Monday, June 4, 2012

Jaw still hurting! And being transferred again!

1. I will be sending out another box to you soon, is there anything else you want me to send other than the jersey?

Haha I think a jersey is sufficient. Wait....I don't know what they are called anymore, but the ear cleaner things. Haha with cotton on the end of them. Those would be nice, but I think that's it.

2. So when you went to the dentist, did they clean your teeth?
No, they just took an x-ray and that's it. It would have been nice if they cleaned my teeth. haha

3. Worried about your jaw, how is it doing and when is your appointment at the jaw specialist in the Southern Part of Sao Paulo?
Well we already went to the specialist and he is really well known in Sao Paulo. And so, I went there to get everything checked out but the news wasn't too good. He said, he isn't sure what it is, and with the x-ray its hard to tell. So I have to get a tomografia (CT scan), I don't know what it's called in English, to identify the problem more clearly. But he said, that I will either have to do some therapy or possibly surgery. I have been taking meds, but it hasn't been doing anything. The pain isn't INTENSE. But I have a really hard time singing and eating breads and meats. I can open my mouth, but its limited. We scheduled another appointment, but I have been transferred so I don't know if that appointment will work. It sucks that I got transferred because I can't do anything to get things worked out with my jaw. I'm not sure what I can do. I'm taking meds but it's not enough. I don't know what I can do. I have to talk with my mouth more shut, and it sucks and hurts. Sorry for the complaining, but its just getting worse. There is no improvement.

4. So did Michelle get baptized this week?
No... she had to work, that was a bummer.

5. Are you teaching anyone else?

Haha well... Jailton and his family but for now I guess we will see what it's like in my other area.

6. What kind of service have you done in that area?
Usually we help with construction or clean up or give blessings. This has been working really well in the area.

7. What kind of work do the people do in that area to be so well off?

Well it's hard to pin point what they do. Because its the big city. It's basically the same thing here as it is there. It's like a Southview Heights for the most part everyone went to school and is well off.

8. How is Danile coming along in the gospel?
She went to church!!! Heck yeah! It was Stake Conference and the prophet spoke. Yes, it was a broadcast. So that was most excellent! She still doesn't like the law of chastity but that will change.

9. Have you activated the ward mission leader?

Yes, but he haven't had a meeting with him yet. We will receive another ward mission leader. But both Elder Beron and I are being transferred tomorrow, we don't know where we are going but we are not together.

10. So is Elder Beron getting you out and about on P-Day instead of sleeping?
Yes and no. We normally go to a members house to play around for a little and then just come back and sleep. So were kinda getting out and about during p-day.

11. What do they do for HUMP day-the one year mark of being out there?
Well, we burn a shirt. Yes a white shirt. No worries. I've been saving a shirt that has a lot of pen stains. So its' all good :) It will be pizza and a white shirt that will be burned to the ground :)

Anyways, things are going excellent. except for my jaw. Haha lunches are getting miserable because it hurts to eat. And well I just try to avoid talking and what not. Haha talking really loud, like acting things out and what not. Haha my personality.

But anyways things are great! Just the jaw sucks :/

I love you all and hope you guys have a great week :) I'll let you know next week where I will be.

Com Amor,

Elder Firl

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