Monday, March 19, 2012

Staying in the same area...

1. So do you have transfers this week? Do you know if you are staying or leaving? Are you getting a new companion?
I will not be transferred from the area! Haha which is awesome. I love Elder Woodward to death but we will be companions still.

2. Is Davi still planning on the baptism on March 25? How is his Word of Wisdom problem coming?
Oh he is coming along really well! He is down to 1 cigarette! What a blessing! But his date of baptism fell through, which kinda sucks, because he didn't go to church. BUT! this isn't his fault, we have asked a member to pick him up 3 times and every time he hasn't picked him up. Because Davi`s health is horrible and can't walk very well.

3. How are your new contacts Rafaela, Denilson, Beatrice and Barbara & husband? Are they progressing?
Rafaela and Denilson went to church! So they are progressing. We taught the Word of Wisdom and they are fulfilling it :) but the rest did not go to church and Nildo, the husband, came home drunk.... ugh. But things are going well with them :)

4. How are things with Joyce?
I still haven't heard from her recently. Who knows what will happen with her. Haha I don't think she knows what she wants quite yet.

5. Have any of my packages ever been opened? So you should have 2 more from me. One is for birthday and the other is for Easter. All your birthday presents are wrapped. I will be sending another box with some other birthday gifts from other family members, you won’t get it in time for your birthday but it will still be fun to get!
They have never been opened yet. OH PERFECT! Haha I know I'm going to be opening some presents today for FHE (Family Home Evening) in Sara´s house. That should be pretty fun.

6. Did you find a sister in your ward to fix your long sleeve shirts?

I did find someone.... Sara´s mom. But their family has helped us out SO much,that I'm kinda timid to ask. haha

7. Any cool experiences this week?
Well the cell phone got lost by my companion and I didn't get transferred. Josenede (the wife of Admir) showed up at church yesterday! Talk about a miracle! I couldn't believe it!

8. Have the drug dealers protected you or watched out for you?

Nah, they have just left us alone. But if you wanna know something crazy just look up novo pinheirinho. There are a bunch of people making tents, made of plastic. It's pretty much a riot and well I heard that there is going to be an expulsion. By the SWAT of Brasil. There are a lot of drug lords in the area and are armed. The funniest part, we always pass by because it's a short cut in our area. There is a huge soccer field that we always pass by, if you want to look at photos.

Anyways, things are going well here. This transfer will be really interesting without a cell phone. But everything will turn out all right! Love ya all!

I'm glad Alex´s soccer coach got a good kick out of the Santos "Neymar" jersey. Tell Alex that Corinthians lost and there is a phrase here in Portuguese about the fan of Corinthians... all the Corinthians are not thieves but, all thieves are Corinthians. Haha I tell people this all the time. I think he will get a good kick out of it.

Love ya all!
Elder Firl

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