Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sao Paulo State Day...that's why email was late.

1. How is your jaw doing this week?
Well the jaw is the same. I already talked with President Pinho about the jaw. He said he is going to see what he can do, but I haven't heard anything back. This process is taking forever!

2. Did you see anyone about it again this week?
Yes, I'm going this Friday to go do more therapy in the dental office. So we will see how that goes.

3. What size sweats do you want? AL? Do you care what kind?

I think an AL work. I don't really care. Just soccer sweats would be excellent! those are my favorite :) haha

4. So was Alan baptized this week?
Yes he was baptized! That was a pretty sweet experience. Elder Rasmussen had his first baptism in the water. I told Alan, hey let Elder R. baptize you he was like porque (because); and I explained that it would be his first. It was such an awesome experience. haha :)

5. Any other new investigators?
So we did find Joice and her family so that was excellent. So we are teaching them again. Also we found Miguel and Lucia. They are awesome. It's a mom and son. They are looking for work. So we are helping them out and having them walk by faith to get work. To search for the kingdom of God and then the things of the world. They are challenged for baptism on 4 of August they are planning on being baptized. It's most excellent! The area is progressing so much! It's been almost a year since they have had a baptism here but right now the area has so much potential.

6. Have you thought about teaching English classes out there?
Haha no. We already have a big teaching group. We have no time to do an English class.

7. How is the ward mission leader working with you guys?
Our ward mission leader is the man. He helps us so much! He is always searching for people and has families ready. Manuel is the man!

8. So did they figure out who broke into the church? Did they steal anything? What are they doing to prevent it again? Has this happened before?
No they didn't find out who broke in but they didn't take anything. They tried breaking into the Bishops office and what not but everything was locked. So they didn't get away with anything. It hasn't happened here before, but it's really common for churches to get broken into. Since our church is not just a garage. haha

9. Are you still in the same apartment with the other Elders?
Yes. But its awesome. I love living with them, it just sucks that our area is kinda far.

10. Do you think you will be transferred again soon?
Haha I'm not sure. I just know that President Pinho is really strange with transfers. So I have no clue what he will do.

11. Anything interesting happen this week?
Something interesting.... haha for now, I don't think so. But its been pretty chill here. It's just weird to think that its already July. Oh wait. Corintios won the cup. That was pretty sad. Everyone was out until 5 in the morning with fireworks and what not. It was pretty crazy! The fans are psychos!

12. Did you get your jersey?
Well I did get a jersey of Manchester! With Rooney on the back! Haha it's pretty sick! I loved it.

13. Do you have a microwave in this apartment?

Yes we do! Thank goodness. But I use the stove to make everything. French fries and what not. haha

14. Any interesting foods you have tried lately?

haha interesting.... hmmm I know yesterday I ate some part of the bull. I think it was the spine but not sure. It was wicked heavy. I didn't know what i ate but it looked interesting. Elder R. didn't eat it. haha

But anyways, it sound like the 4th of July was awesome! Sounds like you guys had a blast. I loved the photos! Holy cow mom, you are looking good! You have thinned out so much! Keep up the good work! I was quite impressed. I couldn't believe it was you! hahah impressive.

You guys threw out the bed! haha funny. Oh next 4th of July we should do something in cali! That would be legit.

Sorry for the email, yesterday was a holiday (Sao Paulo State Day) and all the labs were shut. So there was no way to send an email!

Anyways, love you guys!

Com Amor,

Elder Firl

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