Monday, January 2, 2012

Running and teaching as I go....

So, it sounds like things are going pretty well in the Firl home. Sad to hear about the Vaughan's. I'll be sure to keep them in my prayers. But sounds like your lesson was fantastic! Seems as if Alex is keeping up with the ladies pretty good as well. And about the my hair. Yeah I did cut my own hair. But I'm not really here to impress any girls. Haha so I don't really mind. But at home, haha for sure I'll want someone to cut my hair. Haha I gotta get married ya know :P

Things are well here. It's really tough out here to get lessons and well, its just tough here. But I find myself growing so much with my faith, and learning to depend more on the Lord, and learning how I can improve. It's been great. So even if I don't baptize anyone out here, I have learned a lot already, and will continue to grow a lot. Part of being on the mission is to grow for yourself as well. Numbers of baptism is good, but if you baptize and don't grow on the mission, your doing something wrong. Haha just my opinion.

But things are well, it rains a lot here. Haha and well, my umbrella is... getting put to good use. In fact, it's starting to fall apart. Haha good thing I have duct tape. Haha its being put to good use out here. I've fixed the ironing board and a lot of things with it :)

Well, I hope all is well! keep up the good work at home! Love you all! New Years was great by the way, I was in the house by 5 in the afternoon. It was freakin NUTS here. The Brazilians sure know how to party. I can tell you that.

1. So did any investigators come to church?
Well this week we had 0 investigators. That was kinda a heart breaker. We went to go pick one guy up. Had issues with a ride since the invesigator has a broken leg. Anyways, got everything figured out to pick him up. we get there and well... he wasn't there. Haha just our luck. It's all good. Because next week he will come. :) His name is Sidney!

2. How is Marli coming along?
Well, Marli went to travel and she won't get back until this week. So the lessons have been on pause for now. We have been calling her and checking up on her though. she is reading and praying, so that's good :)

3. So what things have you noticed that are different for this area from your last other than the shoes on the wires?
Haha well this area is a lot harder. It's way harder to get into a house and teach. My other area was way easy to get in. So being here, I've had to get a little creative to teach lessons and make contacts. For example, my companion was making a contact. The guy said, I'm in a rush, and well my companion just said ok. Haha so the next contact he made in the street, the guy said the same thing. But this time, I butted in and said, no worries I'll walk with ya! He tried to lose me, and said, well I gotta run. Literally. So I said, OK! Lets run. Haha so I'm making this contact running and explaining a little bit about our message. Got his address and made an appointment. My companion laughed and said, dude, that was pretty epic. Told him I got the appointment set for Thursday. So Thursday, we were having issues with finding new people. We had 0 at this point. Our goal, 10. It was tough. So we passed by this guys house, the contact I made while running. We show up, his entire family was there. 8 people! We got them all together and taught the lesson. What a blessing. My thoughts, we have to be persistent. They may reject the gospel the first time, but keep being persistent.

4. Are there vendors on the streets like in your last area?
Of course, not as many because of Embu Das Artes. But there are a good amount.

5. How is the church building? Is it too far from where your apartment is?
It's about 10 min. But its a really nice building, so I'm content :)

6. How is it with 4 missionaries in the same unit? Hard to get use to?
It's actually pretty legit. Talk about the Portuguese getting better. It's pretty sweet! I like it a lot :)

7. Do the members feed you for lunch in this area?

Yup. They feed us pretty good too.

8. Can you try sending me a couple of pictures? Send it in a separate email and only do 2. I want to see if we can make it work this time?
I don't have my camera with me and this computer doesn't have a USB drive. I'll try next week!

9. Where do you go to get your emails?
We go to the Lan house, basically a computer lab. We pay one "real" to use the computer for an hour.

Anyways, hope all is well. Love ya all!
Elder Firl

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