Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Eats Chicken Heart...and Loves it!

Excellent!!! Sounds like a really busy slash soccer week for you guys! So I only have 15 more minutes. Love the stories and wish I could reply to the whole thing. So yes I have been taking pictures of the buildings. We are not allowed to send pics from the MTC comps. But we can get them copied and send them that way. But I'm just going to wait till I get into the field. I have to mail my letters from the post office and they do all that stuff. But I'm pretty sure they are international stamps.

Right now I think I'm good on food and am not ready for a package. Oh please stick my money from my bank account into a CD. Talk to Pa about different interest rates. Thanks.

So my week was pretty busy. You might kill me mom, but we went to this all you can eat buffet. But this was no ordinary buffet, it was a meat buffet. They come out with these huge things of meat and cut it right onto your plate. They have all kinds of meat. I had some chicken heart, and let me tell you, that stuff was delicious :)

And well my Brazilian roommates left this week. They are so awesome. their names were Elder Viera and Elder Lima. Next, I played some soccer with some Brazilians. they are wicked good with the footwork, but terrible with passing and shooting. haha. And they can't play basketball very well. haha. We teach them to play every other day.

Oh I leave the MTC, Aug. 23. It takes about a week and a half to get letters here. Just to let you all know, I am not gaining weight so hurray!!! Loving the beans and rice here. But just to give you an idea on how big this city is, you can only see buildings for as far as you can see. Its nuts! I thought Seattle and Portland were big. But this isn't even close.

Anyways, I love getting your letters and support! Time is flying by! I cant believe its been 3 weeks. I love it here! Language is coming pretty quick!
Tudo Bem! Elder Firl

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