Monday, September 5, 2011

Encountered a Poisonous Centipede....

The progress with the Wellington family is great! we committed them to not drink that coffee. and well we just found out that we will have 4 baptism dates for the kids. I believe it will be next week. haha too many baptism dates to remember. We make a lot of commitments, but only half or less actually go through. Like Camila, she wasn't there for our next appointment and we have been trying to get a hold of her. But we haven't been able to contact her. Sad day. We will keep trying though.

Ah most excellent!!! I cant wait to get the package! I have checked the mail this week at the mission office. So I might have received it, But I haven't gotten a big envelope yet. haha so idk. I've only gotten letter from ma so far. No worries, I should get it. I have connections in the CTM. I informed them about it.

As it sounds like the first week of school went well!!! Alex will love high school! I know I had a blast!!! Just make sure he doesn't do anything stupid. haha there is a lot of dumb stuff that goes on in HS.

Go easy on the missionaries that don't know English. haha its harder than it looks. Trust me. The language is a killer for me. haha I can talk with people sort of. Its about half and half depending on the conversation. I have a long ways to go. haha

I've been getting mail from Elder Anderson so no worries :)

Lol... yes the Mission President and his wife did feed us. But idk the names of the food. haha I just ate what was on the table, like always. haha

Oh as for my apartment. It's pretty small. We live right next to the church. So that's kinda cool! Well its kinda dirty but not really. haha just the usual. Haha although this week we did encounter a poisonous centipede... my companion was like don't move! And then smashed it. He explained those things kill people. haha so that was interesting.

No I haven't been taking any meds. haha I don't think they will really help out here. If you get sick, you get really sick.

The roads are paved. Its a pretty big town here. Even in the mata there are still paved roads. So we have it pretty good. haha there are just a ton of hills!

OH the ward is most excellent!!! It's pretty small! But its really tight. All the little kids like to talk to me and what not. haha they are really excited to have an American. They always joke with me in the language. This week the ward is having a talent show. haha and well they are forcing me to do it. haha my comp said I have to dance for them. Lol... looks like I'll be dancing for the ward talent show. haha that should be interesting. I'm actually really excited for it :)

As for this week. This week was pretty tough finding people. A lot of our appointments bailed on us. But it's coming along :) holy cow I love the work here and the people here. Things are great! The food is excellent! I didn't bring my camera with me to post pictures. But next time I will try to post pictures of the apartment and all that good stuff :) and of my comp. haha let me tell ya he is a stud.

If anyone has any questions about the mission just ask :) I love answering questions. haha it's a lot easier than thinking of things to say. haha the weeks kinda blend together so its really hard to remember what happened. The language is coming along better with everyday. I can actually teach a lesson for the most part. There are so many rules in Portuguese and it's hard to remember which rules to use. But it's starting to come together. haha at times I find myself thinking in Portuguese. haha its kinda funny. I just have to extend my vocab.

Anyways, all is well here in Brazil :) eu amo vocês, até o próximo email. falou!
Elder Firl

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