Monday, June 18, 2012

Still no phone...Happy Father's day DAD!!

1. Tell us about Elder Rasmussen from Idaho Falls. Did he go to BYU-I?
Well Elder Rasmussen is pretty sweet! He didn't go to BYU-I but he is planning on going to Utah State University, he wants to play soccer there.
Does he speak Portuguese well? How long has he been out?
He speaks pretty well. Not sure well but really well for the time he has. He has 5 months on the mission. It's a little bit of time, but he speaks well. I'm helping him a lot with Portuguese and learning with him as well. To teach, you have be a professional so I have to study to explain at times. It's pretty great!

2. How are you able to survive if you don't have any money? Did the
Mission President give you any? Is the ward taking care of you?

The ward is excellent. The Mission President gave us more money since we use a lot to call everyone. We are still without a house and cellphone. But he said we should be getting one soon. Haha we all know what that means...another week or two.

3. Does the Mission President know about your jaw and how much it hurts?
I've told him, but I don't think it quite clicks. He just says, go to the dentist that you know. But it's kinda hard when we are getting nailed on numbers and don't have the time to go to the other area to get it taken care of. Haha you know. I've mentioned a few times, but I don't think it quite clicks.

4.Have you had a Priesthood blessing for your jaw?

5. How is your jaw feeling?
The pain seems to be the same but it's enough to eat and what not. It's not horrible, it's just super annoying and at times it just hurts for no reason.

6. So how much do you walk in Guarapiranga?
Holy cow we walk a lot but not enough. I think I'm gaining weight here. haha

7. So is the area jungle like?
Haha nah, it's just a city in the middle of nowhere. It's like Vancouver being in the area of La Center.

8. Do you have a ward or a branch? What is the name of it?

It's a ward. It's called, Chácara santana.

9. Do you have a ward mission leader?
We do, he is most excellent! And we are rocking this joint with him. He helps us and what not. The ward is SO supportive. It's pretty sweet. We did a division with the President of the Elder Quorum, and 1st counselor. It was pretty nice to get to know the area a little better.

10. So how far away time wise is Guarapiranga to your mission home in Sao

Well its about 1 and 30 min. But with traffic its about 4 or 3. It sucks!

11. So did any of those 5 people come to church on Sunday? When are their
baptism dates?

Well now we have 10 people set for baptism. But nobody came to church. We stopped by Saturday to see if they would go and they said yes. Well half of them. But nobody. But they are all still set for baptism for 7th of July.

12. Is the ward good about feeding you? they are way good!
It's pretty sweet!

13. What are you going to do for your big HUMP day? Can't believe you have
been out for a year!!

Well I'm going to burn a shirt with all the areas on the back! It's gonna be wicked!

But anyways, things are going really well in the area. I'm loving what I'm doing! The work is tough but we are being blessed. The ward is really good! Anyways, I just want to give a shout out for Fathers Day! Happy Fathers day Dad :)

So I have a little bit more time. Just a random though, I was thinking about doing something different for a job. Not a profession because I still want to do dentistry. But I was thinking about doing something with Portuguese in Florida to earn some extra money. Haha imagine, Florida with the Brazilian people and Portuguese :) legit!

Anyways, just a random thought. Anyways, so this week I decided to study about the parables of Jesus Christ. Holy cow, I am learning so much! I'm putting sticky notes in my scriptures to remember everything.

Love ya,

Elder Firl

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