Monday, December 12, 2011

Two baptisms this week and no change of clothes...

Hey I love the pictures! Sounds like it is freezing there in the states. It's nice and warm over here. It's been raining a lot. Its been difficult to do laundry and everything. haha but its all good. At least the rain is warm. So I have a lot of things to tell.

So I received a phone call saying there is a package for me in the post office. But I have to pay 70 reais ($40) to get it. I don't know who it's from. Because I haven't been able to check if I have gotten any packages. I don't know why they are charging this much. But they said, if I don't pick it up, they will send it back, if I don't want to pay. And well I don't have money to get it. So you guys will probably get a package in about 2 months. I don't know if its from you, ma, grandma or whatever, they won't tell me anything. So I thought I would give you guys a heads up. And on the package, make the price really low on the items on the front. Because of everything. They will be nosy or will want to tax a lot. So anyways.

Also, about Christmas. For sure we will be doing Skype. I talked with Cleane, and she said we can come to her house and use the computer there. She has Skype and everything. Also, I don't know of a exact time yet. But it will probably be at night. Because a lot of members in the ward wanted us to pass by and everything. Also, I have a little wish list. I'm so excited that Jeff and Natalia will be there :) I will have lots of stories to tell. And I'll probably have issues telling them in English. I've noticed that my English is starting to dwindle. I'm mixing the languages together. But mom I will call you and let you know of a time. We have 5 minutes to call to confirm everything and what not. ta bom?

As of this week! We had a baptism this week! It was Nair! She is deaf! So we taught all the lessons and everything to her. I did most of the `talking`. It was a very complicated situation. And well her brother, Sidney, is deaf too. We wanted him to baptize her. Because it would of been a special experience for both of them. But at the last minute, they told Sidney no. Because he can't read very well and can't pronounce the words. We have no way to verify it. And well, both Nair, and Sidney, chose me to do the baptism. SO that was an excellent experience. I felt it such an honor. I had no extra clothes after wards. But, its an experience I will never forget. I will try to send photos to ya, via snail mail. She has the biggest heart. Such an amazing experience. I'll tell you guys on Skype, because it's a really long story. haha

But all is well here! Our area is progressing a lot! I love you guys and thank you so much for the support!

Com amor, Elder Firl

1. So have you figured out any Christmas traditions they do in Brazil?
Well Christmas is pretty much the same thing here. Other than the food is different. They have Christmas eve and everything. haha its pretty sweet. They don't have trees. But they buy crappy fake ones that are really little. They also put lights. But that's about it.

2. Do they have stockings like we do here?
They do indeed! haha its pretty much the same thing here. haha

3. What is your companions first name?
I will try to spell his name. Audecie. He played for SearĂ , a team in fortaleza. And then he played for Curitiba.

4. Will you be transferred before Christmas?
Nope :) I will stay. But I think I will get transferred after Christmas.

5. Did you get my package yet??
Look acima sobre the package.

6. How is Cleane? Did she go to church? Is there a baptism date?

She is excellent! She didn't go to church because she was working. But we are think the 24 de dezembro for her baptism. But who knows! I think you guys will see her via Skype and Elder Viana :)

7. What about Geralda, Mayara, and Ingrid? Did they come to church again?
Baptism still set for Christmas Eve? They didn't go :( yup it is! haha same date!

8. How is Rento?
Again, impossible to contact. We have tried so many times. haha talk about frustrating.

9. We have a ton of questions for Elder Viana!!
Did he play on Sundays?

yup, only Sundays.

How did he balance church and soccer? Having that issue right now with Alex.
Haha he didn't. He only did soccer, he traveled around Brazil and everything. No time with family and church.

Did he go to Young Men Activities and still do soccer practice and games?
Haha nope only soccer.

How does he remain strong in the gospel and be around all the foul language? He said no. He was inactive. For this reason, he said he doesn't want to go back. It's good money, but its not worth it. He had earrings and everything.

Had he played professional before the off to Germany?
He didn't go to Germany, he had a contract for him waiting. If he wanted to go. But he didn't because of the mission.

Does he have a large family?
He has a family of 3 bros and his mom and dad. He is the youngest.

Is playing soccer there expensive like here with Premiere?

Haha its kinda different here. They pay for everything. You play in the streets and on the beach. They pick you and train you and pay for everything.

Com amor, Elder Firl

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