Monday, May 7, 2012

Using the tanquinho to wash clothes....

Holy cow, that is quite the spiritual experience Mom! I can't believe Chris had an honorable release and he is home, that's crazy man! The lord knows whats best, and the Mission President is able to receive this kind of revelation. Anyways, I can't wait to see you guys this Sunday! It's going to be most excellent! I love you all and can't wait. I'll be sure to call you as well.

1. What time are we going to Skype on Mother’s Day (SUNDAY May 13!)? You are 4 hours ahead of us. So it would be 4:45 your time to call. Will that work? Will you call me? Who do I need to add?
Oh no worries. We were planning on talking in the afternoon around 6 or 5 here in Brazil. But I will call you and confirm with you. Also, I think I will just use my Skype account. No worries, I will call you and everything. I think I'll call Saturday to confirm.

2. Do you have a washer in your apartment? Or are you washing clothes by hand again?

Haha we don't have a washer yet. But no worries, I have my connections in the office. And they said they will get a washer for me... next week. Ahaha...heck yeah! But yet I am using the tanquinho. And it's pretty much is by hand. but that's ok. The area is really flat, so I don't even sweat. I have a feeling I'm going to get pretty chunky here. We are WELL fed and we barely walk. It's pretty legit.

3. How are you and Elder Beron getting along?
So we are getting a long really well. The work is coming along excellent as well.

4. How is the language coming? Are you speaking and listening faster?
Oh the language. I'm learning a lot here about the language. There is always something that I need to improve. Sometimes I feel like I have a really thick accent. And at times I can't speak some words because everybody here speaks so freakin fast! But my language is improving a lot! It's pretty sweet! I tell everybody that they can correct me and what not. And they correct me all the time. its pretty nice. There is a lot of slang and usually I don't understand slang super well. I'm always learning something. Elder Beron helps me a lot. He says I speak really really well for an American. But it's coming a long really well. Also people word things different. It's quite interesting. I'm liking it.

5. How is Jailton coming along in the gospel?

Haha holy smokes! Jailton is going to get married! We are going to pass in the office, not this Saturday but the next to get a wedding date and everything. Then they will be baptized! ALSO! His daughter is going to get baptized this week. Crazy! She received her answer yesterday! So we have her set for baptism and well Jailton encouraged her to get baptized he bore testimony. So awesome!

6. Teaching anyone else new?
Nobody that is ready to progress. haha

7. Is the ward feeding you? Are they giving you good referrals?

Oh yes, they are feeding us really well. They are pretty good at giving references.

8. Where do you go to email me?
To the lan house, its like a computer lab.

9. I heard you are teaching English & Spanish classes…how are they going?
They are coming along pretty well! My first class was sad. There were a few people, but the word is getting around, and the people really liked the classes. I'm learning Spanish. It's pretty sweet. It's way similar to Portuguese. It's kinda scary.

10. Have you gone anywhere on your P-day in your new area to check out any of the sights?

Haha no, we just sleep wash our clothes and sleep more. haha

Com Amor, Elder Firl

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