Tuesday, August 16, 2011

One week left in the MTC....

Yes they changed my P-Day to Tuesday with the program changing. Its my last P-Day here. So idk (I don't know) when I will be able to write you guys next. I have not gotten a package. We are not supposed to get packages here in the MTC remember? But If I were to get a package I would like to have some hygiene stuff. haha like deodorant, since the stuff here sucks. They don't even have the sticks here. So get either dove or old spice :) shampoo and stuff like that is always good.

Yes we do get church news here. But I'm not really missing any foods yet. The food here is so good! I'm not too picky with my food. But I will let you know next week when I'm in the campo.

That would be excellent to get f-files. But hold off on it for now. I need to figure out what it will be like in the field. I will probably have less time to read and all that. Haha That's awesome Eric did the flip :)

haha So for this week, a lot of stuff happened. We went to the federal police station to get our visa stuff figured out. So we spent 3 hours there. haha it was pretty crazy. There were so many people there, and when I mean people, I mean missionaries. Imagine a giant line of missionaries going half way around the building waiting in line. It was sweet. And then passing out BOMS (Book of Mormons) were sweet! Not as crazy awesome as last time. But we ended up finding 3 people in 15 to 20 min. My companion and I felt bad because we handed them out so fast and we weren't sure if one of the guys was super interested. It was really humbling to go out again. haha I'm still having a hard time with the language, but that's ok :) Its coming surely but slowly. But the last lady we handed out a BOM (Book of Mormon) to was excellent! we talked to her for 20 min about how Jesus Cristo is going to return and all that. It was awesome :) She took a BOM and was super interested and said she will read it. But other than that, this was exciting as it got this week. haha We are all dying to get out of here and into the campo. haha we are all getting to the point where everything is funny and were starting to go insane. Its kinda like being stuck in a jail cell all day, of course a spiritual jail cell. Anyways, we are teaching a lot and are making progress! I absolutely love doing to the work here :) I'm a little nervous to leave, but super excited. :) With my broken Portuguese, I'm ready to make a different in the Sao Paulo Interlagos Mission :)

I've been keeping contact with Elder Anderson! Super awesome :) Love that kid! And I got the Richardson´s letter. Its gonna take awhile to write with a crazy week. But my next P-Day I'll send a letter to them.

Thank you for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers! Loved the letter :) So this week, if you guys could start sending your letters to the mission home that would be great. I'll be sure to let yo guys know where my exact address is when I find out. But for now send them to the mission home. Don't panic if you don't get a letter back for awhile. Idk how often we make a trip to the mission home. So you guys can wait till I update, or just send it to the mission home. I know for sure I'll get them there.

So something funny this week with the Brazilians. We were talking about soccer teams and which one is the their favorite. And their responses were hilarious, as they fought amongst each other which team is the best. It was between Flamango and Corintes. (Idk if i spelled these team names right) but anyways, one Brazilian said the Corintes is the right team because its in the bible. First Corinthians and Second Corinthians. Haha its pronounced the same in Portuguese. So the other Brazilian said to look at JST (Joseph Smith Translation in the BOM) and it says Flamango as a correction. hahaha so funny. we were all busting up on how intense they get with soccer. haha

Anyways, I love ya all and hope you are doing well :)
Tudo bem! Elder Firl

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