Monday, July 2, 2012

"Thanks for the fasting for my jaw...been needing the blessing!"s

Thank you so much for the fast! I have been needing the blessings for my jaw. It's seems to be getting better. I can't believe the time is passing so fast! HOLY COW I CANT BELIEVE IT! But that awesome that Alex went to the youth conference.

1. How did your lazer treatment go for your jaw?
Well the lazer treatment went pretty well. It seemed to help for a little bit, for only a little bit. But its all good.

2. Did you and Elder Rasmussen get your own apartment?
No... not yet. But its all good. We just have to make copies of the keys to live with the other Elders. Because it's a mess without keys to get in a what not.

3. So tell me about the Ghetto there. Is it scarier than the tent people? Are there drug dealers there or just people who do bad things? Is it like places in Portland?
Haha it's not that bad. But it's pretty intense. But in Sao Marcos I think it's worse. But that's just my opinion. There are just a lot of drugs, but as for the murders it's not that bad.

4. How often do you do Zone Conferences?
It's once every 4 months I think. Its pretty rare.

5. So did you have anyone come to church today?
Alan, he is a kid that is 12 years old. He is going to be baptized this Saturday! Heck yeah! We talk with his mom and what not (that was pretty interesting), but its all good because she gave permission. But I did sacrifice my alarm to Alan, so that he could get up and go to church. Haha since I was without money. I promised him an alarm.

6. Did you teach anyone new this week?

No, everything seems to be falling through. but yesterday, we made some excellent contacts in the street. We just have to see where they will go. haha.

7. How is your jaw this week?
It's the same thing. It's not getting worse or better.

8. What have you and Elder Rasmussen done on P-Day there?
We sleep. But today, were going to cut our hair and I'm going to by a jersey today. I think a Manchester jersey, but I'm not sure. It just depends on how much it costs.

9. Do you have a washing machine?
Yes! With 4 elders, we have to have a washing machine. Without we would be toast!

10. Do you take a shower each morning? I know Chris said on his mission, he got a bucket and sponge for his shower.
Yes, we take a shower, every morning. We have a shower head things that are weird. It's electricity that passes through the water and then sprays on us. If you get super close to the shower head when your bathing, it gives ya a small shock. haha its pretty funny. haha

11. What kind of service did you do this week?

Well this week, we just did visits and what not. We did have an opportunity that I remember to do service. Wait!!! We did help clean that church. Since it did get broken into. That was really sad. They jumped the gate and destroyed the church, but the church fixed everything that day. It was pretty neat.

12. Anything interesting happen this week?
Just the church got broken into and that's about it.

But anyways, sounds like its been a blast there in Washington, it seems like its super hot. With Bishop Evans, sounds like the Young Mens organization will change a lot. When I get back I wanna do something with the young men. I think it would be legit!

Alright so I have a little bit more time. We have a new system and I needed to figure out how to send a letter to the Mission President... but anyways, so this week I decided to focus on the conference talks that were given. And holy cow, talk about revelation! I loved all the talks that I have read so far. The discourses have shown me that President Thomas S. Monson is really a prophet of God. There are so many things that I am learning! I know you are really busy, but if you have time, just give another look at the counsel of the apostles and prophet from the last conference. There is so much to learn! I loved the talk of President Uchtdorf! Incredible!

Anyways, thanks for everything! I love you guys. Don't forget that we are the light to the world. Be an example and share this peace and happiness to everyone. Thank you so much for the fast! Thanks for all the support!

Com tanto amor, Elder Firl

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