Monday, March 26, 2012

Still no phone...

1. Did you get another phone? Did you find it or what are you doing?
Well we haven't gotten another phone yet. I have a feeling that we probably won't get one till the end of the transfer. But we will see. Things have been working about so far. We have been using Sara´s phone to get numbers and what not, numbers of how the week went.

2. Will you get to listen to General Conference?
HECK YEAH! Haha and the best part is that I will probably get to hear it in English this time. It's such a blessing to hear the apostles REAL voice and what not. And it's just a little bit easier to understand as well. I'm pretty stoked to watch conference. I hope a ton of investigators will come.

3. Do you have a new date set for Davi?
Haha well about Davi. Davi, recently got a job. Selling items on buses and what not. He got a pass that allows him to use the onibus whenever he wants for free! For sure, he has been selling candies and what not. Since he is really poor and has nothing. Not to mention his health is horrible.

4. How are your new contacts Rafaela, Denilson, Beatrice and Barbara & Nildo? Are they progressing?
W'ell about these people... They didnt show up to church. That was a disappointment. As of now, they are starting to get a little mole, meaning a little shaky. For example, they say... oh I don't know, I won't promise to anything. And they won't give a firm answer. There are a ton of these types of people here in Brazil. They don't want a commitment, for example marriage. Usually these people waste a missionaries time, because they don't progress.

5. Did you get my third box I sent? The Easter one?
I've gotten the box with the presents. And yes, I did open it early because of transfers. Haha I would have space to put an unopened box in my suitcase. And.... I really wanted to open them because of the hygiene products :) I loved the box! But I have not gotten the Easter one yet. But, I will be here in Sao Marcos for the birthday! It's the week before transfers. So I will probably be opening the rest of the gifts on my birthday. Haha that should be a blast!

6. Do Brazilian’s celebrate Easter? If so how?
Yes they do celebrate Easter! It's pretty much the same thing, except for the Easter egg hunts and chocolate bunnies. I heard that they do not hide the Easter baskets in the morning as well. BUT...I do know that they have giant chocolate eggs they eat! Haha basically they same thing as the chocolate bunny. I though you would get a good kick out of that.

7. Any cool experiences this week?

As for this week. Nothing super amazing happened. It was a pretty relaxed week. But the tents made of plastic are growing. It's freakin nuts! I talked with an officer to get some info. They said they plan on kicking them out. But they don't know when. I can tell ya that it's going to be pretty ugly. They are going to send the swat of Brazil there. But that's about it. Like I said, nothing super amazing. But it's starting to get a lot cooler here.

As for the buses. DO NOT worry about the buses. Yes, the drivers are super crazy! But no need to worry. You guys don't need to get a passport. It will cost a lot of money and not to mention you guys will be waiting a long time. NO worries, I am very observant of my surroundings when walking. Haha I'm always on my guard. especially with the stupid tents, there are a lot of idiots up there.

Wait, I do remember of an experience. Not a super awesome one, but it will do. So one day, I was having troubles speaking Portuguese. I wasn't quite sure why. I was thinking that it was in my head or whatever. And well, as I got to thinking, I forgot to thank Heavenly Father for the gift of tongues and took the gift for granite. And well, I've been thanking Him and what not. BUT, the thing that struck me was, the fact of how fast that gift was taken away. Crazy thing to think about. And the power and authority missionaries have. Just a little bit of food for thought.

Anyways, things are great here! Brazil is starting to cool off down here, but its still pretty warm. I still got my tan line on my arms, but I have a feeling that it will go away pretty quick. Anyways, love you all! boa semana pra vocĂȘs!
Oh and when are the Richardson's moving. I want to mail them a letter back!

Com amor,
Elder Firl

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