Monday, November 28, 2011

Miracles happen....

So I haven't heard from you yet. But ill just write what happened this week. We had a lot of great experience this week. First one was with Cleane and her family.

Cleane: Well my companion and I went to go teach her and her mom (Jeane, Jay-ani) about the plan of salvation. And it was so awesome because literally the spirit guided us. Probably one of the most powerful lessons I have ever taught. We explained about family and how they can be together forever. It totally hit home with them. You could see the tears in their eyes. And well, we asked all the right questions. We explained through baptism they can really have this happiness. And their family and live in the eternities, with so much love and joy with our Heavenly Father. Our final question, Cleane and Jeane do you feel this love and joy right now? Yes. We can have this joy forever, as a family. will you Cleane and Jeane take the first step to eternal happiness and be baptized on December 17? They said yes!!! Freak yeah! Cleane went to church this Sunday too! Jeane didn't, but we will get her next time. haha we had to go and pick Cleane up. Holy cow, I can't describe the happiness in that lesson. It is a lesson I will never forget.

The second experience Geralda. It was a contact we made and asked if we could stop by the next day. Got the address, I didn't know where the street was, but knew the neighborhood I guess you could say. We were talking and asked where this street is at. All of them said, oh it's that way. So we listened to what they said. It was way in the boonies!!! After an hour of walking we thought we were close. We asked some where this street is, they said, oh it's way out there and gave us pretty good directions. About another 45 minutes of walking we though to ourselves, I bet no missionary has been out here. I mean, this place was way the heck out there. But after a little bit more walking we came to a fork. With nothing in either direction. we thought, freak.... were lost now. We thought for a moment and decided to pray in the middle of the fork. Knowing we are messengers of Christ, we prayed to be guided by the spirit to know which path we need to take to share our message with Geralda. Both my companion and I felt to go left. Sure enough 15 or 20 minutes later we found the address. And sure enough we had found more people to teach, her family. Mayara, and Ingrid. So awesome!!! Taught with the spirit and they were balling. So awesome!!! Truly another experience I will never forget.

I learned a lot this week. I learned that one, you always need to be listening to the spirit. And 2 we are messengers of Jesus Christ. He will work miracles to make sure that the people will hear the message. But we have to be listening too. Always be listening. I love what I'm doing out here and seeing these miracles happen! There is nothing greater than bringing a message of true happiness. Hearing people say, I've been waiting for this message. And even better, when we ask, do you believe that we are really representatives of Jesus Christ. And when they say, oh my little angels, Yes I believe it. It makes me chuckle and well think. Wow, look how people look at us. Always keep this in mind as members too. We too are repsresentatives. We are in His church. Be an example and show the way for others. This is my message to you all. I love you all so much. and this week was full of success!

I hope that all is well in the states and keep up the good work :)

Com tanto amor, Elder Firl

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