Monday, January 9, 2012

The Adventure of Fernando....

Holy smokes, it sure sounds like its been an emotional week there in La Center. Darren Smith... it rings a bell, but I'm not remembering who he is. That's awesome that Linda called you. Haha I told her to give you a little phone call. I truly admire this lady and her story. I was there when she shared it and let me tell yeah, she has had a really hard life.

I hope Alex continues to get better! Sounds pretty rough! He needs to be careful, slide tackles are always really dangerous.

But as for this week. Haha this week has been pretty adventurous let me tell ya.

1. We loved your story about the investigator that you ran to get his contact information and then taught his family of 8. Dad even shared it during Priesthood at church. Did they come to church? Any further contact with them? What was his name?
Haha oh it's a pretty great story :) His name is Fernando,and well they didn't go to church. And yes, hehe we did contact them again. This is where the adventure begins. So Fernando and his family live in an apartment. The TOP floor. anyways, so we show up and there are some Jehovas witness. And well, they were there teaching and well they invited us into their home. We just sat and listened to their message and what not. We decided to just leave a spiritual message to avoid contention. But the JWs were making some funny questions. I was ´prepared to defend the church. They asked, "So Joseph Smith created the Book of Mormon." I replied, no. He translated it. Then they asked, "so your church´s name is Mormon." Again, I said no. It's the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. And well explained just a little bit and then they left.

The next visit. So my companion and I are climbing the stairs, and well I saw the family sitting there watching TV. and well they noticed us and ran. Haha I just laughed. I got to the door and called Fernando. A little girl showed up and said, everyone left. I laughed and said, is that right? Is Fernando there. She said yes and got him. So Fernando showed up and was laughing. I knew what was up. I said, it's okay, I don't bite I promise. So anyways, Fernando led us to the back room of his house and well there were 5 people in the corner hiding from us. I just laughed and said, if you want we can leave. They explained they can't listen to another religion.
So were teaching Fernando. He is making some pretty good questions. The rest of the family comes in to listen. And this is where it got pretty heated. They kept bashing against the church. I told myself to stay calm and listen to the spirit. They made a comment about, you guys don't believe in God. My response was, look at the name of our church. The church of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. they were pretty quiet. But they continued to make stupid questions and wouldn't let us answer. And kept praising their church. I finally said, can I make a question. They said sure. Here was my question. Who founded your church? They were dead quiet. I waited. They said, a man. I asked, a pastor or who? They didn't know. They got mad and said, who founded your church? I had a big smile on my face and said, I was hoping you would ask that. Jesus Christ did. Again the room was quiet. dead quiet. My companion and I finished the lesson. They weren't attentive. I finally just bore my testimony. And well, said a prayer and left. It was a good experience. one I won't forget. It almost turned into bible bash. But I didn't want to do a bible bash.

2. Have you been able to teach anyone else?
It's been difficult here. But were teaching Maria and Amelio. They have problems with the Word of Wisdom. But they are getting better :) We will see what happens.

3. Okay I have heard things about the shoes. Does it depend on shoe type…like Converse are one dealer and Etnies another?
It's the same thing here. They have brands and stuff.

4. So is Marli back from traveling?
She is :) she went to church and found one of her family members is a member and got him to go with her to church. With a member its a lot easier.

5. Are the people in the ward good to work with you and give you contact information?
They are alright. Only 2 people give us contacts. But it was zero. So it's getting better. We're getting the trust of the Ward.

6. So what do you do on P-Day with 3 other Elders? Do you still get to sleep?
Haha yeah I still sleep. But this p-day, we went to Embu Das Artes. I went and bought a cool little thing there. I don't know what it's called. But I'm going to see how much it would be to send a package to you guys. That way I can send my jerseys and some surprises to you guys :) But for the most part I sleep and clean on P-day.

7. Have you gotten any recipes for some of the meals they make, that you just love? You might want to do that!!
Not yet. I need to ask how to make pudim (pudding), beans and rice, and well just this. I'm going to makes beans a rice at school. Haha it's SO good. I love beans and rice.

8. Is the curfew in this area more strict?

Nah, its the same.

9. I will get you another umbrella or is it cheaper to get one there?
I fixed mine with duct tape :) but the next package, I have a list: more shaving cream, body wash, deodorant too. Haha if possible.

But things are good here! I'm loving what I'm doing! So many crazy things happen here and it just makes me laugh. I love you all and well, keep you the good work!

Love Elder Firl

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