Monday, February 6, 2012

District I come...

That's way cool that I'm related to Elder Ballard. Haha I got a good laugh out of that one. I just told my companion, he didn't believe it.

As for the Buchada, we have left overs and well I told everyone in my apartment if they wanted it, they could have it. They were all making fun of me because they said I have an American stomach. Turns out, anyone who ate the buchada got sick. Haha they were in the bathroom for a long time. It was a good laugh.

It is sad to hear about people getting a divorce. I don't think they realize the covenants they made, and well are about the break. It's really sad. I can't remember which part in D & C (Doctrine & Covenants), I think its section 130. I don't remember, but they should read the blessings of a marriage. But everyone has the free agency.

NO WAY! Alex got an acoustic guitar! He has to teach me when I get back. For my birthday when I get back, I wanted to get lesson on how to play the guitar or something, but it turns out, Alex can teach me now :) and I'll teach him Portuguese ;)

That's really sad to hear that the Richardson's are moving! Really sad, I wanted to have President Richardson release me. But that's okay, it was an honor to have him send me out on the mission. I wanted to spend some time with Matt when I got home and what not. This is sad news, but they will be blessed in Colorado.

Oh, transfers are this week. I got a phone call about 10:30 Saturday night that my companion will be transferred, and that I will be the district leader, and that I will probably train as well. Haha uh, I am way nervous for this new calling. Because I still don't know the area really well. So I'm kinda freaking out, with the new calling. So mom if you guys could pray for me, I would love that. That I can help my district and maybe the newbie this week. I will find out tomorrow if I will train or not.

1. What is your ward called?
Its called the Sao Marcos ward. haha

2. So you must be preparing for Marli’s baptism this week! Hopefully she is making progress! How is this coming? Did you make the phone call to one of the zone leaders for help?
Well... We pretty much dropped her. NOT completely, but she isn't making any progress at this point. So for now, we will be stopping by once a week or two weeks until she gets that burning desire to go to church and know the truth. Because she isn't going to church and will always make an excuse. And we need to find those with the desire.

3. How did things go with the Familia de Admir? You said they were a little shaky accepting the gospel.
Well we visited them and it went well. We challenged their kids for baptism and marked a wedding date :) March 24, and the family will be baptized. But they have to go to church! Gosh dang it!

4. Any of those other families you taught last week, did you get to teach them again?
We didn't :/ it's hard to find someone with desire, especially with Carnaval coming up. Nobody wants to take on obligations.

5. Did you have any investigators at church this week?
We did :) Joyce and Danilo! Danilo will have his baptism this week. He is 15 years old, and is awesome! He has a huge a desire to know the truth and has been reading like crazy! He is way smart for his age. Joyce, loved church! And her baptism will be the 18 of this month, hopefully! We have been teaching her so much lately! She knows the Book of Mormon is true, and we have been able to use that as a tool to know that Joseph Smith is a true prophet and well... the rest. :) we answered all her questions about the Book of Mormon and she is progressing so much!

6. Did you go to the Western Union this week?
Nope. The bank was closed. Getting this money is a pain in the butt.

7. If Nana was to send you something would it be best to send you money or what for your birthday?
NOT MONEY! Maye a few one´s. To give out to a couple families.

8. How is Joyce doing? It is good to have a friend like Sara to help!
She is progressing :) She is loving the church. She just has problems in the family. She is a little scared. But after testimony meeting, I think that helped a lot. Considering 3 people talked about this same problem that she has.

9. Did you send the package to us this week?
I did! You don't wanna know how much it was. Haha 70 reais! ($40.25 in US currency) But I sent it! Let me know when you get it.

10. What else did Elder Ballard teach you? Did you get to shake his hand?
He taught us to fix the problem and get to work. Basically suck it up. Yes, I did get to shake his hand.

But anyways, this week has been crazy! I'm way nervous for this next transfer! Considering I don't know the ward super well, or the area. But I know this will be good experience and that the Lord will bless me in my trails that are to come. Anyways, love ya all! And I hope you are doing well.

Com amor, Elder Firl


  1. okay, that made me cry, again! Tell Jake we'd love to have come and visit. and Matthew hasn't decided what he's doing yet....

  2. Janice, you have no idea how many people you and your family have touched here! You will do the same in Denver! I will never forget when Dave was called as Stake President, Jake was so worried that the ward would split and him and Matt wouldn't be together. Please keep me posted or at least Jake on what Matthew plans to do! Jake was very firm about having his interview with President Richardson before his mission papers were submitted! I think he just really looks up to him! You and your family have always been very special to us! I will let Jake know he can come and visit you guys over there in Denver when he gets home!

    1. Staci- Something you can pass along to Jake for me. The boys and I just got done watching the movie "The best two years" the other day and Beau came up to us today saying, "You know what Dad, after watching that movie and hearing Jake Firl's farewell at Church, I am really committed to going on a mission". This from an 8 year old! --Rusty