Friday, March 9, 2012

Got the stress genes from dad...

It sounds like it was a pretty crazy week this week! Full of lots of adventure and what not! Joseph Smith is for sure a prophet of God. Being on the mission, my testimony has grown so much with this. All the afflictions he went though and all the miracles that happened. How fast he translated the Book of Mormon, and the revelation for the Doctrine & Covenants, just everything he did was incredible. I know Joseph Smith saw that pillar of light above his head. I have no doubt whatsoever.

As for Alex, he needs to take it easy. I think he can still play soccer. Soccer is his life.

As for dad, it seems like he is with a lot of stress, haha I've kinda noticed on the mission that I've gotten the stress genes from dad. I have never been so stressed in my entire life. Haha but is good practice for the future. I'm learning to let go of stress and just saying, oh well. Learn and move on.

And about the money, Sara sent a text to us. She will take care of everything. She is way good about that stuff. Haha she kinda reminds me of you mom. It makes me laugh.

About the jerseys. Okay, the one with Messi on the back is for dad,but originally I bought it for Alex before Christmas, but at Christmas he already got a Barcelona jersey. SO, I figured the jersey could go to dad (The one with Messi on the back).The other Barcelona jersey is mine, with just the number 10. The Santos jersey (with Banco on the front in orange letters without the name on the back is mine!) The one with Neymar is Alex`s, which is a Santos jersey. They are both identical, but mine is worth more. But I thought Alex would love the Naymar on the back. Because you can only buy this jersey here in Brazil and Naymar (NAY Mar) is WAY famous! And probably nobody has heard of him in the States. The Emerates jersey is mine as well (the purplish one), but Alex can wear it to school once to show it off :) I got a really good deal on that shirt, only 5 dollars! Yes dollars, reais, it's a little more. The other Santos jersey (with Seara on the front and on the sleeves is mine as well) But Alex can show it off at school. Does dad or yourself want a jersey here?

1. How is Elder Woodward this week? Is he feeling any better?
Haha he has been feeling better. We discovered he is an allergy to maracuj√° or Passion fruit but he is feeling better.

2. How are you feeling?
I've been great with health. But I'm stressed out of my mind. Nothing is organized in this ward. Our ward mission leader is engaged and threw us under the bus, and then had a meeting with the Bishop. He has canceled meetings on us for 6 weeks, and then blamed in on us with a meeting. Bishop talked to us. We had a meeting, he tried to burn us. But that died pretty quick. He thought we have been slacking off. I then made the question, Bishop, have you seen your attendance rate in the ward the past couple weeks with less actives. He said yes,our attendance has been high. I said, yup, because we have been working with them. So that fire died pretty quick. And I gave him ideas to create a ward website to organize an calendar and what not. He loved the idea. But nobody knows how to do it but me. So, we are organizing the ward. talk about STRESSFUL!

3. Did you get any of my packages yet?

Not yet, I'm going to stop by in the mission office tomorrow, I'll know by tomorrow.

4.Any cool experiences this week?
Hahaha...well we got kicked out of a house. That was pretty funny. We talked about baptism to a catholic family. They agreed with everything and realized their baptism was false. and this 60 year old was yelling at us. Saying Jesus´s baptism was false!!! blah blah blah, when 5 minutes earlier she agreed that Jesus was perfect in every way. It was pretty funny, they didn't like the truth to much.

5. How is Danilo?
He is good. We gave him the baptismal ficha, the paper work, he just needs to get the signature from his dad to get baptized. We just decided to be persistant with the mom.

6. So with all your new contacts how have things gone? Leonardo, Davi & Rodrigo?
Davi, went to the hospital... Rodrigo, ditched us to play video games. So we dropped him. Leonardo, the meeting fell with him and didn't go to church.

7. Have you gone anywhere on P-Day?
Haha nope. Just Embu, to buy things and to hang out with other Elders.

8. Do you go into Primary and talk to the kids about missionaries?

I just talk with them in the hall way and what not.

9. How often do you have a Zone Conference?
Once every 3 months, somewhere in that range. We will have a missionary conference tomorrow. I'll see Elder Blackford tomorrow!!! Heck yeah!

10. How are your shoes holding up? And your shirts?
Shoes are fantastic! Shirts, I'm not having good luck with pen stains. Like the pen exploding and leaking. Two white shirt sleeves have been toasted. I've tried getting the stain out. But nothing, bleach and everything. SO, I'm going to ask a member to cut my long sleeves into short sleeves, well two of them. Because I never use my long sleeves.

11. Do you need more duct tape?

But over all I am well :) Things are awesome. Love ya all!

Com tanto amor,

Elder Firl

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  1. tell Jake to get some hairspray on those pen stains! ;)