Monday, May 21, 2012

Reactivated 2 families!

Looks like you were having computer problems mom...I only got part of your email.

Anyways, I'll give you the update really quickly! Sounds like things went excellent with Josh Vaughan's farewell talk! Sounds like an unforgettable experience! He is going to love the mission. He will learn so much! Nice to hear about Chris Vaughan's mission!

But as for this week...

Things went pretty well! We reactivated 2 families this week! One super rich family and another. This other family is so awesome! The dad was beating the wife and we explained about the Atonement and he said he will go back to church because we was embarrassed. SO that was an awesome experience. And this super rich family was kinda weird. We got a call to visit them and so we passed by and what not. We talked joked around shared a thought and they went to church. And now we have a ton of references that we should be receiving soon in the RICH neighborhood. HECK YEAH! We finally got a way to get into those filthy rich homes. Haha talk about a blessing.

But anyways, she also got me hook ups to go see a dentist. Because my jaw is hurting. The same side at the Ridgefield game. Remember when that happened? Yeah, its the same side and it hurts to chew meat and bread. And I can't open my jaw all the way. So she said she is going to have a specialist look at it take x-rays and what not, for free!!! She is a dentist. So anyways, don't worry. I'll be sure to give you an update. I didn't want to say anything until I got an appointment.

But things are going so well mom! :) Oh if you haven't sent a package I would like to have Listerine as well and a few good pens and deodorant.

But anyways mom I love you mom and thanks for all the support :)

1. How are things coming with Jailton?

Things are going great! He just needs to get his papers and he will get married! We are working with the rebellious daughter. She went to church! He has 3 daughters. We baptized the 2nd oldest, but the rebel is the oldest. So this is progress :)

2. Did you get a washing machine?
not yet....

3. How much does a bus ride cost?
It's about 3 reais. Haha it's so expensive! It sucks!

4. Do the kids play soccer on turf fields or dirt and grass? Are there turf soccer fields there?

Usually they will just play on anything. In Embu das Artes, they always played on dirt. But here they have a lot of grass and turf. The turf field is super nice here! HOLY SMOKES!

Com Amor,

Elder Firl

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