Monday, May 14, 2012

Loved Mother's Day!...time is going quick

Oh man I loved Mothers Day! It was so awesome! I loved seeing everyone and talking! It was the best Mothers Day! I miss you all so much! The time is going by so quick! And well, I know that Christmas is going to arrive so quickly, and then bam! Mothers Day again and one month till I come home. It passes quick. But anyways, I want to thank you all for being there. I'm so glad you loved the present. Give the credit to Ma Woods! It was her idea and she put it together. I just sent the pictures. But I love you all! And hope you have a fantastic week! :)

1. Do you meet with your ward mission leader a lot in your new ward?

Well our Mission Ward Leader has been inactive, we have no idea why, but we are going to try to activate him. We have been trying to get his address, but he won't tell us and nobody knows where he lives. So that makes it a little complicated.

2. What is the name of your new ward?
The Interlagos Ward.

3. How much does pizza cost there?
Well it depends. But with chocolate stuffed crust it's about 23 reais ($11.72 US currency). But it just depends on the place.

4. How much do you get each month to spend?
It's about 300 a month ($152 US currency). But, we spend so much money on the bus fees. Haha its crazy.

5. Do you put the whole program together for the baptism?
Yes, we put everything together. The baptisms are way different here. They aren't NEARLY as well put here as it is there. Haha you have no idea. But it's still awesome.

6. How long has Elder Beron been in this area?

Well... we opened the area. But he has been in and out of here for about 2 months. He doesn't really know the area really well. But enough to get around. haha...

Natalia is asking these questions below as she is teaching a lesson in Relief Society and wanted to know from you…
7. How have the scriptures helped you? Before or during your mission?

Before the mission I didn't really read a lot. I read, but at the same time I didn't read. The importance of STUDYING is SO important. And then reflecting what is actually going on. How you can apply it in your life. I have learned this on the mission and the difference is huge. You gain knowledge about life and you gain happiness in your life. The peace you can get out of the scriptures is incredible. Also, with so much confusion among other people about religion. With people attacking our religion everyday, the scriptures are a huge tool to defend our faith. The Book Of Mormon is the most correct book on the face of the earth. Don't be afraid to use it. When people bash on us I give the same response. Why do you say that our religion is false? or the Book Of Mormon is not right. Usually they will express what they feel or what they have heard. But share your testimony, that you KNOW it's true because you have received an answer from God. And if they want, they can find out for themselves that it's true. They just have to read, pray and go to church and have an open heart. But they can't say that your answer is wrong because you got an answer from God. This is the power of the scriptures.

8. What do you teach the investigators about the scriptures?

Normally we ask what they know about the scriptures. Then ask if they read the Bible and what they know about it. Because everyone has a religion here. I just explain that the Book Of Mormon and the Bible were written by Prophets. But the Bible was written in the Middle East. And the Book Of Mormon was written in the Americas. And then ask, do you think that God just loved those people in the Middle East to receive the word of God. For sure, everyone says no. And say, well in this time, existed people in the Americas, the Indians. And explain they didn't have technology to get the word. SO, explain about Nephi and how he went to the Americas and his story, prophets were called and what not. Christ visited the Americas and what not.

9. When do you start teaching about the Book Of Mormon to the investigators?
Well, I do things different. I explain about baptism first and the importance of it and ask if they have desire, on the first visit. And they agree they if they receive an answer from God they will be baptized. So the second visit we explain that through the Book Of Mormon you can receive an answer, the history first obviously but that ONLY through the three things that I mentioned we can receive an answer. People often ask why they cant receive an answer through the Bible. I said you can, but do you believe that the bible is the word of God. They always say yes and I ask how? they explain how they feel the peace and what not and explain they can feel the same way in the Book Of Mormon but they have to read it. You already have testimony about the Bible, now you have to get a testimony of the Book Of Mormon.

Com Amor, Elder Firl

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