Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A little confused at the postoffice ...

Oh it does sound like a long week!

That was really nice of Kayla to help ya out. I heard that the new harry potter was excellent!!! So yes I will have to see that when I get back. haha

YES!!! Good to hear that will finally have Breakfast at Tiffany's for myself now.

Alex is going to love the trek. I had a blast! Haha

Well the written letters to Kayla I have more time to tell her stories. haha, I only have a half hour to read and type emails. So its not very much time. Speaking of Kayla, did you forward my email to her from last week. haha, I didn't get anything from her this week. So I was just wondering why. But yeah Kayla has most of the funny stories in her letters. Just ask her about them. I'm sure she would love you tell you :)

I did hear about Japan. That was a bummer. But yes I hear about soccer here all the time. Mostly just the Brazilian leagues, but that's ok.

So this week wasn't very adventurous. But today I went up to go to the post office to send a letter and there were a ton of people sitting on the benches. normally there is a pretty long line. So I was kinda confused. One check stand was open so I walked straight up there to send my letters. haha within a few seconds the lady kinda freaked out on me telling to do something. I couldn't understand her and I was a little confused. haha, The twelve year old girl next to me was busting up because I didn't understand. haha, Turns out they changed the system. I guess we had to get a number from one of those stupid machines. haha, I felt really dumb after that. But I thought it was a pretty funny story :)

Last P-day we went out to get a├žai, which is like a smoothie, and let me tell you, they are excellent :) everything is fresh and pretty cheap for the most part. But in the CTM the food is starting to get kinda old. Haha, we have meat everyday for every meal. Haha, its kinda gross and I'm sure its not healthy. However, during breakfast they have this delicious soup stuff. We call in Unicorn juice, because its really addicting. Haha and this week we learned how to make it during class. haha but other than that we have been studying the language and teaching lessons.

haha Its really hard to teach when you don't know very many words in Portuguese. its really hard to want to say something, but you cant say it because you don't know how haha.

But I got Ma´s letter and I sent her another letter today. Also I sent one to Kayla with a little surprise :) she will have to show the family and Ma when she gets it, but I think you all will enjoy them :) So we have a little competition with the mail. We are trying to see who will get the most amount of mail. haha so far I'm second to last. But that's ok, because every time I get mail its like finding gold! haha I would have to say with Ma and Kayla´s letters I for sure get the best quality with letters :) haha no doubt about that. I would love to hear from you all! Love you all! Tudo bem!

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