Monday, July 16, 2012

Learning more skills on how to budget...

1. How is your jaw doing this week?

Things are alright. I've already been putting ice and heat on my jaw. I talked with President Pinho and I will be taking a tomografia, idk what its called in English (tomography or CT scan). But anyways, on Thursday I had a super bad migraine, I think it's because of the long term pain. The room seemed like it was spinning so I stayed in the house for a few hours and went back to work. I don't want to lose the investigators that we have. So we did two visits and went back home. Friday I went to the dentist to do the final lazer treatment and I did pass everything you sent to Mission President from Jonathan. I was already doing most of the things that he suggested. The stretching and meds and ice. But we shall see what will happen! There is more movement to open, but to move side to side, there is no movement on the right side.

2. Did you see anyone about it again this week?

3. Any other new investigators?
Heck yeah! We have Miguel, he went to church! We also got a butt load of references this week. We have a family night with a member and holy smokes! He has so much knowledge about the scriptures. Haha he explained everything to a pastor at FHE(Family Home Evening) and we have another visit with him! It was legit!

4. Did anyone come to church today?
Yes Miguel went! He loved church and said he will be going to church this week as well! Haha he is sweet!

5. Anything interesting happen this week?
Well I did get a phone call this week or yesterday. I will be training a newbie! Heck yeah! It's sad to see Elder Rasmussen leave, we had such an awesome time together. We worked our butts off but this transfer, I will train. I'm pretty excited. I hope it's a Brazilian! I need to brush up on my Portuguese a little bit more. haha

6. If I sent you out some soft foods for you to eat, what would you like me to send you?
Well for now I'm good. I eat rice and beans everyday, that's pretty soft.

7. Is your companion pretty understanding with your appointments?

Yeah he is excellent. Though I know he would rather be working more but we have seen miracles with people falling into our hands. We are doing all we can, and the Lord is doing the rest. From family nights to a lot of references that are working out!

8. What have you been able to eat with your jaw?
I can eat, it just hurts. I eat beans rice meat, I just have to take small bites. With meat it hurts but I am sure to cut it extra well.

9. Did the mission president give you extra money so you can get to your appointments via bus?
Yes! We did get a little more, so that was nice. The bus is freakin expensive. haha

10. How are you able to afford to get over there and back? Do you need more money?
It's not cheap, but I just have to budget. So I have been learning more skills on how to budget and to see what I really need.

11. Has it been cold enough for you to use your coat yet?
Yes! It's been so cold! I always use a jacket and two covers to sleep. Well this week, and my teddy bear :) But it's been getting pretty cold. But its working out well!

12. How are your shirts, pants and shoes holding up? Oh and your socks? Need new garments?
Things are holding up! I'm switching everything and what not. I'm good for now :) My shoes are doing pretty good. I think I'll be good for at least another 5 months.

13. Have you tried the bananas out there?
No.... and I don't plan on it. I just tell everyone I have an allergy to banana. Haha it seems to work pretty well. So I have not eaten bananas. Haha its' pretty nice.

Anyways, things are going great! Anyways, Alex is pretty much a stud. Did he get the ladies?

About xc (cross country), I'm really proud for Alex, and he is right. It's almost always like that. They look at horrible things or talk dirty. And I trust in Alex that if he prayed its not a good idea to go! I'm proud for him! He is on the first steps of being a super missionary!

Anyways, always look for people that will accept the gospel. Just open your mouth! Miracles will happen. Give a lot of references to the missionaries! Ask them if they need help finding houses and what not!

Anyways, I love you guys and things are well. I'm loving the mission!

Com Amor,

Elder Firl

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