Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bathroom Mess..."Just like in Daddy Daycare"

Oh excellent!!! Sounds like you guys are having a blast :)

Congrats Eric!!! I love Ms. Alanko! She is such an awesome teacher! Just make sure you do your homework in that class. Yeah the same thing happened with me. The guys in our ward just don't have style ;) Yeah I hope Alex will get a good trek family. I know he will have a blast no matter what. but, no family will be as good as the Wood family :) haha

So idk (I don't know) if these emails are sending. Did you forward my email to Kayla? I didn't get a response if you did or not. so I was wondering if you did. ha ha Its been almost two weeks... so I was just wondering.

Well anyways, here is my week. So this week was interesting. hahaha lets just say the bathroom was a mess in our hall. haha its a disgusting image, but its so funny. So, one morning I woke up to use the bathroom and in one of the stalls I saw the most disgusting thing ever. haha I saw brown stuff all over the stall. Yes, on the walls and all over the toilet. At first I thought it was a joke. But as a got closer it smelt horrible. Haha I thought it was puke, but nope, it was not puke. haha it was crap. hahah it was all over the walls. I think the guy tried to run for the toilet with his pants down and just unloaded before he sat down. And well it was Hersey squirts. haha I seriously couldn't believe it. It was just like the scene off Daddy Daycare. With the Psycho music going in the background. Crazy.

So I found out that the Sao Paulo Sul mission is being split. So this might affect the Interlagos boundary. haha so I might get moved around from what I heard. But nothing is set in stone yet.

But I love the life here at the MTC. I learn so much everyday. In fact, this week, we have to place 4 book of Mormons this Friday. haha lets hope they understand my Portuguese. I'm really excited to get out and go place some BOMs, but I'm also really nervous. I will have you let you guys know how it goes :) But yes, things are well here, the guys from across the hall moved out :( But we got new Roommates Elder Romero and Elder... I don't remember is name and cant pronounce it either. haha But thank you so much for the support and cannot wait to get in the field. I know its going to be tough, but it will be so awesome. I just love being here feeling the spirit and learning how to teach.

My companion and I have been getting along really well when teaching... and when we aren't teaching too. haha but oh my goodness, I know without doubt I need to be here and that these will be the best two years. I have learned so much over the past month and I cant wait to learn more.

OH! I got Ma´s letter! Let her know that I got it. haha and that I sent her a letter today and I sent one to Kayla too.. :) Oh and tell Kayla if she gets anything from mission ties, that i just wanted the free cookies, so i used her email.

Love, Elder Firl

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