Monday, October 31, 2011

"Everyday I learn..."

Oh it sounds like Sacrament Meeting was excellent!!! Haha I was actually thinking about what Tanya said about the person you want to marry.

The first youth speaker was Tanya Baird, I don’t know her very well, she is really quiet. She gave a great talk on choosing a guy to marry is like buying a pair of shoes. It is fun to try out different ones but the one you want and will love is one you want for a long time and you don’t want to wear it out. Like a guy you want to marry you want one that will love you and you will love him and you want to treat him special like you would your favorite pair of shoes. She talked about how she wants to get married in the temple and marry someone with the priesthood who will honor it. She emotionally explained how she hasn’t had father’s blessings before school starts or that when she feels over whelmed to ask for a blessing. She talked to the fathers and pleaded with them to honor their priesthood and give their daughters blessings. And how every daughter should have a father they can count on for a fathers blessing. I didn’t see a dry eye…I felt her pain and her desire to marry a worthy priesthood holder that could take her to the temple!

With Elder Schmutz and I have been talking about marriage and seeing all these couples and stuff. It has been an eye opening experience. haha you kind of see what you want and what you don't want. It's been interesting. Lets just say that. But that is crazy with brother Mayolo´s talk. I have to say being a year out and not knowing the language would be tough. just these 2 months have been so tough with the language. I feel bad for that guy. But Brother Mayolo is right, there will be SO many hard times on the mission. Let me tell ya, this is the hardest thing ever with the language and well just the stress is immense. haha trying to remember where lunch is, which bus to take, clothes to wear and just trying to be as obedient as you can. And then when you feel you as obedient as you can be, the work is slowing down.

This week has been very tough. Literally, everyone of our baptisms have fallen though this week. Between this week and last week. We have figured if we call and try to check in with our investigators this would help. Literally, we have felt like we have done all we can do. Our investigators promise they will do these things and they don't. Especially not coming to church. Ugh, it's hard to describe whats going on here with everyone. But, Elder Schmutz and I are doing everything. haha we have worked as hard as we can. We love the people we are teaching and it's so hard when they don't fulfill the promises we give them. Its so tough, and we explain the importance and what not and then promise to do it again, and they don't. It's literally almost a circle. And we have tried so many ways to help our investigators. Its been tough. But, we know for a fact that they have felt the spirit and they know this will help them. It's just an excuse every time. But I know we are making a difference and we will find a way to help them. We will be guided by the spirit on what to do. I know that without doubt. And with these hard times, I can honestly say, that this is the best time of my life. The hardest, but the best. Everyday I learn, and everyday my testimony grows stronger and stronger. Our numbers are horrible, and it's not always about the numbers, but let me tell ya, this week and last week have been the most testimony building experiences. Even though everything has fallen through.

So after that, its now time to fill you in on what happen this week I guess. haha your questions pretty much nail it, so I'll just fill them in. haha that's easier.

1. Any new people you got to teach this week?
Well we have Audrei and Luciana. They are super smart, they are attending the hardest college here. But I think I've already told you about them. They are progressing and are having SO many questions and want to learn more. Every though question they have we answer. Pretty cool, since we are 19 and 21 with little schooling and we are teaching them. And Luciana is studying Neuroscience. haha kinda funny, but we answer everything and they understand.

2. Do you have a branch or a ward?
We have a ward.

3. How is the American and her son?
haha not sure, we literally just got a call five minutes ago to visit them tonight at 9. It was an emergency. haha so that's a great question.

4. How are things with Valeria and Victoria?

Things are excellent! They fell through with the baptism, because they didn't go to church. She had an exam and is trying to find a house to move into. She found a house, and I think this was a testimony building experience for her, because she had 2 weeks to find one and money is tight. She has been praying and reading and the Lord has blessed her with her exam and the house. We are going to help her move and try to get the ward involved, so she can establish a relationship with them. But recently, it's been hard to teach her, she hasn't had time, BUT, she has been calling and reading, and praying. She is still interested for sure :)

5. Rosangela and her family…how is that coming?
Haha well, she is kind of moley. Meaning she just makes excuses and doesn't read and what not. Kinda hard to explain. She seems interested, but is not progressing. So we decided to drop her. We tried everyday to visit and she had a different excuse every time. This was sad, we will trying to visit her every once in awhile, but she isn't ready right now.

6. How are things with Sandra? Renato
Sandra, well.... she has been drinking so we are helping her with that. She also is having issues with smoking again. So we made a plan for her, taught the WofW (Word of Wisdom) to her. She understands the importance of it now. Renato is good! Its hard to contact him too. He is reading and praying as much as he can. He has the desire to learn. Its hard to get a hold of him.

7. How are we going to work the phone call at Christmas time? Do I need to buy an international calling card? What did Elder Schmutz say?
I'll call when its close and I think we are going to skype. It just depends. What sucks is I will probably get transferred 5 days before Christmas. So we can't really plan anything at a members house.

8. Did you get my package yet? I sent a snail mail letter out this week.
Got the package! Love you mom :)

9. Does the ward feed you for lunch? What kinds of things do you eat for lunch??
Haha yes the ward feeds us lunch. Lunch is like dinner in the states. And dinner is like lunch. Dinner is small and light here.

10. Have you played soccer for zone conference yet??
haha nope. The prophet said soccer is banned in all Brazilian Missions. haha safety reason. hahaha so no soccer.

I've been horrible at responding to emails from other people, with the lack of time. haha

I love dad and his example he has set for me. He is the hardest working person and hope to be half of what he is. He literally does everything. He can fix anything! its incredible! idk how he does it. I know as he depends on the Lord more and more he will get over feeling down. I promise this. I know times on the mission here have been SO tough. Because I want to be really good with the language and teach better, right now. And I get super stress, but I've kinda learned to just relax. It's okay if things aren't perfect as long as you tried your best. Just relax and get away sometimes. I'm not saying to slack off, but just let it go. haha its a thing I'm still learning.

Anyways, I love you all and all the support you give me. I'm going to try and send some pics.

Love always, Elder Firl

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