Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Time flies!

I cant believe you guys are back already! Time just flies let me tell you! I can't believe that it's our 3rd week this week. haha Let them all know I'm doing well and tell them to keep praying for me to receive the gift of tongues. I pray everyday for it. And well I can pray, bear my testimony and answer a few questions and what not. I'm just having a really hard time understand what the Brazilians are saying. haha they speak way too fast.
No I haven't spent all the money yet. I have a lot left actually. But today we are going to an all you can eat BBQ place with our professor. He said it's the coolest thing ever. Yes they have all of our passport stuff.

Talk to Kayla about Andy Fulton coming to Brazil. Send him with a bleach stick or a tide to go thing. hahah I really need one of those and they are way too expensive here. Just send it with him or whatever else. It's easy to find people here.

btw (by the way) the chocolate milk and milk is the greatest thing ever. We call it the unicorn juice. Best milk I have ever tasted; they haven't given me a date yet, but we are here nine weeks and the mail that gets sent to the mission home will be there till I get there, so the last week have people sent stuff there (at the mission home).
Love you lots mom! tuda bem!!
Elder Firl

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