Monday, February 13, 2012

"With trials, we always learn something..."

So this week has been really tough. But with trials, we will always learn something. Between a new companion, baptisms falling through like no other. It's been really tough. But I know that I will grow. But I often think of what am I doing wrong. I'm trying my best and it seems everything is falling. Haha and then I remembered the story of Job. And well that pretty much told me. Get your butt into gear, give your best, and don't let Lucifer win this battle. I can tell ya, we will not win.

Tell Janice that I will make a visit out there! I want to tell them all the stories from the mission :) After all, she practically is a mom of mine. And tell Matt to send me a letter. I don't know his address. But I wanna hear how he is doing.

1. So with Carnival (Carnaval-how they say it in Brazil) coming up, you have strict guide lines as missionaries? I know it is Feb. 17-22. Should be interesting!
I can see it being a problem to teach during that time. I'm not sure. We should be getting a phone call about the restrictions and what not. I'm pretty sure they will want us to get in the house earlier.

2. So what are you responsibilities as District Leader?

Basically, I just have to make sure my district is reaching their goals. haha a lot easier said than done. It's just another weight as a missionary.

3. Who are you training? Where is he from?
My new companion is Elder Woodward. He is from Washington, Spokane. But I'm not training him. He as almost a year on the mission. He is a good guy! He has a good desire to work. But yesterday, he did get a little sick. its all good though.

4. Did you go to the Western Union to pick up your money?

not yet.

5. Nana and I are putting together your birthday box! One more question…on the shorts, do you want soccer shorts, basketball shorts, cargo shorts? And Adult Large size? Is there a specific color?
Haha soccer shorts :) the best kind of shorts around, and yes, an adult large.

6. On the ties…specific colors? I am hoping to finish it up this week. Bright colors!
I don't have a gold tie yet. Some sweet paisley ties would be pretty good. Oh and a tie clip thingy would be sweet as well.

7. How is Joyce doing? So exciting about her! It is hard when you have family issues!
So... we made a visit with her and things went... alright. We taught the 10 commandments explaining the Word of Wisdom and Law of Chasity. And well... it seemed to me that she was a little overwhelmed. We explained everything and what not. She said she understood and what not. She has a slight addiction to coffee and drinks every once in awhile, but she said she would try to stop. But after a slight pep talk, she seemed pretty determined to do a diet. We are going to call everyday to check in on her. But after we taught the lesson, I had a horrible feeling throughout the day. Like I was forgetting something. I couldn't figure out what it was until I had the slightest impression to call her and let her know that her Father in Heaven loves her, for whatever burden we have or sin we have. He always loves us. but.... as we know, I hate calling people, well.... talking on the phone. I didn't want to call because I have a little fear of the phone. But when we got home and were planning I told Elder Woodward what I was feeling. He told me, dude, you gotta call. Haha and for about 5 minutes he told me I had to call. But I kept saying I can't. Anyways, I made the call and not sure what the results are, but I felt better after. I guess we will find out on the next visit. Joice didn't go to church so her baptism fell through as well... gah.

8. Did you have Danilo’s baptism this week or is it next? How cool for a 15 year old boy to want to join!

Well... his mom won't let him be baptized. We talked with his mom and dad. His dad fully approves, but his mom is kinda stubborn. So that baptism fell through. We can only wait for approval. She said, he has to wait a year. But we will see.

9. How is the Familia De Admir family doing?? I know you said they have a wedding date coming up and the kids are to be baptized!Did they come to church this week?
Well... they got kicked out of their house... they weren't able to pay rent. And I don't know what happened. She made me talk to the owner. Talk about intimidating. And they didn't go to church. We have to pass by this week, to see what happened. Because we have called... but nothing. So we think they got forced out. Therefore another baptism swiped out of grasp.

10. Did you talk to Marli this week?
Nope. We will this week.

Love ya all!
Elder Firl

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