Monday, July 23, 2012

Both jaws are dislocated...

1. Alex wanted to know for EFY did you ever do the variety show? If so what was it? And what year was it?
No I never did anything. I wanted to dance in front of everyone but I never had the guts to do it. And I was too lazy to try out. Haha I just depended on my flirting powers to get the ladies.

2. Did you get my package?
No yet. I think it will come in this week.

3. How is your jaw this week?
Haha no comment. I don't think you wanna know what happened this week.

4. Did you get the CT scan of your jaw or tomografia?
Yea I got the tomografia, and I have been putting ice on my jaw and what not. The pain has gone down but I can't open my jaw a lot still. I put heat and then ice after.

5. How is Joice & her family doing with the gospel? Are they progressing?
They didn't go to church again. How annoying! They promised again! We called and went to get them. I think were gonna drop them because they live super far from our area.

6. How is Miguel and Lucia doing?
Well Miguel went to church but we went back and he dropped us. He said he doesn't want the responsiblity, and things to that sort. We explained about the blessings and what not. He doesn't want to get involved with anything. We explained about searching the kingdom of God first and what not but he dropped us. It was really hard. Elder Amorim, my son... he was like, hey is it usually like this when people drop you. Haha I said no.

7. When do you start training the newbie? Do you know who he is? Where he is from?
I started on Tuesday! I have Elder Amorim. He is from Brasilia! He is way legit. I'm pretty excited that he is my son. I just feel bad we haven't been able to have a normal day and work 100 percent.

8. Does this mean that the other elders in your apartment will be transferred too?
Elder g. Silva was transferred. But thats ok. This time I have the Brazilian in the house. haha its pretty sweet. Elder g. Silva taught me a lot of expressions in Portuguese and what not. Haha and funny things.

9. Have you seen Sara again? She is very nice and messages me on FB.
I haven't seen her for awhile, I did see her dad at transfers. I gave him a big hug and what not.

10. Any new investigators?
For now.... no. things have been very busy. I'll explain later.

11. Anything new happen this week?
Haha oh you have no idea.

12.So do they eat dog out there or guinea pig?
No that's so gross. Haha dog would be horrible. I think they eat that stuff in the north but here in Sao Paulo, everything is normal. Just a lot of rice and beans!!!! It's my love.

13. Do people grow their own gardens? Or just buy them in the market?
I think everybody gets their stuff in the market. Usually they have flee markets and farmers markets to buy fruits and what not really cheap. Because there isn't space to plant a garden since usually there are 3 houses stacked on top of each other.

14. What do people do there when it is in the winter and rainy? DO they still play soccer or do people become hermits like here in the NW and stay indoors and don’t go anywhere?
Usually they stay inside or there are some people who get umbrellas and go in the street. But usually people stay inside. this makes knocking doors really hard because people just wont answer the door.

15. So what do you want to do in Cali if we go there as a family? Disneyland? They opened up a new land at California Adventure, Cars land! We will have to save our pennies!!!
Well this time I want to go to the zoo and I want to go to the beach. I want to see what cali is really like. And well the roller coasters, or russian mountians in Portuguese, at Knotts Berry Farm. But we shall see... things are interesting right now. just keep everything on hold about home.

But anways, this week was an adventure. Just to spare all the details. DO NOT GET FREAKED OUT MOM! But anyways, on Tuesday I did faint on the bus when we were going back to our area. Earlier that day I had a migraine and laid down and what not. I got put into the hospital that night until 3 in the morning. They took a tomografia and what not. Anyways, long story short. Turns out both sides of my jaw are dislocated. But the one side that has always been hurting is pretty bad! Anyways the results. The jaw specialist said I will have to get a thingy ma bob. idk what its called in English, but its 2,600 reais. Plus treatment fees. President Pinho is aware. And so today were going to another specialist to see his opinion. Because I am having the super bad migraine's because of the pain in my jaw and that's what caused me to faint. So anyways, we will see what will happen after today but don't freak out mom. They asked if I wanted to call you on Tuesday. Haha I said no I didn't want to worry you. So anyways, thats what's going on. I'm doing my best to work but I have been having really bad head aches and migraine's everyday. And the meds are only helping a little. I am using ice and what not anways, so thats what's up. Don't freak out mom. Alright? If it's something super bad I will have to call.

But other news. We did get a house! Well we will probably be living in a super sweet condominium. Haha oh yeah! I am good! It is only 3 minutes from the chapel. BONUS! I'm good! haha jk, the Lord is good. He has blessed us so much this week. And will continue to bless us :)

Anyways, I am loving the mission and am learning a lot. This is a time of trials, but the Lord will bless me and everything is in his hands. I'm doing the best I can on my part. And for sure he will do his part.

Anyways Alex, I am so proud of you that you felt not to go. Keep up the good work and stay strong in the gospel. Read every day!

Com Amor,
Elder Firl

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