Monday, November 14, 2011

Gained 15-20 pounds!

Sounds like it has been a crazy week in Utah :) But it sure seems like you guys had a blast :) que bom! But no, I didn't hear about the missionaries in Texas, that were killed. What happened exactly? And yes we are talking more Portuguese in the house. haha But I am progressing with the Portuguese. I learned a lot of stuff this week that makes things a lot more sense. For example... to say will that work for you? they say will that give to you. haha it's weird. But it makes sense. And just little stuff like that. I can understand people for the most part. But its slowly progressing. haha oh comment of the week from the Bishop.

Right before Elder Schmutz was leaving we were saying goodbye to the Bishop. And he goes Elder Schmutz, you have stayed the same. And well... Elder Firl, it looks like you have gained a little bit of weight. hahaha it was funny. Because I have gained a little. Probably 15lbs or 20. Of course the bishop was like, its not a bad thing. You just don't look like a starving kid anymore, haha you look more normal. It was pretty funny. Anyways, I'll answer the questions and peace out! I love you all and love hearing from you guys. boa semana pra vocês! falou!

Com amor,

Elder Firl

1. So what did you and Elder Schmutz do on his last P-Day?
Well for our last Pday we went to Embu das Artes and we bought some stuff there. haha I got a cuha. I think that's how you spell it. Basically it's this giant cup thing to make chimarrão. It's pretty legit. haha likewise I bought a jersey, a Barcelona one, it's pretty sick. I got it pretty cheap! And then I bought a blowdart gun. It's pretty legit. Everything is way cheap. Elder Schmutz, he bought a hammock. It's a rede. It was pretty expensive, but the Brazilian redes are legends in the north. They were imported from the north to here. It's legit. I'll get one later, that's for sure. They are way cool looking and super comfortable. Hand made! But that's about it. It was pretty chill. It was a good way to end the mission with Elder Schmutz.

2. Did you teach Flavia again?
We did. Things are going really well with her! She is progressing. She really wants to know the truth. Me and my new companion that I will receive tomorrow will go and teach her. So that will be pretty sweet!

3. What about Clayani?
Cleane, I realized I've been spelling it the American way. But she is good. She really wants to know why there are so many churches and which one is true. haha she is having issues with reading and understanding. But yesterday, we went over and told he we are representatives of Jesus Christ and that we are telling her this is the only church on the earth with the proper authority. It was bold, the room was silent, but she said really? You are representatives of Jesus Christ? We said yes of course, and that was SO powerful. She she knew we were, in fact. She said, I knew there was something about you guys. But really, I believe that you guys are reps of Jesus Christ. That was such an awesome experience!

4. How is Audrei and Luciana?
Well they are excellent! With much prayer we finally got their interest. With the Plan of Salvation. They had so many questions and well we answered everyone. Audrei doesn't believe in Adam and Eve, but Lucianna does. haha so that was interesting. But holy cow, they loved that lesson and said they believe all we are saying. Elder Schmutz is the man! He teaches so well!

5. How is the American and her son?
They are good. We said our goodbyes to them yesterday. But her son, he still is not going to church. Ugh, it's a tough situation, we can only do so much. Make invites, be his friend and advise him whats best. But he has the agency.

6. How about Valeria and Victoria? I know they have been busy with school.
THEY CAME TO CHURCH!!! Freak that was awesome! I think they really liked it. We will do a follow up with them, with my new companion So stay tuned! But I think they will get baptized!!!

7. I am sure Sandra hasn’t changed and you have probably moved on from here.

Oh Sandra, crazy story of hers. She hasn't smoked for 4 days, and stopped drinking. FREAK YEAH! She had a crazy experience... involving spirits. But anyways, that was kinda creepy. But because of it she wants to stop and become closer with Christ. She just has to pray about it. She is so close and is slowly getting there. Successful week! Let me tell ya!

8. How is Rento? I know he wanted to change! What is drinking café? Is that like a tea?
Well the baptism with Renato fell through, he was working and couldn't go to church. And it's been hard to contact him. So we have to do a good follow up with him and see how he is doing with Word of Wisdom. But the Law of Chasity is what's really hard. Oh Café, its coffee. haha like a cafe.

9. So do you have a new companion? If so where is he from and what is his name?
Not yet, I will receive a new companion tomorrow. I'm kinda nervous. haha but we shall see. I think he will be Brazilian.

10. Have you gotten my package for November yet?
Not yet. or at least I don't think so. haha

11. Do you need more English Book Of Mormons? Or can you get those from the mission home?
I can get more from the Temple. haha no worries. I'm good for now.

12. Does the mission home do anything for Christmas for you guys as missionaries?
I don't think so. haha I'm not exactly sure. President Pinho is new. haha oh his son is serving in Washington somewhere. haha look for an Elder Pinho. I don't know if he is serving in Spokane or Kennewick.

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