Sunday, July 17, 2011

Feels "naked" without his phone!

These are stories wrote in a letter to Kayla, that she thought were great and thought it would be fun to share them! They are just random, but I think you might appreciate some of them!

“Overall, my first day as a missionary has been great! I was a little nervous at first. But after a while I knew that this is the place I’m supposed to be. I can already tell that time is going to fly by. Of course, I still need to get used to not having a phone in my pocket. Lol I feel naked without it. The Elder next to me on my flight to Dallas was making fun of me because I reached into my pocket and pulled out my wallet when I said I was going to check the time. Haha it gave us a good laugh.”

“Haha funny story, so today I unpacked everything not realizing how much crap I really have. Anyways, after a few hours of hanging up everything I had to set the combo of my safe. Long story short, I put my camera and Ipod in the safe. And the electronic keypad does not work now. Haha so now my stuff is locked in. No worries, they have a master key here to open it, I just have to talk to them.”

“Haha so I have another good story. When I was going up the stairs to work out with my district, my companion totally tripped and almost fell. So we were all kinda laughing and I kinda made fun of him, like a funny comment. Right when I was saying my comment, I totally biffed it. Haha it was embarrassing. I thought you would enjoy that story =]”

He also said that the Portuguese is coming along really well. That he is one of the best in his class and his teacher was quite impressed with how quickly he has been catching on.

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