to see her via Skype!

Well the baptism, will be moved again. Since she was working again. And well... you guys won't see Cleane, since I'm being transferred. and I don't know about Skype. We will keep planning for Skype! For sure! I'll see if I can work any connections in the new area and I'll call you guys. haha

6. How is Nair and Sidney?

They are good :) Nair, received the Holy Ghost this last Sunday! What an awesome experience. :)

7. What about Geralda, Mayara, and Ingrid? Did they come to church? Baptism still set for Christmas Eve?
Haha its set for Christmas day! :) They didn't go to church, not sure why. And want to know why. But I won't be there for the baptism :/ for Cleane or Ingrid. I'm kinda sad, because we taught everything and I don't get to see the end result. Haha oh well :) were all on the same team.

8. So what changed Elder Viana’s mind to go on a mission since he was so inactive?
Haha well, he prayed and fasted and he knew he had to go. That's what he told me. He knew, he would be even more blessed with the mission. He was explaining to me, that it's not all about the money. But he has realized the importance of family. Here on the mission.

10. Did you get any packages from anyone else??
Hehe I'll see tomorrow. We just don't have time to go to the mission office. We only go about once every month. So... I don't know yet. haha

11. Christmas phone call…if you can give me a time on your end I will figure things out on my end. It looks like you are 6 hours ahead of us. That way I can give a time to Kayla and the Wood family. This means I have to clean my den…you know how hard that is for me this time of year! But I will do it for YOU!!
Haha well with this transfer and what not. It makes it complicated... But I'll try to call maybe the day before or something. Just get the schedule of Kayla and Ma first and we can work it out on the phone. Haha sorry. I'm kinda upset about this transfer. One, I don't wanna leave. Two, this makes Skype and everything else ten times more complicated. Three, all the members in the ward told me they have something for me. Haha and now I won't get it. Haha gosh dang it. Also and more importantly, I will miss the baptisms. AND! yesterday, we talked with the Wellington family, its been awhile, and well we set up a wedding for mid January! haha and their baptism and I will miss that.

12. I sent you money via Western Union for the cost a lot! Can you negotiate and can you find a Western Union?
Haha they won't negotiate. But I will try. It's a government building. But I'll try. There will be a lot of words I don't know, when talking to the bank and the post office. Haha this should be an adventure. I'll let you know what happens. Haha oh great. The bank of Brazil and Bradesco. Haha talk about a living nightmare. Freak! I'll see what I can do about the package. As far as new packages being sent...the claim or price, put something, just make the price low. So this won't happen again. Inform the others. Haha thanks mom for everything! I'll stop by the bank after this! And well, I will try to work something out.

Love, Elder Firl

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