Monday, November 21, 2011

New companion! No fat...No worries...

So this week has been amazing! It's gone by so fast! We were really blessed to have a baptism! That was most excellent! Let me tell ya. I love being a missionary. In one year, this family should be sealed in the temple. I wanna go to it! It took 3 months to get Sandra and Mayara baptized. So I feel pretty good! That they made changes and struggled. But I was talking with them yesterday and asked how they felt. And they felt so good and are so happy with their decision. Brings so much happiness to me. Love being a missionary :)

But it sounds like things are going well! Just buy the Letterman's jacket for Alex, make sure it is a little big. Idk I didn't wear mine a ton. But it's all good. You know best mom :)

Love you guys so much. I've been way busy and well the mail sucks here. So I might of not received their letters yet. haha anyways, love the amor and support.

1. Who is your new companion and where is he from?
Holy cow! I did receive a new companion this week. And he is pretty legit, let me tell ya! I've been quite blessed. His name is Elder Viana! Is he from Fortaleza! Hhe played professional soccer before the mission and quit to serve. He was offered a contract by Germany. Hard to turn down because that was literally his profession. He is thinking about playing for Real Salt Lake after the mission, he wants to learn English and well study in the states. But he might take the offer from Germany. Who knows. He is legit though. We have been getting a lot of work done. crazy stuff!

2. Did you teach Flavia again…I know you said you and your new companion would go and teach her!
Ugh, the appointment fell through :/ so we haven't taught her yet.

3. How is Cleane? I know you were bold with her…have you taught her again?
Haha we did :) Her and her mom will read and will be baptized when they feel it is true. nossa! So that was excellent! It was nice to teach her family. She is a little snakey, but it's all good. She has a lot of questions and we showed the Joseph Smith Restoration DVD to her. She loved it! We just need to teach slower with her. But things are going so well!!!

4. How about Audrei and Luciana?
Well Audrei took his huge test and well Luciana has a huge test. It's really hard to get a hold of both of them at the same time. But they are slowly progressing. They will be our goal for next month. They just want to know more and more. And they need to pray more and more. I think Luciana is feeling it's true, but I don't think Audrei is. We shall see the next visit.

5. Have you seen the American’s son at church yet? Have you talked to him? Do you still keep in contact with his mom the American?

He hasn't come yet. He is really stubborn. Yeah I still keep in contact with the mom. I see her every Sunday :) I always give her a nice hand shake and talk to her. haha she is so nice :)

6. How is Valeria and Victoria? I know you said they came to church…have you had anymore discussions?
We haven't been able to contact them... ugh so frustrating. We have tried so many times to visit but they are never home. I know they really loved Elder Schmutz.

7. How is Rento?
He is good :) He only drank once and is fulfilling the law of Chasity! HECK YEAH!!! So now we just have to get him to church again and then he should be ready for baptism. :) We are so close and he is progressing so much!

8. How is Sandra? Is she making any progress? I know you said she stopped smoking for 4 days?
HOLY SMOKES!!! She stopped completely! Everything! And guess what! She was baptized this week!!! hahaha heck yeah! João baptized her and her daughter. The daughter took out her nose piercing and everything. We had a really good lesson about it and well she took it out. haha so awesome!!! I will try to send pictures. Seriously, I love this family and the sacrifices they have made. nossa!

9. Did you get my package for November yet?
I got it! Thank you so much mom :) I've been sharing my goodies with my companion. It's been great. The mashed potatoes we had to give away. We don't really look in the house. haha

10. As missionaries do you have cell phones there?
Yes we do. I hate answering them. I get nervous every time. But I've gotten used to it slowly. I get nervous that I will hear wrong. But the Portuguese is improving a lot. haha in fact! Yesterday I gave a talk in church. I had nothing prepared and winged it. haha in Portuguese. Talk about the gift of tongues. Everyone said my talk was excellent. One sister was so funny, she said ` Elder Firl, when you were talking, it was like there was a light behind you. Excellent talk Elder Firl. You made a huge impression on my son. I talked about weaknesses and how the Lord will bless us. I talked about the struggle with the language and how blessed I've been. And I know I have a long ways to go still. And talked about how I was nervous to teach in a language I didn't know, and talked about the blessings, like the baptism that happened. :)

11. So do a lot of the homes you go into have DVD players? Do you hand out any of the Church DVD’s they have?

Yes, a lot of houses have DVD's. We don't give away the DVD's but we watch them with our investigators.

12. How often do you go to the mission home to get your letters’ and packages? Do they let you know when something arrives?
It depends, once a month or every 2 weeks. I just depends. But on average 2 weeks. They do not notify us if we have something. haha

13. How are your clothes fitting now that you have gained the extra weight! We hadn’t really planned on that! Most missionaries loose over there! I guess you have been lucky in that area!
All my clothes fit perfectly still. No worries. It's just like fat I've gain. haha I've just changed. idk. I'll try to send pictures. I'm just filling out, I guess you can say. haha Not fat. No worries. And yes, I have been blessed. All the members give me food and what not. haha the other Elders get jealous. Of course I share :)

14. Have you been told not to buy food from food stands? Or are there guidelines the mission tells you in regards to the food?
I just buy what I want. haha end of story. I am careful with meat. But other stuff, nah. If it's sealed I'm not worried.

15. How is the language coming?
Nossa, the language is good! Elder Viana is helping me, and well, I'm understanding a lot. I've had the opportunity to talk more and what not. It's pretty sweet. Still have issues with wording at times. But it's coming a lot. I'm learning everyday. Everyday talk is pretty easy. There are just a few times where I have to ask, ok what are you talking about. But it's coming a long. Slowly but surely. We got a new Elder in our district. Elder Cox. He almost speaks nothing. It just reminds me when I arrived. I can't wait to see his progress. Ah good times :) It makes me laugh and well I'm glad I'm not at that stage anymore, because I love to joke with the members and talk. The trick to it is to just talk. haha even if you are speaking wrong just talk and they will correct you. haha it's nice. Because when you apply you learn faster and when you don't understand, say you don't understand. haha just don't blow it off. It's been interesting. haha

16. What kind of service have you done lately for others?
Service, lets see here. We have helped people move. haha that's about it. A lot of people move in and move out of the area pretty quick. There are a lot of people from the north and well you get to hear a lot of different accents. The people from the northeast talk so flippin fast! But it's all good they articulate better. haha

Com Amor,
Elder Firl

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