Monday, December 26, 2011

Transfer...Sao Marcos "A hole"...

Oh it was so awesome to able to talk with you guys! I loved it so much! Sorry my English was horrible! It was really hard to speak because I was thinking in Portuguese at first. Yeah I figured dad was sick. He didn't look to good there. It's a bummer that Natalia got sick and Jeff too. Haha but I had such a great time with all y'all.

About the Nalley's chili, well it's good to eat. It's just hard because we don't have a can opener in our house, and yeah the taste isn't that good as well. I'm just used to beans and rice right now, it's kinda hard going back to American food. haha

Well, in my other area, Sister Inez, she gave me a mug, a Santos mug. It was really sweet of her :) and also, I got a lot of food. From my area here in Sao Marcos, I got cake, this thing of wood, I guess it's pretty rare to find here in Sao Paulo. and also ice cream! So mostly food., so it's all good!

Yeah we ate at the 2nd counselors, house yesterday, it was a basic meal. But as always, it was really good. And about Elder Ferreira, he has been out 3 months in the field. I only have a transfer ahead of him. So it's been pretty interesting. I'm his second companion. He said he has been learning a lot. I asked him if there is one thing that you have learned from me. He said, "Man, first off, you will teach anyone anywhere. And second, holy crap, you are not afraid to talk about baptism." Haha

The place I'm at right now is called "A hole". They haven't had a baptism here for about a year. The numbers are really low here and what not. So, my first week here I got our goals from my companion. And well, I asked him, how many people do we have set for baptism? Haha he goes zero. I am thinking, oh great...and our goal is?... 7. I asked him, do you think we can reach our goal? He goes... uhhh yeah, but I don't think it's going to happen. Sure enough this week, we had 7 people accept baptism! What a blessing that was! But we can do better. Our goal is to get 10 people.

We have one investigator that's really firm right now. Marli... She already knew the church and what not. But we found her in a contact. Her daughter is a member and her son, has major issues with drugs. The area I'm in has a lot of drug dealers and problems with this. So, its been interesting. But she is set for a baptism in January 22. I don't have my planner with me at the moment. The cover is getting plasticized so it will last longer. But over all, things went well with the transfer. I already knew my companion so that was pretty sweet. Since I'm in the same zone I was in earlier, that's pretty rare I guess. But I hope all is well!

Oh I think you guys might get a good laugh out of this. But I cut my hair by myself. Haha in less than 10 min with some scissors. Hopefully, it didn't turn out way bad. Before the transfer, my hair was getting pretty long, and I didn't have time on P-day to get my hair cut. So... I cut it myself. haha its cheaper, and it was pretty fun. Anyways, I thought you guys would get a good laugh out of this.

I love you all and I loved seeing you and talking with you! I can't wait for Mothers Day :)

With much love,

Elder Firl

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  1. Jake:
    My second area in Venezuela was "The Hole" of the mission when I was sent there. I worked the hardest and grew the most of my mission ( and had the most baptisms...)
    Jonathan Tripp