Sunday, August 7, 2011

Saw Andy....

Some stories that Jake shared with Kayla..

“I was so excited to cross the street to send your and ma’s letter and when I jogged across the street I didn’t look at where I was walking, since I was timing the cross (there are way too many cars here). And well…I stepped in a giant pile of dog crap haha. I couldn’t believe it! What dog would poop in the middle of the road! Haha I thought you would get a kick out of that.”

“Today I tried to teach a lesson and the instructor asked how long I’ve been here, I told him I’m starting my third week. He was impressed with my Portuguese =] It made me feel good and he said I have a gift for feeling the needs of a person with welcome arms. IDK many scriptures, but he said that’s ok. It made me feel so good. I was really nervous to teach that guy because I never met him. But yeah, excellent day today!”

“So this morning I got up and decided to open our window to look at the city. And let me tell you, we have a fantastic view being on the sixth floor. Haha yes it sucks going up and down. But anyway, I opened the window, and it was so beautiful! The sky is blue. It’s nice and sunny! And as far as you can see there are buildings. Huge buildings! All different colors and sizes. But close by, there are small shops that look dingy. Imagine cracked sidewalks and a decent amount of trash and stray dogs, loud Portuguese music, and tons of people. Now close by with the shops there are trees and plants, a decent amount. So cool! There are a lot of cars, nice European ones. But they are really compact. It’s weird. I love this city though!”

“Today so far has been awesome. We had the opportunity to go to the temple again! Oh my goodness, I can never get enough of it. But I saw Andy today! Right when we were coming back from the temple. Haha we were pointing at each other right when he got out of the van. So awesome.”

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