Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Aug. 9 letter to Ma Woods...

By week 7 in the MTC everything started to seem funny. Every time we hear the word Gortex we bust up but it has to be with a British accent. And we have decided to speak Portuguese with a British accent. At dinner, when they are doing this, the Brazilians give them a strange look and laugh.

The hallway is reserved for playing guns with their fingers when it is “quiet time” and that is around 9:30pm.

I absolutely loves the work, I love the MTC, and love my district.

Each person in my district is known for something and I am known for is story telling of what I have learned on the History Channel. We even have story time for me.

Saw the pictures of Alex from trek with Aubrey and Courtney and he looks just like me…what a stud :P haha!

I have been studying and researching the connection between the Bible and Book of Mormon. “Here is what I found. Look in Ezekiel 37:16-17. Using references this is a pretty hard scripture to understand. Why is the Book of Mormon called the stick of Ephraim for Joseph? Kinda confusing. So in 2 Nephi 3 “Joseph in Egypt is speaking. Read vrs. 7 “a choice seer will come out of thy loins” which I think is why it’s the stick of Joseph. Joseph S. will come out of the loins of Joseph in Egypt. Now read vs. 11. It makes sense! Well, more sense. Crazy stuff! It’s hard being able to explain how the Bible talks about the Book of Mormon & the Nephites. I never really thought about it before. Things like this make my testimony grow. I get to look into deeper questions and find simple answers. Just in case someone has the same question. I love reading the scriptures! It is truly the guide to life. It answers all our questions, temporal and spiritual. We just have to find and search for the answers. And at times that can be really hard. Especially when searching the scriptures to find one or two verses to fit the investigators needs or questions. Ires really hard, but oh I love it. I love doing this work here Ma!! I’ve learned more than I ever have! And I see more blessings. Truly my testimony has grown. I know without a doubt this church is true! I want to share the truth I have with other people in Brazil. Those people right outside my window! Those sheep who are prepared. It’s so sad to see that people are content with immorality, when all of these people who want to learn more can have eternal life. Here is a good quote we had yesterday and I want to share it with you. “A missionary is someone who leaves their family for 2 years, so other families can be together for eternity.”
Love, Elder Firl

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