Monday, April 9, 2012

Fish for Easter...

So to start off! This week was pretty sweet! I really liked Easter! Lots of fish and well lots of knocking doors, since a lot of our meetings fell through.

Thank you so much for the packages Mom and NANA! I loved them! Haha as well as the other missionaries! I love sharing American candy with them. They go nuts! I loved all the gifts and the Easter baskets! Thank you so much Nana and Grandpa, Mom and Dad for the gifts and candies! I really loved them. It was also fantastic Easter!

1. Did you hide the Easter baskets like I do for Easter?
No I didn't hide the Easter egg baskets. But I did take the plastic eggs and stuck junk in for the Elder in the house. Haha...just as a joke. And then after I shared some candy with them. One of the eggs I stuck a real egg. It was a pretty funny joke.

2. What do Brazilians Eat for Easter dinner. (like we have ham and potatoes)
Well here in Brazil, its fish! They eat a lot of fish during Easter. Elder Woodward does not like fish. Sooo... he pretty much died in Sara´s house when we ate fish. But the tradition is fish.

3. What do you eat for breakfast normally?
It's either no breakfast or grilled ham and cheese sandwiches. Haha I'm pretty sick of them at this point.

4. What kind of service did you do this week? And what kind of service have you done for people in Sao Marcos?
In Sao Marcos we helped Izabel, a recent convert. We cleaned up her yard, with all the junk that was there. We made a huge pile, and now we just have to bag it and burn the wood and plants. Since garbage is really expensive to throw out. Like a dumpster site, but we have another service project not this week but the next. And we will pull weeds!

5. Did you get a letter from Shelby? She hadn’t heard from you and was wanting to make sure you got it!
A letter from Shelby... I haven't gotten one yet.... how long ago did she sent it. because it might of not made it.

6. How is the new phone working out?

Oh its amazing. Let me tell ya. I love it :)

7. Any new contacts this week?
Well yesterday we have an awesome experience with a reference that was given to us. A family! Heck yeah! We were trying to find people all week and nothing happened. BUT! This reference was pretty sweet. There were 4 people there and we brought the member with us and well, the mom and daughter are interested. VERY! And the 2 others just wanted to fight with us. One of the guys being a lawyer, a STRONG Catholic. We put that fire out pretty quick. He wanted to fight about baptism and was making a TON of questions. After all it is his profession. But knowing that the gospel is perfect I was praying to get some guidance to get this guy to shut up. Thankfully the spirit was there and guided me. Elder Woodward wanted to bible bash with the guy and was getting ticked off. I knew it wouldn't end well. SO, I was inspired to ask a few questions, since we were talking about baptisms and children. We tried a thousand times to explain that a child doesn't need to be baptized. But he didn't listen. Finally, I asked him, do you think a child can sin? He said, no. Then I asked him, if a child cannot sin or know that he is sinning, how can a child make a covenant with God, when he knows not what he does. And if a child cannot sin, why would he be baptized if he is clean from sin. He said.... well.... and didn't have anything to say. So I testified of the truths of baptism. The member was VERY impressed with the lesson. So yesterday was pretty bomb. :)

8. Anything happen with the tent people? Do you teach them?
Heck no! I'm not going to enter in that mess! There are so many drug dealers and assassins there. Along with hookers and what not! No way! Hah I would rather have my life.

9. Can I send you the conference talks via English ensign or would you somehow like me to down load them? And if so on what so you can listen to them?
Oh its all good. We get the Liahona! So next month we will get the conference talks.

Well all is well here in Sao Marcos! Things are coming along pretty well. My patience is being tested, but there is only 2 more weeks until the transfer. Hopefully I can survive until then. Haha but still, I love what I do and the time is passing so fast! I love the pictures and everything. Love you all

Elder Firl

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