Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Preaching the Gospel!

Well this week was most excellent! We went out and handed 4 Book of Mormons this week! It was so awesome!!! We ended up doing this on Friday around Casa verde. So our goal was to hand out 4 Book of Mormons. We ended up handing all four out in just over an hour. So we did pretty good :) For the first 4 minutes my companion and I were walking around saying we would talk to the next person. We were sooo chicken to talk to anyone. haha so I ended up just telling myself that I was going to talk to the next person on the road, and that's exactly what I did. The lady was Catholic and wasn't interested in the church. That's all I understood from her. But we `talked` with her for awhile. haha I felt pretty dumb because we didn't know what she was saying. So I gave my testimony on the Book of Mormon and that's about all I could do. So after that we found this teenager sitting on the sidewalk, he look pretty upset so I decided to talk to him. It went really well :) He ended up taking a Book of Mormon. My companion and I were so excited handing out our first Book of Mormon. Next, we talked with this lady and she didn't have a religion but believed in the bible. We talked to her for probably 15 to 20 minutes. She complimented our Portuguese and it was great! We talked about families with her and we testified about the Book of Mormon. She was really interested and we gave her a Book of Mormon. She was super excited and everything! SO awesome! And then she said she would read it too! We committed her to reading it. My comp and I felt super good after that. The 3rd Book of Mormon we gave to a Catholic and he also said he would read it. His name was nelson. We talked about how the Book of Mormon was another testament of Christ and what not. He was pretty interested, but not as interested as the last lady. Finally, we saw this guy in the late 20s early 30 sitting on some steps. We talked to him and we had an excellent conversation. In fact, this guy had a Bible on him in his bag. He heard a little bit about the church but not much. So we explained about the Book of Mormon and gave him one. We asked him if he would read the last 2 paragraphs in the intro. So when we gave it to him he opened it right up and read it. We talked about it briefly and then he asked who Moroni was, haha perfect opportunity!!! So we open Moroni up and had him read ch. 10 vs. 3-5. It was most excellent! He was SO excited and thanked us so much for talking to him about this book. He promised us he was going to read the whole thing. The spirit was so strong when we testified that this book is true and would help his life, and I knew he felt it. He was full of so much joy. Such an awesome experience! I love doing the work out here! Even if I cant speak very much, it was just awesome being able to make a difference. Its really hard work, but moments like that has made everything worth it!

I hope all is well! Things are fantastic in Brazil! The district that came with us on the plane left yesterday. So that was sad. Its hard to say goodbye to them. But, they are out doing work :)

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