Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The adventures of getting a washing machine...

That is so awesome that Sister Wolfe got to talk to ya. :) She is so kind! So this email will be short, since I've already been on the computer and just received your email. haha (As a side note, Sister Wolfe is from South Jordan, Utah. She is Marli's cousin. Sister Wolfe married an American. Her husband served in the same mission as Jake about 13 years ago.)

So I got a good story to tell for this week. So we finally got a washing machine :) My companion and I had to run and get it though. Haha let me tell ya, it was an adventure. So we had a ride and everything planned out. We show up and our ride bails on us. But the guy said, if you can find someone to drive you guys, you can take my car. Which was a VW bus. That I think was stolen from a long time ago. I mean this car is on the edge. So anyways, you have to use a screw driver thing to start the car, but in a certain way. We had no clue how to start this car. Everyone was trying to help us and these kids were messing with the wires for about 40 min and the car started. Haha we thought yes! Off we go. We got someone to drive us. And as he steps on the accelerator, it breaks. Haha we thought, oh great. haha so we are trying to fix the gas peddle, got it fixed and everything. And off we went. Man I thought I was gonna die. It was more scary than driving the 280z home. But we got the washing machine and it is AWESOME! I love it! Anyways, my time is running out. Love ya all!

1. So did Marli get baptized? How are things going with her? I know her family is so excited to see the change in her!

Things are excellent with her. We rechallenged her for baptism! She is changing so much and just needs to drop cafe (coffee). But she is awesome, I love this family! She always give us mangos. I LOVE mangos! But we rechallenged her for baptism!

2. Any new contacts this week?

We have gotten a ton of references! The ward is now helping us a lot! So this is awesome! We met this kid and things are going so well with him. The ward trusts us and is giving us contacts like no other. Thank goodness, sounds like the good spiritual message at lunch are paying off!

3. Did you give a talk in church? Sister Wolfe mentioned to me that you had or were giving a talk in sacrament meeting.

Haha I did give a talk. I talked about missionary work. And basically, that we need to work as a ward and that we are in need of the ward. We need references. It went really well I thought.

4. So Ma Wood told me you dream in Portuguese. How cool is that! Sounds like you have immersed yourself in the language!

Yes I dream in Portuguese, its pretty weird, but freakin awesome. haha

5. Did you ever go to a Western Union and get the money I sent?

Not yet... its been so busy. I think we will try tomorrow or wed.

6. Did you find out how much it cost to send a package from Brazil to USA?

Not yet, I got my package together, I just need to send it. Which I will send this week. It has I lot of jerseys. I got gifts for you guys! I was pretty limited with money so.

7. Thinking ahead as I have to…what did you want for your birthday?

Haha I have to make a list. I'll send you a list next week.

8. Do you and your companions play games together? If so what?

Haha we just tell stories about girls and what not, and play UNO at the same time. It's pretty fantastic, we also talk about the gospel and what not. We just talk a lot. It's pretty great, about college, the military for him. Haha its pretty sweet.

9. Do the 4 of you switch companions and do exchanges together? Is the other set of Elders attend a different ward?

Haha we don't do exchanges with them, but we share the same building. They are in a different ward, the ward after us.

10. Isn’t it starting to turn summer there?

Not sure, the seasons don't change a ton here. This week, its been pouring down rain, and with lightning and thunder. Haha its pretty normal. the weather is wacko here. Literally it's sunny as can be, and then an hour later, its so dark and rainy for the rest of the day. worse than Washington. Haha hard to believe.

Love, Elder Firl

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