Monday, September 19, 2011

$40 in an envelope just showed up!

Holy cow! This week was a good one! Lots of stuff happened this week. so where to start. Lets start with the Wellington family. So we baptized the kids in the wellington family! they have 4 kids. Wendel, the youngest wanted me to baptize him. I felt it a real honor to baptize him. So we did that Saturday. After we had some victory pizza. We will still work on the ´parents to get married so they can be baptized also. So, this week was tough. We had a really hard time finding people and a lot of our appointments fell. So that kinda sucked. We were working our butts off too. We didn't understand. We were doing all we could do. So, there is an ongoing investigator named Sandra. And we taught her everything and what not. She is going to be baptized. I know this church is true. She marked a date for herself and everything. talk about a miracle. But that's not all. Jose was also a tough one. He realized this week that the BOM is true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. We marked him for a baptism too. He will get baptized the 24 of Oct. Crazy how much the Lord has blessed us.

Ah but there is more. This week, we had to go to the mission home. It was the last day before we got money into our account. Well, we were broke. We had no money to take a bus to the mission home. And the banks aren't open in the morning to take out money. So, we were just like... well idk what to do. We went to work and had faith it would all work out. When we arrived home that night, there was an envelope on our door. It had 40 dollars in it. We have no idea who it was from or how it got there because there is a gate that's locked. Anyways, it was just enough money to pay for breakfast, lunch, and pay for the bus fee for both Elder Lembranzi and I. Talk about a miracle. Such a testimony builder! The Lord loves his missionaries. Also, I received the package from Ma Kayla and Aubrey and Yours Mom. Which is kinda crazy because a package takes at least a month to get here, or longer. So I was surprised I got both. Holy cow I was excited! Between the packages, I had everything I needed. I was so happy! I loved everything. I got it all! Nothing was touched. I passed out the stickers to the kids and they love it :) I loved the candy. haha it's already gone. Thanks everybody for the support :)

In the next package I would love snacks, a tie, and shampoo :) and if I think of anything else I'll let you know.

Well Camila is done. haha we cant get a hold of her. We have tried everything. I think she is avoiding us haha. And well we don't have many families to teach. We are having a really hard time finding new people to teach. But, I know we will find someone!

I haven't had to speak yet. Thank goodness!

Well p-day I nap, email, write letters and do laundry. haha its not that adventurous. haha

Well about those pictures. I have some taken on my camera. But I don't have a computer with a usb connection. sooo... you will have to wait. haha but I have a new nickname. I am called freewilly and elder fio. haha fio is like a string. haha its funny because nobody can say my name. haha so I make fun of them for saying my name, and well the little kids make fun of my Portuguese, so its all good. I love the work here! haha as you can tell I'm fitting in pretty well. haha I just wish I knew more Portuguese. haha

Sounds like things are going well at home :)

Holy cow it was an excellent week! I love being here! Such a testimony building week that's for sure. the language is still tough. But I got to see elder Acosta again and my buddies from the CTM. haha that was pretty great. They said I have improved a lot, which was nice. haha eu tenho um longo caminho pela frente. mas, eu sei que eu vou aprender esta idioma. Com tempo. mas, eu preciso ir. eu amo vocĂȘs!

com amor,

Elder Firl

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