Monday, January 30, 2012

Ate bull stomach...and it didn't agree with me...

So over all this week was pretty sweet! Our numbers were way good! And well its been a blessing. But this morning and last night were horrible. So for lunch yesterday we had buchada. Which basically has a bunch of meats and what not. WAY good. i found out it also has bull stomach and stuff like that. Haha and well last night. My stomach was killing me. About 1 in the morning. I went to the bathroom and the Hersey squirts until about 6 in the morning. It sucked. My first hardcore experience with food. I won't be eating that again. Even though it was so good! Haha but good thing it was p-day today. I'll be able to catch up on sleep and what not. Oh, and I lost a butt load of weight from my adventure last night. But over all this week was most excellent! Besides the experience today, it was a fantastic week!

1. So when is Marli’s baptism date? I love her cousin Sister Wolfe! She was so wonderful to call me from Utah!!
So Marli´s baptism date is Feb. 11, but who knows what will happen. The last visit was probably one of the most powerful lessons I've had. We brought the Bishop with us and everything. But she is hesitating. We asked what is stopping her and she doesn't know. We explained that doubt, and the blessings she would receive after baptism. but she just said... we will see. Which is what she said last time. We love her to death! But this woman needs to be baptized. I might make a phone call to one of the assistants or zone leaders to help us out. Because we have done everything we know. we need someone with more experience.

2. Any new contacts this week? You mentioned a boy…anyone else that is promising?

Hahaha holy cow. So this week was a miracle! Monday, we were one our way to a meeting, walking in the street and all of a sudden this lady stops us and says. "You guys have to visit my family." She isn't from the state of Sao Paulo, so she was just visiting and well we get there, the whole family was there. Parents and 3 children. The lesson was excellent! They didn't go to church... but then right after, this lady took us to another house, some friends of hers. We taught another lesson and found 6 people there. Holy cow, talk about a miracle! In 3 hours because of references we found 11 people. The first family is the Familia de Admir. We have been visiting them a lot. They seem a little shaking. It's hard to tell if they have a huge desire, but we will see this week.

Also, the ward has been trusting us. We got more reference this week too! What a blessing. The work has been moving so fast this last week. We taught this girl named Joyce. She is 21,and is looking for the truth. Her friend is a member and has been teaching her, Sara. So Sara called us and we visited her Saturday. Taught about the great apostasy, with great details. Lots of details. Haha good thing I've been studying hardcore about it. My companion was like, good thing you studied about that. It was a fantastic lesson. We had to teach the GA because she asked `why do I have to be re baptized? I know it's about authority, but how the this authority get lost and who received it,` it was pretty sweet. We returned Sunday, taught about the plan of salvation, she once again asked pretty crazy questions, but with the spirit we were able to answer. Stuff I've only read once came to mind, it was pretty sweet. And we asked her for baptism. SHE ACCEPTED!!! boohyeah!!! 18 of Feb. Haha this situation is complicated. But she doesn't live in our area, but this member wanted us to teach her. I felt pretty special. So she won't be our baptism... number wise, but having the opportunity to see her grow is legit! We will visit her tomorrow.

3. Did you ever go to a Western Union and get the money I sent?
Not yet, I'm working on it. I wanted to get it this week. But Elder Ballard of the 12 came to visit our mission. Talk about legit! A man of power! He explains the gospel so simple and holy smokes, he is the man! Talk about an awesome experience.

4. Did you send the package to us? Did you insure it and what happens if things are missing?
I will send the package tomorrow. I don't think anything will get taken out or stolen. But if anything is wrong it will come back to me. I don't have money to insure it. You guys will probably get it in a month or something. It's a black box.

5. Thinking ahead as I have to…what did you want for your birthday?
As for my birthday, I want some ties, and hygiene stuff, oh and shorts!

6. Have you had any close calls with the drug dealers there?

Not yet. It's been pretty quiet around here. The Jehovah´s Witness have been up in our grill though. And people wanting to know more about the Masons. Haha thanks to the history channel, I know quite a bit.

7. Do you get to go to the temple each month?

We go to the temple every 3 months. We went last week, it was pretty sweet :)

Love ya all,

Peace out,
Elder Firl

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