Monday, April 16, 2012

Finally got to play soccer....EPIC!

Sounds like this week was pretty crazy! Congrats with the graduation and what not to Natalia. I did get to see the shopping grounds there in Utah when we were watching Conference. Haha I can't believe how many changes are going on. The time is going by super fast. I can't believe I will be 20 this Saturday. It's just nuts! But things have been going really well here. I can't wait for transfers though. I'm ready to get out of the zone and well. I'm ready for something new. Love the zone, but I don't want to spend a year here in this zone, when there are many more zones to see on the mission.

1. Do you have transfers this week? If so are you being transferred?
Yes we do have transfers this week, on the 24. I will know this Saturday if I will get transferred or not.

2. Mothers Day is coming up, May 13. Are we going to be able to Skype?

We need to come up with a time, just like Christmas, it's going to a last minute thing. But I'm pretty sure its going to same the exact thing. Yes I plan on using Skype with you guys, but there is a lot of time to plan. Oh, Ma is invited too. She has a little surprise for ya. I thought it would be neat if she gave it to you there and what not.

3. How many districts are in the mission? How many zones in your mission?
Well I think we have 4 districts in our zone. But I think we have 8 zones in our mission. But I'm not sure. haha

4. Any new contacts this week?
Well we did find Jaqueline and her mom. They are reading and what not. They did not go to church. But this family was a reference in the ward. It's working out really well. We also got another reference. Edinaldo. This has been such a blessing! He is going to be baptized 15 of May. So.... I probably won't get to see the baptism. But that's okay. BUT, he went to church this week. LOVED it. He is loving the lessons and is seeing the difference in the gospel. He isn't super smart, but he has heart. He has been telling us that he has never felt this way. I'm almost positive that he will be baptized. And our area hasn't had a baptism IN over a year... I think, so this has been awesome!

5. Any cool experiences this week?
Well today was pretty sweet. We have a zone activity with the Mission President. IT WAS EPIC! We went to a members house, talk about loaded. We had a BBQ and what not. We did play soccer. OH YEAH! I got to play against the Brazilians, and let me tell ya, they were quite impressed. They kept telling me, holy cow I didn't know you played ball and what not. We have a sister from Portugal, she was quite impressed as well. Hahaha I got a good laugh from that. It was really nice to play around today. But that's why I'm sending the email so late as well.

6. Did you get Richardson's card? It had a visa gift card in it.
I did get it! I just need to know if I need to sent my letter to their house in LC or what... haha I have a letter ready!

7. How long have the tent people been there by your apartment? How long have they lived there? Are they still there?
Well the tent people have been there for over month and a half. Right now they have electricity. It's going to be a lot harder to get rid of them now. It's growing so fast! There is a lot of prostitution and drugs going around there. Not a good thing. And yes they are still there. There are probably over 6 thousand people there.

8. Do you get to watch soccer there even though you can't play it?
We don't. Which really sucks. Like on the TV we can't. Futbol is pretty much dead here on the mission. We can't do anything futbol, except for today which was SWEET!

But anyways, thanks for all the love and support. Sorry the email took forever. I know you have probably been waiting at the computer for awhile. I love you all. Thanks for everything!
com amor, Elder Firl

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