Monday, January 16, 2012

"Run Forest Run!!"......

Holy cow! It sounds like another really busy week there in the Firl home. It sounds like Alex is doing pretty well. He always seems to find a way to get injured or something. haha

But things are well here! I'm doing great! Some gel would be great too! Lots of shaving cream and body wash. ill survive until next month. No worries. Love ya mom!

1. How are things going with Fernando and his family? That story was great about them how they were hiding from you when you stopped by!
About that family. We stopped teaching them. They have no desire to read the Book of Mormon or do anything, so we stop teaching them. We need to find people with desire to read and find the truth. We had a Zone Conference and our leaders said to teach people with desire. Find the prepared, so we will listen to his counsel.

2. How are thing going with Maria and Amelio?

Well, they just won't to let go the drugs and don't want to be baptized. So, we stopped teaching them as well. We will pass by every once in awhile to see how they are doing.

3. Are you teaching Marli again?
Heck yeah we are! Story time... So her baptism is this week. And well, this last week we visited her with 2 members. We have been trying to get her integrated in the ward, to have friends and what not. And well, this visit we were explaining how to receive an answer and how to recognize this answer, that it's really an answer from God. So, we were teaching and had the members share their testimonies how they received an answer and what not. And well, we had a moment where the spirit was SO strong. Probably one of the strongest lessons I've ever had. Marli, had tears running down her face. There was a moment of silence. And I felt inspired to ask, Marli, what are you feeling right now? Her answer was joy, peace, and a feeling I can't describe. I thought to myself, perfect, and then I asked another question, Marli, why do you think you are feeling this peace and happiness? Another moment of silence. Her husband said, because the word is good. They are pretty words. I asked, are the false? He said no. And so, I boldly shared my testimony that she can have this peace and happiness forever. And that she is ready for baptism. And that this is an answer, from heavenly father and what not. And well, we ask her, about the baptism, and well... she rejected it... saying, I'm not prepared, I need to feel that answer.
Talk about a heart breaker. I thought to myself, how could she reject. The spirit was so strong! SO strong. I was kinda bummed. The members were in shock, one being an returned missionary and well, Marli, received a phone call. It was from her daughter who is married and is living in Utah, who is a recent convert. Marli talked to her for a little bit and then looked over at me and said. My daughter wants to talk to you. I thought to myself, am I allowed to talk on the phone? I asked my companion and well, he was right next to me. But she was speaking English to me. I think she didn't want her mom to hear what she said. But what she said moved me so much. She said the following. Elder, thank you so much for what you are doing. My mom´s faith has grown so much. She is praying and reading, and is feeling so happy. This was the gist, her words were so pretty and heart touching. She said, please don't give up. She will be baptized sooner or later. And Elder, you may not be the one to baptize her. But, she said, Elder, its your baptism. You and your comp have made such a profound difference in her life. and well, things like that. After the phone call, I thought, even if she doesn't get baptized this week. The difference she has made and the difference the message has impacted her is incredible. She joy she has felt, I thought, holy cow, we have really touched and changed her life. Just a small thought. And that one day, she will be baptized.

4. How was Embu Das Artes? What did you do when you were there?
It was most excellent! haha we looked at the little shops there and I bought a couple things. but it's a surprise :)

5. Did you ever go to a Western Union and get the money I sent?

Not yet. I will pass by tomorrow. its been so rushed.

6. Did you find out how much it cost to send a package from Brazil to USA?
Not yet, I need to ask my companion how I can check the price, if I need to bring all the stuff I want to send or what.

7. Why do you think this area is harder? Is it because people are afraid and don’t want to talk to people?

Well, this area is SO hard. we are doing all we can, but cant seem to get a baptism. It's so hard to get people to commit to baptism and to meet the standards. Since were always being bashed to meet the standards. We teach with the spirit so strong, and constantly, I'm looking for ways to improve my teaching. And ugh, it's really discouraging. It's so hard to find someone with desire. But I know there are people out there. We just have to find them. This area is really hard. But I'm growing so much. It's hard, but I'm growing.

8. Is it getting warmer there?

Haha it's the same. It's really rainy here. Thunder storms every day. It's pretty sweet.

9. Are there different looking of bugs there? Do you ever have any in your apartment?
HAHA yes! The caterpillars are sick! They have cool looking fur things. I took a picture, and yes, we always have weird bugs hanging around in the apartment.

10. I saw that your companion had a birthday, did you do anything special or fun for his birthday?
Well, I got him a little gift. Gave him a Tide pen and what not. For his birthday, we worked. haha

11. Have you had a zone conference yet? What do you do there?

Haha well, we talk about our areas and how we can improve. And then we do a training. Pretty basic.
Okay I have a story, but I have little time. I'll try to send it off really quick. So my companion and I were on our way to the zone meeting. Time was short, and we have to take 2 buses to get there. And well we were on the first bus. Talking and what not. And well we stopped and descended from the bus, to get the next bus. And as the bus that we just got off of, was leaving my companion said. "Freak! I left my wallet on the bus." I thought, freak, we have little time to get there. SO I freakin' booked it. Imagine, two missionaries in an area we don't know chasing after a bus. Haha an America. We chased this bus for probably 15 min. Asking where the bus went to other people and what not. Luckily the bus had a pit stop. We got the wallet and booked in back and caught the next bus on time. Showed up to the meeting on time as well. My companion and the other missionaries said, "freak, where did you learn to run so fast forest." Haha it was pretty funny.

Anyways, love you all!

Elder Firl

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