Monday, August 29, 2011

First Area...Itapecerica

Ah it sounds like it has been a busy week in the Firl home :) crazy stuff! I love reading your emails! I love to hear whats going on! Sounds like the high adventure trip was interesting. haha as it always is. It sounds like Eric is getting along with the ladies hehe. Well to answer everyone's questions on how I'm doing...

I am doing fantastic :) My companion is Elder Lembrazi! And let me tell ya he is a stud. He is Brazilian and doesn't speak any English. I was one of the few Americans to get a Brazilian companion. haha at first when I heard this I couldn't believe it, I thought to myself, are you kidding. I cant speak Portuguese, and this guy is going to have to teach me how everything works in the mission field. haha But, things are going well! I love him! He is from the northern part of Brazil. Yes the Amazon, he is engaged. This is very common out here. But holy cow, Elder Lembrazi has so much patience with me and teaching me how everything works in the field. Haha and well, I am learning a lot of Portuguese from him. Since I can only speak Portuguese with him. I still feel like the language needs to come faster, but every member we have met has said they are amazed with how much I know in 2 months.

For the most part I can understand what people are saying. Its a lot easier for me to understand than it is to speak now. haha quite interesting. Although Elder Lembrazi and I always joke around and say we have another elder with us... elder Micheales. haha the dictionary. But anyways, things are excellent. Now time to explain about the area.

The area I am serving in is called Itapecerica. Haha yes, it took me a day to pronounce it and remember the name. But that's ok. There are so many trees here its nuts! Its like they stuck this huge city in the jungle. There are SO many hills too. In fact, there is one hill called, o morro de arrependimento. (the hill of repentance.) Its crazy steep. Imagine the Lockwood Creek hill. Probably twice as steep and maybe 3 or 4 times longer. Its crazy. We don't walk that hill everyday, but often. Haha there are a lot of houses here. haha yes favelas. idk if i spelled that right. But its crazy. They are all so nice here in Brazil. They welcome us in all the time and well feed us a lot.

Speaking of food... They eat so much meat here. lots of beans and rice. haha its much excellent! But since my companion and I are broke we don't eat breakfast and dinner. We have a big lunch at a members house and well, everyone just gives us snacks for dinner. crackers and bread etc. Its interesting. I haven't had any... bathroom experiences yet. haha thank goodness.

And well about the missionary work now. Oh my goodness! I absolutely love it. Ill share my favorite experiences with you all. The Wellington family and Camila.

The Wellington family. Well to start off, they live in the mata (jungle). haha so its always a good 3 miles to get to their house. And well its really dark at night and kinda creepy. This family is dirt poor and barely has electricity. They have 5 children. They have been so receptive to the gospel. Its truly amazing. We set a baptism date for them. The parents are not married. And it takes a month to get a marriage license. So we gave dates for 3 of the children. Our next lesson with be about marriage. I'm kinda nervous about it. but I'm pretty sure they will get married. Being married will be a big sacrifice for them financially. But anyways, its so awesome to see them progress! Its truly amazing to see the changes people will make in their lives.

Side story. When walking back from the Wellingtons, my comp forgot the flashlight. hahaha so we walked in the jungle at night. haha talk about super creepy. haha and well most of the fireflies were gone. So we couldn't see anything. Luckily we made it home. That was a fun experience. haha

Camila. This story is short, but I love it. We went knocking on doors (clapping) and well I started all the talking with Camila, we sang a hymn and what not. First time being there. Talked about the restoration and well, she was super interested. With my broken Portuguese I gave the first vision and explained part of the first lesson. It was excellent. then, we set a date for her to be baptized. My companion and I agree that she is one of the elect. But I will let you know how everything turns out.

Holy cow, I love it here and I know that this is the place I am supposed to be. The people are so friendly. Its a completely different world. There is a lot of work here to be done. I have been so busy here. I still have a lot of letters to respond to. I should have time next week. anyways. I love hearing from you guys!
Elder Firl

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