Monday, March 12, 2012

More contacts this week....

Anyways, things are excellent here! Sounds like dad had just a little bit of time to relax. And those cleats of Alex's are pretty sick! Not gonna lie. Loved the Santo's SHIRT. Wear it with pride Alex! Let me know if you have questions about the team Alex or if anyone makes any comments :) Enjoy it!

1. How was Zone Conference?
I would have to say that Zone Conference was pretty wicked! I learned a lot about how I can improve my teaching and what not.

2. Did you get my two boxes?

I got one box so far. I still haven't gotten Aubrey's package. But I did get yours mom. Just one for now. But no worries, at the transfer, which is Tuesday, not this Tuesday, but the next. I should get it there.

3. Did you see Elder Blackford? I have been following his blog.
I didn't get to see him... sadly. How is he? Send me his email! As missionaries, we can send each other emails. haha

4. Any new contacts this week?

Haha lots of contacts! We did find Rafaela, Denilson, Beatrice, Barbara and her husband. And they all have the desire to be baptized. Barbara and her husband are not married.... but they are searching for a church. So this is perfect! They have lots of questions and we challenged them for 25 of March for baptism. And they are waiting to get an answer.

5. How is Davi? Is he okay?

He is great now! He is still firm for the baptism on the 24 of March. We have been working with him on the Word of Wisdom. He was smoking 20 cigarettes a day, but now, he is down to 2 each day! What a miracle. He is way awesome. But the next challenge will be to explain about blood. How we receive blood, he is Jehovah´s witness. But he is way awesome and firm!

6. Any progress on Danilo?
Nope... his mom is stubborn, we can't do anything until the end of the year. But he is way firm in the church! He goes every Sunday and loves it!

7. Any cool experiences this week?
We nothing super duper exciting, just that Cleane from Itapecerica called me and said that she was baptized! Heck yeah! She thanked me and what not for everything. What an awesome experience!
Another thing that was pretty neat. We did a FHE (Family Home Evening) with Joyce and Sara and her family. After the lesson Sara told us that Joyce said she needs to be baptized soon! Although, she seems to change her mind everyday.

But I was doing some reflecting about this. About what I did, talking about baptism. What I did was not wrong. Talking about baptism is something people fear. As I was reading in preach my gospel, (my purpose) I learned a lot. I was thinking about the purpose. What is our purpose to teaching, talking to people and just everything... to baptize people! Dallin H. Oaks, said the following mais or menos, We are not here to increase numbers of the church or to improve peoples lives. basically he said, we are here to baptize them and keep them firm in the church! Call the people to repentance. Like Alma and other Book of Mormon heroes, they constantly called the people to repentance. And so... maybe I'm harsh, but I'm not going to waste my time with someone that does not have the desire to be baptized. I'm not going to teaching someone who won't fulfill the promises that will keep them firm.

Because of this, on the first visit I talk about baptism and our purpose. The way Christ was baptized. And simply ask if they have the desire. It's simple. Doing this has given us so much success! We have found people like Davi and Rafaela and Beatrice and etc. I can testify that I have been feeling better because of their desire to learn and understand. We don't have to work SO hard to drag them to church. They just come. So, I kinda got down on myself because I thought I was pushing baptism too much. But I hate to say it, I was wrong, I wasn't talking about baptism enough. There are so many people here that we just have to FIND. Who are willing to listen. Lesson learned.

8. When are transfers?
Explained já

9. Do you get to watch Santos play? Do you get to watch any soccer on TV?
Haha I don't. But I always ask in the street who is winning and what not, and make a contact with them. I know I'm horrible. BUT! Santos won against Corinthians! Hahah BOOO YEAH!!!!! Everyone here loves Corinthians. So it was a pretty good feeling that Santos won :)

10. Do most people have TV’s?
Pretty much everyone has a TV.

11.How are your suits holding up? And what about your special socks?
Suits are holding up fantastic! And the socks are doing well too!

12. Did you get a new Ward mission leader yet or are you getting one?
Our ward isn't focused with missionary work, the Bishop said. And he said we won't be getting a new missionary leader for some time.

13. So have you had bugs in your apartment? If so what, send pictures!
Haha we just cleaned our apartment, spic and span!

Mom, all is well here! I love you so much! Thank you so much for everything! The packages and the emails. I know I'm not very good at expressing my gratidão, but I am really thankful for everything mom. I love you so much! And please don't ever question if I do or don't. Because I do! I can't thank you enough for the things you do. The way you have raised me, all the compliments you receive about me goes to you. Because of the way you and dad have raised me! I love you mom and dad!

Com Amor,
Elder Firl

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