Monday, November 7, 2011

Last P-Day with Elder Schmutz...

Sounds like things are going so well in the Firl home with sports! haha Oh okay thanks for the package! I'll be looking forward to it.

Yeah it's going to be kinda weird not being here around Christmas, but it's all good. I love it here. haha the language is still hard and I'm noticing more things I need to correct in the language. I think my Portuguese has gone downhill because Elder Schmutz and I always speak English. I'm still learning Portuguese, just not as fast. Haha...and my conjugations are killing me. It's all good though.

So its my companions last P-Day today!!! haha I can't believe it! And well we have a ton of things to do today. Sorry the letter was so short, but we gotta a lot to do. haha

1. Any new people you got to teach this week?
Well we have many new people, but serious investigators, that's a different story. We found Flavia. She is divorced and well... she totally thinks my companion and I are good looking. haha its pretty funny. She tries to flirt with us. Haha... but she really has a desire to find the true church, she always has good questions to ask. So that's been good!! But that's the only new investigator that's serious. WAIT!!! We did find Clayani and her family. Haha... they are loaded with money! and we have met their whole family. Clayani is 19 and she is the youngest. Her family is really interested in the gospel and we have established a super good relationship with the family. Haha... and she is starting to crush on us. Hahaha... she cracks us up. She flirts but we are just like uh... how are the scriptures coming along. So we have found a couple, but they are really interested in the gospel. They are doing their homework :) So we will continue teaching them, even though its awkward at times.

2. How is Audrei and Luciana?
They are... good. We had an intense lesson about authority and well... we spoke with boldness and said our church is the only true church. Luciana is a hardcore Baptist. So that was a killer to her. But we bore testimony and the spirit took the tension away. Luciana has been doing a lot of reading and always has a ton of questions and always wants proof. Like when she asked if her baptism was valid... and well that kinda made her irritated when we asked how she received the holy ghost and she didn't have an answer. It made her think and makes her read more. its been going great with them though :)

3. How is the American and her son? I know you got a phone call from them and you were going to go see them last P-Day.
They are good. He is comfortable talking with us, but still isn't coming to church, so that's really hard. They invited us to a Halloween birthday party, so we went to that for a little bit so that the son would open up to us. He is really hard to get him to talk and spit out the truth. So now he trusts us. which is excellent!!!

4. How is Valeria and Victoria?
They are super! They found a home so we helped them move. That was a tough one. about a ton of stairs. But they are reading and praying. The baptism didn't work out, but she is progressing :) This week we get to teach her in her new house. It's been hard to contact her. She has had 3 exams and is had to move this week. So it was tough to find a time to teach her.

5. Sandra and Renato? I know they were having issues with smoking.
Sandra is still smoking. We have been checking in with her everyday. We feel like she doesn't really have a desire to stop smoking. So that's been tough. BUT! Renato quit! He quit drinking and smoking, and drinking cafe. But we found another problem. He is having problems with the Law of Chasity... like hardcore. But he said he will stop breaking it. He came to church! And we asked him how the Law of Chasity is going. He said "Dude, it's so hard. But I haven't broken the Law of Chasity. And I don't plan on it. Its so hard though." So we have been helping him. He has heart and knows these things are true and will bless him. His dad has talked to us and said, Renato has changed a lot... for the better. What are you guys doing? Talk about a perfect gateway to teach his dad! He told us he isn't interested, but will time... I think he will change his mind.

6. Did we figure something out for Christmas and calling or Skype? I can get you and International card so you can call home, will that work for back up?
Mom, that is not going to be figured out probably till 2 weeks before. I might get transferred 4 days before, so it's hard to say. But I will call and tell you the info. ta bom? Haha... patience. I can buy a calling card. They are cheap and everybody uses them. But i think what will happen is i will go to a members house, call you before you give you their number and the time to call. And I'll meet there and you will call them. haha ok? That's the best info I can give ya.

7. So do you teach on Sundays?
In church no. But yes we teach Sundays. Haha...we teach everyday.

8. Do you have one ward or two wards you work with?
Just one ward. Itapeceria um.

9. How is the ward mission leader? Is he helping you? Do you meet with him weekly?
Yeah he is helping us. He is a recent convert. It's João, the husband of Sandra! Haha... but he is giving us a ton of references.

Got to run...Love, Elder Firl

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