Monday, February 20, 2012

Got sick this week...strong flu

So over all it sounds like a pretty crazy week! It's crazy to see how much Eric and Alex have grown, this is the first picture that has turned out pretty well that I've received. haha


1. So what are the guidelines for Carnaval this week in the mission field?
No nothing really changed. Except it has been impossible to find anyone, since everyone is traveling or is drinking. So we have visited less actives and members in the ward to get references. So its been a pretty slow week. haha

2. How is Joyce? Is she progressing?
Oh heavens, where to begin. Lets start with the good news :) Well she went to church this week. So that was good! I ended up giving a talk yesterday as well. I was feeling too well, and I felt like I was beating around the bush a little. But it's all good. Anyways, so we visited Joyce and what not Saturday. It was an interesting visit. It was a make it or break it visit. We wanted to know if she has the desire to be baptized. So anyways, we taught the lesson and tried to remark her for baptism. That didn't work out too well. After talking with Sara, Joyce said that we pushed baptism a little too much.... my bad. Anyways, she didn't accept a date. But she did tell Sara, that she will be baptized, just not now. So... the lesson didn't go as well as I hoped. But I did learn a lesson. Not one of us is perfect as a missionary. And I kinda got down on myself for this baptism falling through, I feel like it is my fault. But, none of us is perfect.

3. How is it being district leader?
Ah, its okay. Nothing too special, I just have to get the numbers and what not. Our district is doing pretty well! So that's good :)

4. Any progress on Danilo?
YES! Danilo went to the church camp thing during carnaval, so that is excellent. He will get to know the young men and women there, to feel more integrated. So that is excellent. And well... his mom said he can be baptized in 2 months! HECK YEAH! its an improvement. 1year to 2 months. I accept :)

5. Did you find out what happened to the Familia De Admir family? Are they still in your ward area? Were you able to teach them?
Well... We talked to them and they were there. What a blessing. We explained that this is a huge blessing. And asked them if they would go to church. They said yes! we will go! I said, well there is a difference between saying yes and doing it. Haha and they said for sure they will go. But... they didn't go. So we let them go because they aren't progressing.

6. Did you stop by and see Marli this week?
Nope. This week, Elder Woodward was sick Sunday through Wednesday. And then I got what he had. I have had a headache, cold sweats, I'm pretty sure it was a really strong flu. I have been drinking tea. It seems to be helping a lot. So I was out Thursday. Talk about a really slow week. Our numbers were horrible. I'm a little stressed out about that. But for the most part I'm feeling better. Still not feeling well, but enough to work.

7. Okay so do you text out there on your phones?

No. But we can receive texts. We always have to call.

8. How are things going with your new companion Elder Woodward?
Things are well, for the most part. Just a slow week being sick. But this week will be better.

9. Any new contacts this week?
Because of being sick no. But we did get some references that we will pass by tomorrow :) So that's good.

Anyways, that's about it! I love ya all! And have a fantastic week!

Com Amor, Elder Firl

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