Monday, April 30, 2012

People speak faster here in Interlagos!

Holy cow mom, you have lost a lot of weight. Haha lookin' good there :) But yes, this week has gone by so fast! The area is great here. Sara has really helped out a lot. She always made visits with us, fed us and many many more things. Micky D´s was pretty delicious! I went there for the first time her in Brazil! It was pretty sweet!

1. So who is your new companion? I know he is from Argentina! How long has he been out?
Haha how did you know that I have a companion from Argentina? But yes it is true. His name is Elder Beron. And let me tell ya, he is pretty boss! He works a lot and way chill! We have the same interests: music, cars clothes and what not. We are getting along really well! It's pretty sweet! I have been blessed with such an awesome companion. He speaks SUPER fast. Like its crazy. It's pretty funny. He is teaching me some Spanish words. Anyways, he has over a year and 6 months on the mission. He is legit! Its so nice that I got a new companion. haha

2. In your apartment do you have other missionaries there too? Or is it just you two?
No it's just us. But the house we have is pretty big. There is a dog there, it's the neighbors, but its pretty roomy.

3. So do they have a branch there?
They have a ward and its pretty strong. Lots of people and they are way out going. They are really busy with work, but they do their best to give references and what not.

4. What are you having to do to start up a new area?
The livro de area. It explains about the area and what not. It's not that hard. Elder Beron already knows the area pretty well. So it just involves talking with members to know where people live and what not.

5. Is it a city area or is it out in the bush?

Holy cow, it's in the middle of the city. It's COMPLETELY different here. The people speak a lot faster, everything is super rushed and just the nature is really different. The slangs and what not, it's pretty crazy. I'm having a harder time understanding people, because they talk so freakin' fast and want answers that minute. It's way different. There are so many people here it's nuts. It's more of a richer area as well. So it's pretty interesting. Way different than where I was at. But little by little I'm adjusting. I don't like being pressured, because I get really nervous and what not. Especially with the language and what not. But I'm getting used to it.

6. Dad said the Indy cars were racing in Brazil, Interlagos did you hear anything about them?
Yep, all the races are here in Interlagos. I have stopped by the track already and there are always races. There are a ton of drivers here but most of them are retired. Hahaha but there is always a bunch of noise because of the races.

7. Did you get my package?
Not yet, but I will stop by in the mission office next week I think so I'll know then.

8. So what did you do this week with your new area?
Well we had a conformation. So that was pretty sweet. We have a really good teaching group right now and we plan on baptizing next week. So that will be good.

9. Are you teaching anyone? Did you get to this week?
We have Jailton. He is legit. He is about 30 yrs old. and has a wife that is 18. Anyways, they are legit. He went to church this week and is just waiting for an answer. This week we will focus on how to receive an answer. He used to be a drug lord and was shot 8 times and lived. He changed his life and has a little kid. A little baby :) He is addicted to weed still but wants to stop. He has a lot of desire!

10. Any new or cool experiences this week?
I'm just getting to know the area and the people here. But I'm loving the area, except for the fact everything is super rushed and everyone speak super fast here. its pretty sweet :)

11. Okay so we are going to Skype for Mother’s Day?…have you figured it out yet? 14 days, not that I am counting…lol
Yes, I just need to figure out what time of the day we will talk. But I found a place and everything. We will Skype, so that will be excellent :) Not that your counting or anything.

But over all, the Lord has blessed me, once again. I have an awesome companion and the area is really sweet! I'm loving the area and what not. I'm so glad I'm here on the mission. I'm always learning to get out of my comfort zone and learning to get over my fear of talking. I'm a little chatter box, but my fear of being bold and asking questions and if someone asks me a question and I don't know, I'm not afraid to say I don't know, or that I didn't understand what they said. I'm learning to not care what people think of me. But anyways, I love the mission and what I do. The time is passing so fast and it seems like a dream.
Thanks for all the support and love. I love you all.
Com Amor, Elder Firl

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