Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Getting treatments for my jaw...

1. Did you get my package? Does the mouth guard fit?
I haven't seen the package yet. But this Thursday were going to the office to get everything...so we shall see.

2. How far do you have to travel for your treatments?
Oh man, it takes forever to get there. Distance it's not very far. But with traffic all day everyday it takes awhile to get there. But we go to vila mariana. It's a nice little place, but you have to take 3 busses to get there. Hahaha and the street is HUGE!!! It's pretty sweet.

3. Is the doctor LDS?
No. But he is reading the Book of Mormon. I talked to him on the first visit. He had a few questions and I hope he felt the spirit. He asked me, "Is the work hard?" I said oh you have no idea. And he goes, "really?" And I said yes. But it's all worth it! You see miracles and we know our message is true. He is reading the Book of Mormon. I'll be sure to ask him if he is reading. Haha I already told him to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. We will see how it goes tomorrow.

4. Have you been able to still do missionary work during this?
Yes. I've been taking meds to keep me going. The muscle relaxers are helping quite a bit. I get SUPER tired but when we are in the street I am able to stay awake. Haha the meds are pretty strong. But it's a lot better than feeling a lot of pain.

5. How are things going with training?
It's awesome! I love it! Elder Amorim loves learning and asked a lot of questions. It's pretty sweet. We study a lot more, but its nice!

6. Things going good with your new companion?
Things are going excellent! He loves to work and is always asking me if im alright. So no worries. I'm in good hands!

7. Are you teaching anyone new?
We did have a sweet expereince this week. We were knocking doors and nobody was home on the street. We kept knocking and what not and came to a house that let us in. The lady let us in and said she only had 10 minutes or less. I said alright our message will be really quick. Went in, we didnt really have much time to break the ice with her. Just to know what religion she was and if she works and what not. She out of work and so I told her we have a program that will help her and what not. and that the next visit we would explain more, just to make another visit right on the spot. Then we explained about our purpose really quick. About baptism and what not. It was SUPER quick and as we were wrapping everything up. She just started to cry. I asked her if she was alright and what not. she said yes and wanted another visit. elder amormim asked. is that normal. Hahaha I said, that's what you call a miracle. We taught so quick and it seemed so horrible with teaching tactics and what not but we wanted to help her and bore testimony. It was an excellent experience. We will stop by this week to see how things will go with Iracema.

8. Did anyone show up to church this week?
Joyce and her family went to church! OHHH YEAH! They all loved church and they are excited to be baptized!!! August 12 they will be baptized! heck yeah!

9. Did you do service this week? If so what was it?
Well we really didn't have much time since we had doctor appointments and what not.

10. So are the treatments helping? What kind of things are they doing? Do you have a splint?
I'm just taking meds, stronger meds to keep me going. It's kinda hard to put a splint on a jaw. But we did take a ton of X-rays! So that was good. We will go tomorrow to get the x-rays and to get the status and the plan of treatment!

11. Anything new happening?
Other than teaching and going to doctor appointments, nothing much. I'm just taking advantage of every minute. The time is really short.

So it sounds like things are going well in Utah and sounds like a blast. Everyone here is watching the Olympics, haha so we get a quick glimps of what is going on. But things are excellent here. Don't worry about the jaw, I am in good hands. Things are going a lot more smoothly. So no worries. I love you all and thanks for all the support!

com amor,

Elder Firl

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